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All purchases are to be made in full before shipment of the instrument. PayPal is most desirable and the 3% fee is absorbed by the purchaser, unless other arrangements have been made. I do not accept payments via "friends & family" on PayPal. Plus the buyer forsakes all protection PayPall offers when doing so. Personal checks, Bank Cheques must clear my bank before shipment. It is sometimes possible to wire direct deposits which are safe and immediate.

Shipping is on an "on-case" basis. Usually adds will read "plus shipping" which means it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for shipping to the purchaser , and back to me if there is a return. It is to be discussed and a mutual agreement will dictate "who pays what".

There is aways a 72hr "approval period". The period begins the end-of-the-day 11:59 p.m. of the day the shipper indicates delivery. This should allow time for the instrument to "acclimate" to its new surroundings. Please make sure you do not open the packaged instrument when it arrives in winter UNTIL it has come up to room temperature. If opened to soon, lacquer checking may occur and perhaps worse.

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~1925 Ludwig Kingston Tenor

A very nice Ludwig Kingston Tenor resonator in terrific shape for its age. Has original HSC & hangtag with it. Plays and sounds great. There is some finish lifting on the heel but it is solid and has no bearing on the integrity of the instrument. Fun little piece of yesteryear that still sings! $475 plus shipping and fees.
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2014 Flammang AJ-175

I had David Flammang build this guitar for me. Adirondack over African Blackwood. It is David's take on a Gibson Advanced Jumbo from the '30s. By far, the most voice I have ever played. There is no "top" to it. But, it can be fingerpicked softly and heard across the room. This is a "one & only". He hasn't built another one and felt it was a sensational guitar. 1 3/4" nut. ABW fretboard and...
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2003 Flammang RS-30/35

David Flammang's take on a classic. Faithfully following the specs of a Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe, the Flammang RS is a super guitar. I owned both the original Smeck and this one. There was no discernible difference in tone, but the Flammang was easier to play. This guitar was slated to be an RS "35" (sunburst)- and labeled as such- but was never sprayed. So technically, it's a "30". It looks...
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Lifton Vintage Archtop 16"

A hard-to-find 16" lower-bout Lifton arch top case. Some scuffs but still a "Fortress"! $400 plus shipping, insurance, paypal See the Kalamazoo KHG 32 Oriole in it on this site.
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2012 Foley Deep OM BRW/German

This is a custom that Ed Foley made for me. I really hate to see it go, but it needs to be played. 1 13/16" nut; 2 1/4" string spacing. Deep bod allows it to be played like a dread- and it sounds like one. OM shape offers the very balanced sound across the strings. Brazilian Rosewood gives it the glorious chime and resonance. German top supplies a full rich tone. If one guitar...
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1940 Gibson Kalamazoo KM21 F-hole

Beautiful little A-Gibson with f-holes. Kalamazoo logo and completely original. Beautiful maple back & sides. Super spruce top. FON is F-973. Replaced bridge. Probably original soft case as well in very good condition. the 21 has a few surface cracks but i don't think they are through the wood. Excellent action, playability and intonation. And, loud! Great tone, great...
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1940 Gibson Kalamazoo Oriole Archtop KG-32

RARE !! Very nice Kalamazoo Oriole Archtop- top-of-the-line Kazoo. Gibson made and it has the TONE and playability which Gibson arch tops are famous for. A repaired crack on the back. A few cracks on the top, but none seem to be through the wood. Some play wear. Beautiful example of a rare collectible player. Comes in a vintage Lifton case that fits like a glove. Take $250 off if you...
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1938 Gibson Kalamazoo KHG-12 (Oriole)

Kalamazoo's top-of-the-line were the Orioles. That's what this is- the Hawaiian Oriole, but they never put the Oriole logo on them. Orioles in every other resect, though. 12-fret, wide nut - 17/8" and saddle spacing of 2 5/16". A finger stylist's "dream". Old spruce over Maple back & sides. Loud but full of tone. Ladder-braced but with a deep, deep bottom end. Fun to play. "Martin...
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1935 Harmony Vogue

Great little vintage, ladder-braced guitar. 00-size. Probably a Harmony Vogue. Wonderful sound & playability. No issues, ready to go and make some fun. Great sound clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WDJcQ6BC50
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