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2002 Heritage H516 Custom

This is a one-off “custom build” Heritage and NOT a typical issue model. It was based on the Heritage model H516 which became the Kenny Burrell Groove Master model around 2004 when our own Jay Wolfe handed Kenny Burrell a H516 with a suggestion they make some minor trim changes & make it a KB Signature model. Jay’s late friend & Guitar legend Al Caiola favored the 516 & played one for years. Al...
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1966 Ampeg AEB-1 Scroll Head

Serial no. 1047. We are NOT sure what year model this is. It has been sitting in a HUGE collection in a smoke free, climate controlled home. Comes with a newer Gig Bag. It has lot’s of weather checking and a fair number of scuffs, etc. Just natural relicing, but not bad really. The frets are in fine condition and she sounds great. Please look at the pics. This is a very cool vintage-...
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1970 Gibson Les Paul Recording Bass

Serial no. 101142 indicates 1970-75. Comes to our shop from a huge collection of a famous player’s climate controlled smoke free home. Includes original hardshell case. These vintage Basses are heavy and are known for a deep, fat sound, and this one does it well. It’s well setup and playing great. Electronics work. It has been played & shows signs of play wear on the body. The frets show no...
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2019 Heritage Eagle Classic

No. 1301 Here's a stunningly beautiful solid carved archtop from the Kalamazoo Masters in the historic Parsons Street shop in old Kalamazoo. The beauty of the wood is only surpassed by the wonderfully full and rich classic electric archtop tones. The specs include: * 25.5 inch scale length * 1-11/16th nut width * Bone nut * 20 medium jumbo frets (Plek'd at factory for the ultimate in precision...
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2014 Gibson ES Les Paul

This is an amazing guitar that you don’t see too often. Made in Memphis this Les Paul is 5 pounds and 15 ounces. Light! It is semi hollow so feedback, not so much, unless you want it! The color is called Historic burst so its an iconic color while keeping its Les Paul historic signature sound with two Classic 57’ humbuckers. It sounds sweet as honey and plays like the best Les Paul you can...
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2017 Godin Summit

First thing you notice is how beautiful the finish is. Crème Brulee…yep it’s a coffee color, but a gourmet color! Then you notice it is a Godin..with all the quality that implies…but in the shape of a Paul. So it looks totally cool! But.. then you start to realize how sensational this guitar is, after a listen. This Godin Summit Classic is a scorching & versatile rock machine for the...
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1990 Tobias 5 String Neck Through

A beautiful Tobias 5 string weighing just 8 pounds 11 ounces and in mint condition. This baby has been sitting in a huge collection in a climate controlled smoke free home since new. It includes the black Tolex hardshell case with adjustment wrench, warranty card & control instructions. The woods are really nice and she plays great. Not sure of the build date, serial number is 3218. It’s 3...
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1992 G&L Leo Fender Commemorative Edition ASAT

This is Commemorative number 146 of 1000 made. Weight= 8 pounds 11 ounces. It has been held since new in a huge collection in a climate controlled smoke free home. It has NOT been played and is in mint condition. Zero play wear. A “time capsule” Guitar of a Limited Edition to Commemorate Mr. Fender’s life. Nut width is 1 5/8th and the fingerboard radius is 12”. The deluxe specs include-...
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1966 Gibson EB-O Bass

A really nice EB-O from the 60’s. The Gibson serial numbers are wishy-washy for this serial number 805490 and indicate “’66 – ’69.” It has been sitting pretty in a large famous Musician’s collection for several decades in a smoke free climate controlled home. The frets and setup are excellent. It has a number of nicks, dings, scratches, etc. but nothing serious. Just what I like to call “relic’d...
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1968 Gibson EB-2 Bass

Serial number 524671 This “time capsule” 1968 Bass has been in a huge collection in a smoke free climate controlled home and appears unplayed by it’s famous owner- who has WAY too many guitars & basses. Now I don’t believe there is such a thing as “too many” guitars…..but this guy has perhaps proven me wrong. Still has the original hang tags, 2 of them, and the original chipboard case No...
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1989 Alembic Spoiler Custom

