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I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. I have been collecting, buying & selling for 15 of those years. My interest was to learn guitar repair and building after I retired. That dream was not fulfilled due to becoming a "caregiver" for a loved one. It's my main job.

I do however still love to bring in vintage and contemporary-builders' guitars and try them out. A few become "lifers" and stay, but most go back out on the market. My profit margin is thin. The enjoyment of playing different guitars makes up for that.

I also build furniture and decorative pieces from wood, plexiglas, cloth, and metals. Most of these are items I gift to friends or relatives. There may be some music-related items up for sale once in a while.

Willy Sunday's
Bill Nedela
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All purchases are to be made in full before shipment of the instrument. PayPal is most desirable and the 3% fee is absorbed by the purchaser, unless other arrangements have been made. I do not accept payments via "friends & family" on PayPal. Plus the buyer forsakes all protection PayPall offers when doing so. Personal checks, Bank Cheques must clear my bank before shipment. It is sometimes possible to wire direct deposits which are safe and immediate.

Shipping is on an "on-case" basis. Usually adds will read "plus shipping" which means it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for shipping to the purchaser , and back to me if there is a return. It is to be discussed and a mutual agreement will dictate "who pays what".

There is aways a 72hr "approval period". The period begins the end-of-the-day 11:59 p.m. of the day the shipper indicates delivery. This should allow time for the instrument to "acclimate" to its new surroundings. Please make sure you do not open the packaged instrument when it arrives in winter UNTIL it has come up to room temperature. If opened to soon, lacquer checking may occur and perhaps worse.