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1995 Ovation Standard Elite 6868

Serial Number 498334 Features: Contour bowl composite body maximizes acoustic output and is ergonomically designed Multi-soundhole design provides enhanced string vibration and sustain ·Deep-contour cutaway for easy access to the entire fretboard ·OP-Pro preamp and OCP-1K pickup provide state-of-the-art plugged-in performance ·3-band EQ for sound shaping ·Founded by Charles...
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2019 PRS Custom 22 10 Top

Number: 7347 This stunning Black Gold 10 Top Custom 22 has the Hybrid hardware and 85/15 pickups and “Pattern” neck carve. It’s simply gorgeous. The weight is just 7 pounds 11 ounces. Classic Workhorse The Custom 22 is a classic workhorse with all the tones you’ve come to expect from your PRS with a distinctive midrange and clarity thanks, in part, to its 85/15 pickups. These...
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2016 Heritage Super Eagle

Serial No. 9002 This stunningly gorgeous Heritage Super Eagle was featured in Heritage’s 2016 NAMM Show display. It has some really fine woods and the Cherry finish is just wonderfully delicious. The deluxe features for this top of the line masterpiece include: Real Nitro finish * Lindy Fralin Jazz humbuckers * 18 inch lower bout * 3” rim depth * 25.5” scale length * 1-11/16th nut width...
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1962 Gibson ES125-TDC

Serial number- 424239 This is the “sweetest” 125 we’ve seen in years. The tuners were replaced BUT the originals are in the case, and since we’ve mentioned “the case”- the 60’s vintage Gibson hardshell case is in really fine condition, and actually worth a pretty penny by itself. There’s lot’s of weather checking- especially on the back of the neck BUT there’s no buckle rash at all, the...
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2013 Gibson Hummingbird Pro

The Hummingbird is a Gibson Legend. The 1960’s Hummingbird model defined Dreadnaught guitars. The Gibson Hummingbird quickly became an iconic acoustic line, and a favorite among legends like Gram Parsons and Keith Richards. This Pro model feature upgrades such as a PLEKED fingerboard, and a fingerboard edge that has been softened to fit the contour of your hand and was built using finer...
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2019 PRS Paul's Guitar SE

Serial #7708 The SE Paul’s Guitar is a great example of design, engineering, and teamwork. It’s as close to home as we could get inside of the SE Series, and I am very proud of it,” Paul Reed Smith. The SE Paul’s Guitar delivers a lot of “PRS,” starting with tone and versatility. The TCI “S” treble and bass pickups deliver a very pure, vintage sound. The SE Paul’s Guitar also features two...
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2011 Taylor 814ce

Here is a beautiful well cared for Taylor 814ce that is in mint condition except for 3 little things: The truss rod cover was replaced with a fancy inlaid one that really looks nice. Also the bridge pins were upgraded to fancier one’s with the pretty shell inlaid dots There is some very, very minor fret grooves. Very slight & hardly worth mention. The setup is fine and she sounds...
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2004 Ovation Legend LX- 1777LX

This lovely American made Ovation would be “mint” condition if not for some extremely minimal fret grooves, that are almost nothing. It has Ovations popular OP PRO Pre-amp with tuner. She plays & sounds terrific and includes the Ovation logo hardshell case. Wolfe Guitars, Jupiter, Florida tel: 561-746-2209 e-mail: wolfeguitars@comcast.net www.wolfeguitars.com
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2019 Paul Reed Smith S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

#8355 The USA crafted S2 Custom 22 is a classic workhorse guitar. Known for its exceptional clarity and warm midrange, the S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow has been updated here with a semi-hollow single f-hole mahogany/maple body, giving this vintage-inspired guitar a classic look and outstanding resonance. Appointments include the PRS patented molded tremolo, 85/15 "S" treble and bass pickups, and a...
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2014 Heritage H157 Limited Edition

This 2014 Heritage is no. 12 of the 40 made of this Limited Edition model that was $4400 when new. It is in Mint overall condition, with no fret wear. The neck is medium in size in shape and she weighs a typical for a black beauty style instrument- 9 lbs 12 oz. The Limited Edition features some cool unique inlays & features, including the special Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Staple style...
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2019 Breedlove Solo Concerto CE