This is one-off “custom” Alembic, made by their principle builder with the serial number “Nancy 001” to honor his Wife, and finished in a rare & rich white. It weighs a kindly 9 pounds 9 ounces and balances quite nicely. It renders the Thunderous tones these things are so well known for. It was acquired when new from the factory by one of their famous Artists and held mostly unplayed in a smoke...
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1991 Fender Stratocaster ’57 Reissue

Serial no. V054891. Weight: 7 pounds 9 ounces This lovely Strat has been played so little and has zero fret wear. She’s been sittin’ in a smoke free, climate controlled home in a large collection for a couple decades and there is NO rust-corrosion on the bridge parts, which is a good thing. Still has the 3 way pickup selector switch, the switch plastic tip is missing (we likely have 1...
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2008 Gibson SG Diablo

This model is a Guitar of the month limited series. NOT a simple “slab” body, but these have a really nifty cool carved top. It’s been stored since new in a smoke free climate controlled home, and it’s actually near mint with zero fret wear. Still has the protective plastic film on the control cavity cover. The case is also right at mint and has the Owner’s booklet and “Pre-Pack checklist” and...
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1967 Gibson ES-345TD Stereo

Serial number 112134 From a huge collection in a climate controlled smoke free home, this baby was acquired by a famous Musician decades ago in mint condition AND he tells us it’s not been played at all. He’s a major “Guitar hoarder” with an eye for the good ones and has asked us to sell off some choice pieces. If not for some minimal weather checking this instrument would be mint, and the...
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1966 Fender Telecaster Custom

Serial number- 177126, weight 7 pounds 6 ounces This “time capsule” double bound Tele Custom is from a huge collection, mostly unplayed and maintained in a smoke free climate controlled home in LA for several decades. Said collector/ Musician has a keen eye & passion for fine pieces and acquired some excellent stuff, such as this beauty. It has NO fret wear and little else to complain about....
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1982 Gibson Super V

The Super V is essentially an L-5 with Super 400 neck. Very cool and not a bulky as the Super 400. This one was made in the Historic Parsons Street shop in old Kalamazoo, Michigan. This beautiful Super V sounds and plays VERY nice. The acoustic tones & volume are exceptional and well above the norm. The neck is medium thin and it just feels right. The overall condition is excellent, with...
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2019 Rittenhouse T Model

We had Master Builder Abe Rittenhouse make this beauty with our favorite Klein pickups because they simply sound amazing!. The relicing is medium heavy and she weighs just 7 pounds, 13 ounces. The 3 tone burst finish, 3 ply black guard and thick slab board conjure up images of the best of the early 60’s Teles. It’s such a cool look. Specs include: -Beefy “boat” style Maple neck with dark...
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2019 Rittenhouse T Model

We asked Master Builder Abe Rittenhouse make this beauty with a TV Jones Classic pickup in the neck position and a Klein bridge pickup. The relicing is mild and she weighs just 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Specs include: -Beefy “boat” style Maple neck with dark Indian Rosewood fingerboard -Alder body -Real Nitro finish -10 inch fingerboard radius, 21 medium frets -3 Brass compensated vintage style...
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2019 G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Tribute

The G&L ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™ is a factory-modded version of Leo’s final word on the traditional single-cutaway bolt-on axe. For players looking for the unmistakable warmth of a classic humbucker in the neck position, the Bluesboy delivers with a well-balanced pairing of a G&L Alnico humbucker and a single-coil G&L Magnetic Field Design™ bridge pickup designed by Leo Fender†. Framed in a...
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2012 Gibson Southern Jumbo Kristofferson Limited Edition

Serial number 10132033 This beautiful Gibson Custom Shop Guitar is really in mint condition except the case has some minor scuffing on the Tolex. The Guitar has no play wear, only very minor clothing swirls in the high gloss finish (easily buffed out) and has bee played very little in a climate controlled home. Includes the original papers from when purchased new. This model, which...
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2012 Gibson Advanced Jumbo

