This is lifted from Premier Guitar's website:
Cofounded by Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, renowned guitar tech Greg Howard ...and former Blockhead Amps mastermind Ossie Ahsen, 3 Monkeys is one of the most buzzed about amp-makers around. The company’s latest offering—the limited-edition Virgil—is a 30-watt, two-channel, 6V6-powered amp based on the Hiwatt-meets-Marshall BW119 that 3 Monkeys designed for Whitford in 2006. It’s also an amp that’s turning up in the rigs of such tone zealots as Steely Dan’s Walter Becker (who rocks a sweet surf-green model)—an early sign that 3 Monkeys is on to another winner.
That said, they got sued over this amp and they halted production after they had made only 25 of them. That's all there is and that's all there will ever be and that makes it one of the rarest amps on the planet. The late Walter Becker of Steely Dan used one in his stage rig (I owned that one too) and, of course, Brad Whitford, for whom it was designed, has one of them. When big collector amps like Dumbles were relatively new, they weren't priced like a Ferrari. This amp could be the next big collector amp. It sure sounds great. The gain/boost stage (footswitchable) is wonderful and the cleans are like a Fender black face Showman. I've been running it through a 2-12" cabinet and it's loud and articulate. It likes 4-12's even better but nobody wants to haul around a big Marshall cabinet any more. I've owned just about every make of amp out there and I have to call this my favorite modern amp. It puts out 30 watts or so powered by 4 6V6 tubes. It has a "USA-UK" tone switch which takes it from Fenderish to Marshallish. Mostly, it's 3 Monkeys-ish. It has never had any work done to it. It is 100% original. It comes with a Fender footswitch. Head only. No speakers. These rarely come up for sale because the other 24 people who own one like them too much.

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