Breedlove Concerto bodies surpass the classic big body sound of the dreadnought in volume, but projects more tonal complexity, and offers a much more comfortable playing experience than any dreadnaught. The Concerto, offers a more lush, complex tonal resonance in a comfortable body shape that feels just right. This Solo Concerto is ideal for songwriters and singers thanks to the Side Monitor...
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2019 Breedlove Pursuit Concertina E

New for 2019,based on the ever-popular Pursuit Concert platform, this smaller body guitar sounds warm and beautiful with a solid red cedar top and mahogany back, but with additional sound and projection from the Concertina body. This guitar is ideal for the player looking for a more nuanced sound with more tonal complexity, and a very comfortable playing experience. Featuring the popular LR Baggs...
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2019 Breedlove Premier Concerto CE

First thing you notice is the beauty! Both sides and back are crafted with the most gorgeous East Indian Rosewood you may have ever seen. Then the sound. Luxurious and warm tones are produced with an ease of play that only a Breedlove neck can provide. A total players experience. Why does it sound so big and full with every note being heard while strumming or playing fingerstyle? The answer:...
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2018 Rickenbacker 620

The Rickenbacker 620 is part of the 600 series of guitars which all share the distinctive "cresting wave" styled body. The Rickenbacker 620 features triangular fret markers, a thick rosewood fret board, a maple body with neck-thru construction, and maple neck. The 620 also comes standard with a stereo output jack. The guitar's pickups are twin single coil 'Hi-gains'. The Rickenbacker 620 sports...
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1993 Gibson L5 Wes Montgomery

Serial no. 91193728 This 1993 was built by Gibson Master Builder James Hutchins, who hand signed the certification label. There are 2 labels- Certification of the tap tuning by Hutch, with his sig. & serial no. and the “Master Builder Model” label. Please see pics. At some point Henry J. forbid Hutch to sign labels anymore because folks did not want the ones without his sig. Good ole...
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2015 Heritage H575 Mimi Fox Signature

The Mimi Fox signature has significant upgrades from a basic H575 with it’s SOLID Carved Sitka Spruce arched top, beautiful flamed Maple back & rims, Ebony fingerboard/bridge/pickguard, Gold hardware bound f holes and Mimi hand signed the label. Please see the attached scans of the included brochure for full specs & scads of info. This beauty has just minimal fret grooves that are almost none....
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2018 Breedlove Pursuit Concert 12-String CE

The most affordable of Breedlove’s famous 12-string guitars, the Pursuit Concert 12-String features the Breedlove Bridge Truss for additional sustain, balance, and clarity. A comfortable neck and a pinless bridge make it easy to play and a breeze to re-string. Played plugged in or acoustically, the Pursuit 12-String will deliver great tones and textures to enhance your music. Includes built-in...
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2016 Gibson Custom Shop L5 Wes Montgomery

Serial no. 13546001 This gorgeous “Crimson Series” Wes Montgomery L5 is in very near mint condition, with no fret grooves, no dings/dents/cracks, etc. There are a few very minor finish scratch lines in the top finish. These are really minor and only in the lacquer. Prolly could be polished away, but they’re so minor. It includes the factory case and certificate on “Crimson-ness”...
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2019 PRS CE Bolt-On 24

No. 6327, weight = 7 pounds 1 ounces, neck = Pattern Thin Since the dawn of rock and roll, the snap and response that comes from a bolt-on neck guitar has been an essential part of the mix. These attributes have, in turn, become essential to many players trying to tell their story through music. The CE 24 pairs PRS’s traditional body combination of the mahogany back and maple top with a...
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1987 Heritage Sweet 16

This Heritage Sweet 16 is from the year they introduced this popular model “1987”, 1/3rd of a century ago, when the recently formed Heritage Guitar Company was just beginning to catch on. The unique Sweet 16 certainly helped establish their archtop creds and many top players play & love them. This particular 16 has been well played and exhibits lots of finish scratches, buckle rash & a...
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1993 Gibson L-5 CT Custom Shop

