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2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Guitarrón estrella de la factoría de Nashville. Así suena en acción: Video Tours: & Si quieres sentirte como una estrella del rock, tocar el mejor blues, pisar el terreno de os mejores funky players, o...
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1968 Fender Jazz Bass

1968 Fender Jazz in amazing condition! 100% original (the pots are from the 42nd week of 1966) And it´s in Spain (Europe) 3 colour Sunburst finish 3Ply-Tortoiseshell guard Maple neck with binding. The neck is straight. The entire instrument has been set up by a pro luthier. Pearl blocks Dark Rosewood Fingerboard It´s been professionally refreted (with the same size...
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2015 Martin 00028 Eric Clapton Signature

Clapton is God and he is also the idol of most of us. Since he recorded his famous Unplugged live on MTV in 1992, at the Bray Studios in England, in front of a huge television audience, the Unplugged format and his Martin guitar have become a reference, forming part of today´s modern music history. Songs like "Tears in Heaven" or "Layla" were part of the album that Eric recorded with his acoustic...
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1965 Fender Jazzmaster

The Fender Jazzmaster was introduced in the late 1950’s at the NAMM show & was originally designed to be an upgrade to the legendary Stratocaster. The Jazzmaster has remained relevant with the modern player & continues to be one of Fender’s most desired instruments. This particular Fender is from 1965 – this guitar is in great shape & it ships in the original hardshell case with original...
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2010 Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15

The Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 is an extremely versatile "Old School" amp. 4 12AX7 power tubes + 2 EL84 in the previous / Class A = 5 and 15 W - A / B = 25 W Clear, bright, crystalline clean sound with all the rich bass you want. Crunchy, subtle, crunchy distortions with punch, ranging from the thickest rhythmic sections to the sweetest solos. 2 independent channels: Green (clean) / Red...
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2012 Gibson SG 50th Anniversary

The Gibson 50th Anniversary SG 12-string electric guitar has the look and sound of the most influential electric guitar in both Britain and the U.S. during the psychedelic era, but this one has been given the 12-string treatment. Ideal for players who want the 12-string roar of mahogany body/humbucker SG without having to shoulder the EDS-1275 of Jimmy Page fame. All of the storied 6-string SG...
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2020 Music Man JP6

2020 Music Man JP6 13 % off
ModelJohn Petrucci BFR 6Size12-3/8" wide, 1-3/4" thick, 37" long (31.4 cm wide, 4.5 cm thick, 94.0 cm long)Body WoodAlder with bookmatched maple top and mahogany Tone Block; optional Koa top with completely mahogany bodyBody FinishHigh gloss polyesterBody ColorsFlame Top - Ruby Burst; Quilt Top - Trans Black; Quilt Top - Balboa Blue Burst; Koa Top - Island BurstBridgeCustom John Petrucci Music...
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2018 PRS McCarty 495

This guitar is a huge instrument!! Sweet, balanced, pretty, soft playability, made with top quality materials Serial #249938 From: 2018 Astonishing flame maple top Colour: Autumn Sky Mahogany back and neck Pattern-vintage carve Katalox fretboard with old school bird...
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2013 Fano RB6

2013 Fano RB6 $200 off
Retro guitars hand-built in the US, for less RB6 Standard The RB6 Standard is slightly more unusual, looking a little like the “old” RB6 in a Rickenbacker vein. In addition to the characteristic cutaways and the huge, angled headstock, this also includes the somewhat abruptly curved maple top, sometimes referred to as a “German carve top”. It is equipped with an Alder body and a maple ’50s...
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2018 Friedman Vintage-S ARDB3TVH+SS

2018 Friedman Vintage-S ARDB3TVH+SS 16 % off
Friedman Vintage-S ARDB3TVH+SS These guitars are absolute Tone Beast! Designed by Dave Friedman & Grover Jackson Only the finest aged woods Nitrocellulose lacquer and plek-finished frets Body: Alder Bolt-on neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood Black Dots fretboard inlays 22 Vintage frets Nut width: 42.8 mm (1.687) Scale: 648 mm (25.5") Fretboard radius: 254 mm (10") to 355.6 mm (14")...
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