2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium - AAA Koa Top


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 2013
  • Manufacturer: Gibson
  • Model: Les Paul Standard Premium - AAA Koa Top
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Desert Burst
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Description: The pinnacle & cornerstone of the Gibson USA line has always been the Les Paul Standard. The new 2013 Les Paul Standard embodies this coveted position with some exciting new & innovative modifications making it the most versatile Les Paul Standard ever created! Key features of the 2013 Les Paul Standard include an incredibly comfortable new asymmetrical rendition of the SlimTaper™ neck profile that fits the player’s hand like a glove, a compound-radius rosewood fingerboard, and stealth wiring for the great BurstBucker Pro™ 1 & 2 pickups that provides individual coil splitting, phase reversal, and Pure Bypass switching all without changing the look of the classic control layout. And for the icing on the cake, the 2013 Les Paul Standard Premium looks sublime with an amazing, grade AAA Figured Koa top finished in Desert Burst nitrocellulose lacquer. The new Les Paul Standard 2013 follows the same formula as the most beloved Les Pauls of all time starting with a mahogany back & solid maple top, quarter-sawn mahogany neck carved in a new asymmetrical version of the popular ’60s profile, making it one of the most appealing necks Gibson has ever produced, and its topped with a bound rosewood fingerboard with a superbly playable compound radius that’s rounder down in the “open chord” positions and flatter up in the lead zone. The 2013 Les Paul Standard’s real surprises lurk in its upgraded BurstBucker Pro™pickups and extremely clever wiring and control setup. The BurstBucker Pro™ #1 neck & #2 bridge pickups have been updated with potted coils for howl-free performance at high volumes & four-conductor wiring that allows for incredible versatility. The independent volume pot for each pickup has push-pull switching to independently split the coils for single-coil tones, with hum-cancelling performance in the middle position thanks to a reverse-wound/reverse-polarity bridge pickup. Pop up the neck pickup’s tone control for reverse-phase tones, or lift the bridge pickup’s tone knob to tap Gibson’s new Pure Bypass setting, which routes that pickup straight through to the output jack, bypassing the volume and tone controls for a hotter, clearer sound, making it a great “instant lead” preset. Classic Gibson constructional elements & PLEK set-up ensure the new Les Paul Standard plays just like the greatest Standards ever! The revolutionary PLEK process, formerly reserved for Custom Shop guitars, is a cutting edge technology that measures within a hundredth of a millimeter accuracy each fret's height, the fingerboard radius and the relief or bow in the neck. With these measurements the Plek machine adjusts the neck relief via the truss rod, cuts the nut slots for optimal spacing and height of each string, files each fret to precision accuracy and then dresses each fret resulting in a neck with perfect action and playability and no buzzing strings or flat/dead spots. The 2013 Les Paul Standard Premium comes protected in a white plush-lined Gibson hardshell case with black exterior, and comes with a Gibson keychain, set of Gibson strings, Gibson pick & sticker and includes owner's manual and adjustment literature.