Serial Number- 12142001 A beautiful Advanced Jumbo in excellent condition. It looks new except upon close examination you can see- the early beginnings of fret grooves- very minimal ** some very minor pick scratches on the top (could easily buff out) and ** some mild scratches in the back finish. None through the finish but there’s quite, including one that’s inches long and just depressed...
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2001 Gibson LeGrand

A stunning LeGrand from the James Hutchins era, with his special hand signed 2nd label inside the lower f hole (see photos). The Hutchins built & signed Gibson archtops are the best of ‘em and the one’s that appreciate better. We just PLEK’d this magnificent instrument in our shop, not that it required much….BUT…..we just like them to be as fine as they can be. Serial #: 20311002, orange...
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2019 Gibson Lefty Gibson Tribute SG Standard

This basically mint (still has plastic on pickguard) 2019 SG Standard Tribute Electric Guitar embodies the essential SG features and materials which helped make the SG model a legend. Walnut color, nitro finish, premium hardwoods make this guitar a real player. This guitar feels like a part of you due to its slim body and great neck. Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, Clapton etc.. have all made this...
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2019 Fender Lefty Del Duca Custom Classic Fender Stratocaster

Weight: 6 pounds & 14 ounces This Stratocaster as you can see has been ALTERED! No kidding! Who was the mastermind behind this? It is the creation of Michael Del Duca, originally from Naples, Italy, now working outside of Atlanta. Mr. Del Duca has built custom guitars for Joe Perry, Hank Marvin, and Bernard Allison, to name a few. This one of a kind Fender Stratocaster has been fully...
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2019 PRS SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple Limited

The PRS SE Custom 24 is the quintessential SE guitar, designed to faithfully reflect the PRS model that started it all. The SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple adds a roasted (or torrified) maple neck and fretboard while serving up classic PRS playability, reliability, and vibrant tone. The roasted maple not only looks good (by turning the maple a beautiful golden color), but it further stabilizes the...
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2019 Heritage H150

No. 3504 weight 9 pounds 3 ounces We asked the good folks at Heritage to very carefully select us a handful of outstanding 150’s with “OMG” flame tops and the “lightest weight available” and this one of those incredible Guitars. Check out this Highly flamed top H150 with a sexy, curvy deep dish carved top, over a 1 piece genuine Honduran Mahogany body & neck. Features include: Actual...
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2019 Breedlove USA Concerto E

No. 24540 When Breedlove set out to create a guitar that would surpass the classic big body sound of the dreadnought, we didn’t just want it to be loud. We sought to bring out more tonal complexity, and to offer a much more comfortable playing experience, too. Introducing the new Breedlove Concerto, a new guitar shape created to elicit more volume than a classic dreadnought, and more lush,...
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2019 Breedlove Legacy Concert CE

No. 24709 Just about the BEST sounding Guitars ever made. This Redwood/Rosewood combination is “magic.” The Legacy Concert is the epitome of the Breedlove legacy. Iconic for its wood pairings, crafted with salvaged sinker redwood and East Indian rosewood, we are able achieve an amazingly warm and beautiful sounding fingerstyle guitar. This is accomplished through the Breedlove Bridge Truss...
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2019 Bedell Coffee House Orchestra

No. 118020 A “brilliantly warm & full sounding Orchestra Bedell. MOST impressive in every way! For the timeless folk-rock sound that defined an entire generation, look no further than the Bedell Coffee House Orchestra. These instruments are exquisitely crafted to revive the spirit that inspired the incredible music of the counterculture era: Adirondack spruce tops from individually...
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2018 Gibson J-45 Standard

This J-45 was played very little at home and is in as new condition EXCEPT: It was expertly setup when brand new. Plays terrific. When new and in for setup, the plastic saddle was changed to a “bone” saddle. The original saddle is in the case. A strap button was added The Maroon Tolex hardshell case is included and has the warranty booklet, Gib. Logo strap, truss rod wrench and the original...
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