1962 Fender® Jazz Bass®


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 1962
  • Manufacturer: Fender®
  • Model: Jazz Bass®
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: Sonic Blue
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Description: 1962 Fender® Jazz Bass®, featuring a spectacular, nitrocellulose lacquer finish restoration on original body and neck by Fiesta Finishes™. The bass features most of its original parts with the following exceptions. The body and neck have been meticulously restored using the same materials and techniques as Fender® used in 1962. The pickups are Fender® USA '62 re-issues, and the pick guard has been replaced.

    The bass features its original neck and body (Neck date Oct 62), original reverse tuners, original bridge, original control plate, original pots (all dated 304 6237), original jack, original knobs, original brass pickup and control cavity shields, original finger rest, original string tree, original neck plate (#90XXX), and most, but not all screws. The bass weighs 8 lb. 9 oz., a perfect weight for a Jazz Bass®.

    The '62 Fender® Jazz Bass® is one of the most prized basses Fender® has ever produced, second only to the '60-'61 Stack knob, and many prefer the necks on the '62. This neck is frightfully straight and will tolerate very low action. The '62 neck is slightly fuller and more round vs. flat down near the nut, and has a great feel. The frets are all original and feature very little wear. The Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard is perfect. With the straight neck and smooth finish, this is one of the best playing Jazz Basses that has ever passed through our shop. Consider that a clean, all original Sonic Blue Jazz Bass® will fetch close to $20K, while this one can be had for a fraction of that, or about what you'd pay for an inferior Custom Shop instrument.

    Please examine the photos carefully to fully appreciate the fine workmanship and beauty of this instrument. Also, please note that although the bass is pictured with a Parchment (vintage white) pick guard, the bass will be delivered with a Mint Green guard. If the buyer prefers the Parchment that's fine, the reason is simply that we are out of Mint Green guards and will receive them shortly.

    The bass ships in a brand new, Fender®, C&G, brown tolex case with gold lining, the finest new case that money can buy.

    Please click on blue tab above, "Photo Set" to see many high resolution images.

    Satisfaction guaranteed, keep the bass for 48 hours and if not 100% satisfied, return for full refund minus shipping charge.