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2003 Aiken 2005

Aiken 4×12 Speaker Cabinet (100 Watts ) Early 2003-2005 Condition – Excellent / Near Mint / Cabinet comes with the Standard Aiken A12 (25 watt speakers) rated at 100 Watts. Perfect match for Aiken Amplifiers Heads. Aiken is a USA company “Boutique Amp Builder“ from early 2002 to present day. These Cabinets are out of Production Now, rare and hard to find in this condition. Cover :...
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~1960 McIntosh 240 Amp

1960’s McIntosh 240 Vintage 1960’s Single Chrome Chassis – Twin 40 Watt Tube Stereo Power Amp ! “Hi Fi Audio that is as good today powering today’s CD/ Turn Tables / Preamps Receivers with power and Clarity! Condition – Excellent – Includes tube cage – Some chrome pitting – lettering on control Panel worn away – RCA Input Jacks good Serviced –...
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1960's McIntosh C-20 Preamp 1960’s All Tube Preamp for – Turn tables – Tuners – Receivers – AUX-CD Player! Highly sought after for the audio features and the Superb Tube Analog audio signal path for Hi Fi Listening! Condition – Excellent- Plexi Panel has some wear as the Bronze Volume Panel has wear! (Does not effect C-20 Audio). Knobs not original! Serviced...
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1971 Sound City 50 Plus Amplifier

1971 Sound City 50 Plus Mark IV Tube Amplifier Head (Complete Service Rebuild) Condition – Excellent working condition, Active tone controls (Volume) for Bass,Middle and Treble. Amp re-tubed and Biased Output Tubes. New Volume Pots/Fuse holders/Electrolytic Capacitors/and Resistors. Model: L 50 (Lead Guitar) Mfg. by Dallas Arbiter Ltd., England Serial # 1486 Sale Price : $1,475.00 Plus...
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2000 Carvin 2

Carvin DCM 2000 P. A. Power Amp #2 Condition – Excellent / Like new used in Studio in working Condition!  Carvin Made Bullet Proof Power Amps. This is a Great work horse for a Power Amp. Output Wattage is variable based on Speaker load Impedances Normal / Bridged 2000watts @ 4 ohms. Inputs are 2 Balanced XLR / TRS 1/4 / Outputs are Twist Lock / Binding Post / 1/4 Jacks. Owners Manual /...
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Carvin HT 150 Control Room Monitor Stereo Power Amp / 150 Watts Condition – Excellent / Used in Studio working Condition! 1 Rack space unit to Power Monitor Speakers / 75 Watts each Channel / Bridged 150 Watts.  Straight forward operation with Gain Controls on Front Panel / Plus EQ Expand Button. Owners Manual and Power Chord Included. Serial # 179572 Sale Price: $ 95.00 Plus Shipping...
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Fender Stratocaster 12 String, 3 Tone Sun Burst Condition – Excellent, Modified, Original Pickups replaced with “Seymour Duncan“ 1986 Vintage APS-1 Alnico II Pickup Set (Middle Pickup Reverse Wind), New CTS 250k Volume and Tone controls, New 5 way Switch, Output jack, and Vintage cloth covered Wiring. Guitar has nice acoustic resonance when unplugged, Low String action and easy to play,...
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1997 Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul 1st Edition #1

Gibson 1997 Jimmy Page Les Paul 1st Edition (#1 0f 6) Condition – Near Mint / Low Flame Top Case Included – Jimmy Page Case / green Interior with Jimmy Page signature padded cover and some Case candy ! Serial # 90XX76XX Sale Price : $4,100.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48 USA Only
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1967 – 365 6 String – Maple Glo – 2 Toaster Pickups -Rick-O-Sound -Rick Vibrato Tail bar Condition – Excellent – Straight Neck -Low Action -acoustic resonance when not amplified Case Included – 1980s Black Rickenbacker case like new Serial: Jack Plate # FH 256 Sale Price : $3,750.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48 USA Only
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1962 Fender Bassman 2X12 Piggy Back Amp

1962 Fender Bassman Piggy Back Amplifier  “6G6A“  Production 22/LA/Rough Blonde Tolex/2×12’ Original Oxford 12M6 Speakers Condition – Excellent – Amp fully Serviced/Hammond Replacement Power Transformer and Choke/New electrolytic power Capacitors/Bypass Capacitors/replaced Resistors and signal Caps that have drifted in Values/All tubes Re-tubed and Biased Output Tubes/Ready for...
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1962 Fender Jazzmaster

1962 Fender Jazzmaster Vintage Reissue ( Sun Burst ) Condition – Excellent, Like new, 2 Fender Jazzmaster Pick-ups, 3 way Switch, Rhythm section control Switch, 1 Volume,1 Tone Controls Plus 1 Volume, 1 Tone Control in Rhythm section, Floating Vibrato Whammy bar, 25 1/2 inch scale (neck ) Case – Fender Brown Serial # V147774 Sale Price: $1725.00 Plus Shipping to Lower 48 USA Only
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1966 Rickenbacker 360 XII String