A stunning Custom Shop “Master Model” with hand signed label by Gibson’s finest archtop Master Builder Mr. James Hutchins, and his craftsmanship REALLY shows. This thinner body L-5 sounds amazing even unplugged. Please see the photos of the 2 interior labels. The woods are spectacular, as is the finish. At some point the floating pickup was rewound by Kent Armstrong- see photo. It could easily...
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2013 Gibson Rudolf Schenker Flying Vee

Weighs 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Excellent condition original hard case included. Serial no. 115530655 This Vee has been kept in it’s case since new by an avid Scorpions fan and we just changed the original strings out for fresh 10’s. (Sheesh!!) It would be “mint” except there’s some staining on the back of the neck and one area on the body back from a strap or something similar that has...
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1992 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis

A beautiful Ebony 165 in excellent overall condition. No fret wear (excellent setup) no scratches, dings, buckle rash, etc. just near new and the case is very nice too. There’s a little bit of wear patina on the gold plated tailpiece.The Herb Ellis model is the dedicated jazz player’s version of the typically dual pickup 175. This one’s prepped, polished & ready for your next performance. It’s a...
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Martin Classical Backpacker Guitar

The sky’s the limit for portability! The nylon-string Classic Backpacker travel guitar is lightweight, durable, easy to play (and tune) and is shaped to fit into the smallest places. Constructed of solid tonewoods. This model includes SUSTAINABLE WOOD CERTIFIED parts. See specifications for details. BODY SIZE: Backpacker FINISH TOP: Hand Rubbed CONSTRUCTION: Backpacker BACK & SIDE...
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2019 Breedlove Oregon Concertina E, Myrtlewood

A bigger, bolder sound than traditional Parlor size Guitars, and we all have a “Parlor”….right? this new body shape is exclusively Breedlove. It has the pronounced waist and thinner body for playing comfort. With our Sound OptimizationTM technology applied to the power of the all Myrtlewood body, we have designed a delightful small body instrument that is a joy to play and will make your music...
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2019 Breedlove Oregon Concerto CE Myrtlewood

No. 24052 Wanting to push the big body (large sound chamber) instrument sound to a whole new level, we are delighted to introduce the Oregon Concerto crafted with an all Myrtlewood body. The extra stiffness of the Myrtlewood top drives this guitar by moving more air inside the 5 inch deep body in the lower bout. It sounds like a speaker is projecting the textured notes through the smaller...
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Carl Martin DeLayla XL

******BLOWOUT PRICE******** The Carl Martin DeLayla XL is designed and developed with one goal in mind: To create a superior echo pedal, with the same sonic quality as the original DeLayla but with new extended features, yet incorporating some of the same features used in vintage tape delay units. To achieve this, we have incorporated a second delay head (slapback) (similar to using two heads...
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2006 Heritage H525

This is a “custom” H525 with some juicy custom features, including- Vintage type Bigsby, Lollar P-90’s with the slight overwound version in the bridge position, Sperzel locking tuning keys, low friction setup for tuning stability = Locking keys/ low friction Graphtec nut and roller bridge (which was replaced with an ABR bridge. The original roller bridge is in the case pocket, Optional finish...
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2019 Rittenhouse P-Bass

Weight – 9 pounds, zero ounces Fingerboard Radius- 10 inch Pickups- Seymour Duncan Bassline “P” Body- Swamp Ash Aging level- Medium (not too nasty, just right) Fingerboard wood – EBONY From Master Builder Abe Rittenhouse is an Ash body, Ebony board/ Parchment guard P-Bass that just sounds & plays oh so sweet. Included is a nice black Tolex hardshell case. A most impressive...
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1997 Heritage Golden Eagle

This amazing Heritage ’97 Golden Eagle has some brilliant “Ultra” upgraded woods, optional “Natural” finish and is in excellent plus condition. If you examine it very closely you can see some really minimal surface scratches in the top. Nothing through the finish and nothing prominent. At a glance she appears brand new. Just setup in our shop and playing nice & fine. Neck is straight & she plays...
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