Collings I35 LC Dark Cherry Burst Semi-Hollow Electric- Used


Collings' double-cut semi-hollow with laminate construction! Gorgeous, subtle flame and in beautiful used condition!

What we think:

Condition - this guitar is in spectacular condition. Miniscule buckle rash on the back that cannot even be captured in photographs

Collings' I35 series never disappoints us and this guitar is no exception. Just strumming an open G chord on the bridge, the guitar explodes with clarity and brilliance, testament to both Collings' incredible build and to the Lollar Imperial pickups. Switching to the neck position, there is a dark spankiness to it and if I hadn't been paying attention I would have said I was listening to a strat, but when we rolled up the mids on the Carr Skylark we played it through it growled and purred just like a good semi-hollow should. And, in case you were wondering, it absolutely NAILS the B.B. King tone!

The neck is chunky, reminiscent of a 59 Gibson and plays smooth and easy. Collings sets their guitars up to play with 11's and once you get your hands on one, you'll understand why! The guitar feels amazing, with just the right amount tension and resistance for bends.

This used guitar is in incredible condition, with extremely light wear and a tiny nic near the top of the back of the headstock. This is a fantastic option for a 335-style guitar and at this used price, it won't last long!

Manufacturer Description:

The I35 LC is the result of a custom laminated construction technique that Bill Collings and his R&D team developed in pursuit of the best tonal qualities of vintage semi-hollow guitar design. When crafting instruments designed to be used electrically at higher volumes, the resonant qualities of a guitar need a high degree of focus to achieve some of the classic semi-hollow guitar tones. The I35 LC is the first of a line of laminate instruments designed to respond acoustically in perfect harmony with their electronics. Custom crafted in house for each guitar, the Collings laminate line has provided another unique way for us to voice our instruments for superior response and tone. The I35 LC features a custom laminate maple top, sides and back and an all mahogany neck. The I35 LC is among our most articulate and versatile electric models.

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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