1966 Rickenbacker 360 XII String Guitar, Fireglow Condition – Excellent: 2 Toaster Pick-ups, Rick o Sound wired output Jacks (Stereo ), Checkered Binding on Body, Belt rash on Back of body, Re-fretted neck frets, New Truss rods, new Nut at Head Stock, 12 saddle. Bridge for proper Intonation, 2 Volume, 2 Tone, and 1 Blend (mix) Controls. This Guitar has the true Rickenbacker Vintage Sound...
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1984 Rickenbacker 250 Eldorado 6 String

1984 Rickenbacker 250 El Dorado 6 String Condition – Excellent, Gold hardware, New Bridge, 2 Humbucker Pick-ups (1 Rickenbacker,1 Bartolini)  Some Belt rash on back side of guitar. 3 way switch, 2 Volume, 2 Tone controls /  Pick-up, wiring schematic. Case Included – Rickenbacker Black case Serial: YE 0991 on Neck Plate Sale Price : $1,600.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48 USA Only
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2003 Gibson “54 Gold Top Historic Reissue LPR-4

2003 Gibson “54 Gold Top Historic Reissue LPR-4“ Condition – Like New Near Min ! Comes with Tone Pro Stop Bar Wrap around Bridge, 2 Lindy Fralin P-90 Hum Cancel Pick-ups , Bumble Bee .02 Tone Caps, 4 Speed Knobs, 3 way switch, 2 Volume, 2 Tone controls, Nickel Case Included – Gibson Historic, Black & Accessories Serial # 4-3236 Sale Price: $3,400.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48...
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2000 Fender Stratocaster Closet Classic Reissue, Sun Burst

2000 Fender Stratocaster Closet Classic Reissue, Sun Burst “Fender Custom Shop “  Condition – Excellent (Like New)  This Guitar has the aged crackled finish (Doesn’t view in the photos), Low action and sounds huge, stays in tune, 3 way switch, 3 Pick-ups, Tremolo Bridge, Custom Shop certificate plus Fender instrument cable . Case – Fender Brown Case Serial # R11162 Sale Price:...
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1966 Vox

1966 Vox Guitar Organ, Black Condition: Excellent Guitar Organ Set from (“Wolfgang Collection Hamburg Germany“) Included Factory Power supply, Power cable, Operator manual instructions, Plectrum  Pick. The Guitar neck is made of metal, on both sides of neck there has been some paint chipped off, Neck missing 1 Dot inlay at 12th fret, missing Plastic tip on Whammy bar, Needs services as per other ...
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2000 Carvin 1

Carvin DCM 2000 P. A. Power Amp #1 2 channel power amp 1000 Watts @ 2 Ohms each Amp -front Volume Control Knobs -On / Off Switch and rear panel Output Jacks and Bi-Amp routing Switches, plus Power chord. Condition – Near Mint Used in Studio ! This unit is Early model year 2000 the heavier unit 33 lbs. Excellent working condition. Serviced – Low hours on unit! Pulled out from storage...
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1962 Fender Bandmaster Piggy Back Amp

1962 Bandmaster Piggy Back Amp – Blonde -Oxblood Grille – Presence Control-Brown Face panel Fender Electric Co. Condition – Excellent – Amp Serviced – all Electrolytic caps replaced Misc. Resistors that Drifted in value replaced -output Transformer upgraded – Oxford Speakers 12L reconed – New Tubes – amp Biased. The Blonde Tolex is orignal and has...
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1997 Gibson Night Hawk ST-3

1997 Gibson Night Hawk ST-3, SunBurst Condition – Excellent, 3 Pickups, Humbucker / Single / Mini Humbucker, 5 way Switch, Push / Pull Tone Pot, 9 Sound Variations, Slim fast neck, Belly Cut Contour Body Case Included – Gibson Night Hawk case with Pink Blanket. Brown , Leather handle Serial # 9007310 Sale Price: $1,750.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48 USA Only
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2004 Gretsch 6128 BBE - Elliot Easton Model

2004 Gretsch6128 BBE – Elliot Easton Model Condition – Near Mint, Single Cutaway Body, Black Top, Dark Mahogany back and Neck, Bigsby Tremolo, ABR Bridge, Locking Tuners, Gold Hardware, Light weight Chambered Boy, Made in Japan, High quality build, Very rare and hard to find Gretsch Model !!! Case Included – Gretsch Black color and some case candy Serial # JT 03107634 Sale...
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1993 Gibson Night Hawk ST-2

1993 Gibson Night Hawk ST-2,  Fire Burst Condition – Excellent, 2 Humbucker Pickups, 5 way slide switch, 1 Volume , 1 Tone control, Slim Fast action Neck, Belly cut Body, Strings Thru Body and Bridge, Light weight, and sounds Great. Made in USA Case Included – Gibson Night Hawk case, Color Brown with Leather handle, locking case Serial # 93493438 Sale Price: $1,450.00 Plus Shipping...
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1996 Gibson Les Paul 1961 Reissue

1996 Gibson SG, (1991 Gibson SG Reissue Guitar) Heritage Cherry Finish Condition – Excellent, 2 Gibson 57 Pickups, 2 Volume, 2 Tone Controls, Small Guard, Trapizoid markers, slim Fast neck and low string action, Light weight and comfortable to play Case Included – Gibson SG case Serial # 91936650 Sale Price: $1,400.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48 USA Only
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1997 Gibson Night Hawk ST-3 #4

1997 Gibson Night Hawk ST-3, Fire Burst Condition – Excellent, 3 Pickups, 2 Humbucker, 1 Single coil, Strings Thru Body and Bridge, Medium fast neck, Belly cut Body, Light weight, comfortable to play, Sounds Great Case Included – Gibson Night Hawk Brown Case with Pink blanket shroud Serial # 94007505 Sale Price: $1,700.00 Plus Shipping – Lower 48 USA Only
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~1960 Silvertone "Estrelita" 6 String Hollow Body

1960’s Silvertone “Estrelita” 6 String Hollow Body Guitar, Modified, Black Condition – Very Good,   Modifications: 2 after market Guitar Fettish Liverpool Pickups, Gretsch Roller space Bridge, Original Bigsby Vibrato, Fret board repair, Guitar has that Gretsch Twangy sound and plays easy. The Guitar Finish has long vertical Finish crackling that can be viewed looking at...
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Fender “Naked Parts” Telecaster, Dark/Light Brown Condition – Excellent, Relic, All parts Fender neck Rosewood Fretboard, Lindy Fralin Split  Rail Humbucker Pickups, Aged Hardware, Telecaster body was Relic Festia Red Relic, Body has been Striped down to raw wood. Body stained Dark brown and 7 coats of Minwax Tung oil. Play Boy calendar Girl Added after 7 coats of Tung oil and...
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2013 Jackson “Dinky“, Pewter Gray

2013 Jackson “Dinky“, Pewter Gray, Flat Matt Finish, Black Hardware Condition – Excellent, Guitar has been Modified. Original Pickups have been Replaced with Lindy Fralin Pickups (2)Split Rail Humbuckers, (1) 59  Bridge Humbucker, New CTS Volume and Tone Controls, 5 Way Switching (same as Stratocaster) Tremolo Bridge/Bar, Low String action, easy to play. Case – Gibson Gig bag...
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Fender Telecaster Guitar, Crimson Red, Modern Parts Condition – Bell Cut Body, Fender Modern Bridge plate with 6 Vintage Stratocaster saddles, Strings thru Body,  All Parts- Fender Telecaster Slab Neck, Bone Nut,Vintage Style tuners,  2 Lindy Fralin Telecaster split rail pickups (Humbucking), CTS Volume Volume and Tone Controls/.0047 Tone cap. Electosocket output jack, Blank Neck plate....
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2007 Fender American Series VG Stratocaster

2007 Fender American Series VG Stratocaster Guitar, 3 Tone Sun Burst, Rosewood Neck Condition – Excellent Near Mint, Roland VG Circuitry, 5 Guitar Tone Banks 16 Sounds from Humbucking to Acoustic, 5 Tuning Banks allow you to change tunings without physical retuning. You can use multiple tunings in one song, Standard 5 way Switch for Pickup selection. The Roland  system lets you choose at...
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2014 Fender P-Bass "Parts

2014 Fender P-Bass “Parts Guitar Assembled” Condition  – Excellent/Parts Bass Guitar/Seymour Duncan 1/4 lb. Bass Line Pick-ups/CTS Volume and Tone/All parts Fender licensed Jazz Bass Fender Neck 1- 5/8 inched at Neck, Nut/Plays smooth and fast/Low action/Chrome Pick up cover included. Case Included – New G&G Fender Bass Case Serial: # None Sale Price : $1,050.00 Plus...
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1996 Gibson "Jimmy Page Les Paul 1st Edition

1996 Gibson “Jimmy Page Les Paul 1st Edition” Guitar (#2 of 6) Condition – Excellent – Mild Flame Top/Guitar Players Guitar with belt marks on back of Guitar (Not through the Guitar finish) / Signature Pick Guard worn off Jimmy’s Signature/Original Pickups and 4 Push/Pull Pots for 21 Sound variations/Everything works /low action Straight neck/made in the USA. Case Included...
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