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1964 Fender Stratocaster

1964 Fender Stratocaster $7,000 off
If custom color Fenders are your thing, then you know how certain colors simply don't come up for sale very often. Sometimes, it's the color itself-a pink guitar, for example, isn't for everybody. The greens don't come around too often whereas the reds do. Burgundy Mist is one of those colors that was never popular but it looks great on a Strat. I've only seen three or four vintage Strats in this...
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1959 Gibson Les Paul Special

1959 Gibson Les Paul Special $1,000 off
If you're in the market for a Les Paul Special, you need to make a bunch of decisions because there are a lot of different versions of this guitar. If you want a single cut, move along, this is a double cut and not what you want. If you want a double cut, then you need to pay attention. There are no fewer than three-maybe four versions of the double cut Special. The first version has the neck...
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1965 Epiphone Embassy

If you know your Gibson history, then you know that the Epiphone line was made in Kalamazoo right alongside the Gibsons from 1959 until 1969 or so. Manufacturing went to Asia after that. Most of the Epiphone line had a Gibson counterpart that was nearly identical. Sometimes the pickups were different, more often only the body shape was different. The sought after (and expensive) Gibson...
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1963 Gibson ES-355

Gibson, back in the day, would make you just about anything you wanted if you were willing to pay up and willing to wait. The top of the thinline series was the ES-355 and it came in any color as long as it was red. Want a sunburst? Gonna cost. I know of perhaps 8. Want a blonde? Gonna have to wait (and pay). I know of just 4 blonde ES-355's built before 1965. This is the only 63 I've ever seen...
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1966 Marshall JTM 45

1966 Marshall JTM 45 15% off
Jim Marshall started a revolution with the JTM 45. He was smart to base the circuit design on the venerable tweed Bassman-it is widely considered the pinnacle of tube amps for guitar. But it's not a tweed Bassman. The British components give it a distinctive sound that few can replicate. It's not as gritty and nasty as the later JMP 50-it's more "musical" at lower volumes and only roars when...
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1957 Fender Bassman 5E6

1957 Fender Bassman 5E6 $1,000 off
It's getting a lot harder to find original tweed Bassmans so maybe instead of concentrating on the well regarded 5F6-A's that have gotten kind of pricey if original, you might want to look at the very underrated 5E6. These dual rectifier powerhouses are a bit more gritty than the 5F6-A and will break up at lower volumes. A 5F6-A has better headroom but you have to crank the crap out of it to get...
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2011 Gibson Les Paul R9

2011 Gibson Les Paul R9 $550 off
This 2011 Les Paul R9 is the gloss finish version and not the VOS (which is a good thing, I think). It is all original and has been played but not much. The guard (included) has never been installed and the finish is in near mint condition on the top and sides with some minor surface scratches on the back near the control plate. No fret wear. Over all, a 9+. Weight is 8.5 lbs. COA and case candy...
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1968 Fender Telecaster

1968 Fender Telecaster 13% off
CBS Fender board room 1968: Young Exec: "Hey, why don't we cover a Telecaster with paisley or flowered wallpaper and sell it to those long hair hippie types? They're the ones who buy electric guitars anyway". Old Exec: "Are you nuts?". Could have happened. Anyway, Fender under stodgy CBS went ahead and bought a load of Borden's Cling Foil Contact Paper and covered a load of Telecasters and Tele...
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1957 Gretsch Duo Jet

1957 Gretsch Duo Jet $1,500 off
Funny how the Les Paul ended up being a $400,000 guitar while the average Duo Jet sells for under $10K. Gretsch designed the Duo Jet in 1953 to compete directly with Gibsons gold top just released in 1952. I have lately been surprised at how good 50's Gretsch's can be. Odd that they fell so far in the 60's. Cadillac Green was an option for the Duo Jet and they didn't make a whole lot of them....
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1953 Gretsch Duo-Jet

1953 Gretsch Duo-Jet 16% off
It's 1953 and Gibson is showing early success with its new Les Paul model and Gretsch needs to play catch up. The first of it's single cut solid (well almost) body guitars is a run of 150 Duo-Jets. This first batch is the only one with the script logo. The design is very Les Paul like (at 1/50th the price today) with it's small single cut body and two single coil pickups. The bodies were weight...
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1958 Gibson ES-335

1958 Gibson ES-335 11% off
Impossibly gorgeous 58 ES-335 blonde. It's an early one, so the neck is unbound and the neck angle is shallow. The original low profile ABR-1 bridge collapsed and disappeared long ago. Gibson replaced them with shaved full height bridges and this has one of those (no wire ABR-1). The top is a stunning piece of birdseye maple. This guitar has been played it's entire life-no case queens here. The...
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1963 Gibson ES-335

1963 Gibson ES-335 18% off
How do you value a guitar that is one of only two of its kind? Blonde 335's were available from 1958 to 1960. After 1960, they could be ordered special which explains why there are so few. I've seen a lot of 335's over the twenty years I've been dealing and specializing in them. I know of only two blonde block neck ES-335's shipped during the "Golden Era" of 1958-1964. This one and a 1964 lefty....
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1959 Gibson ES-335

1959 Gibson ES-335 10% off
Let's say your holy grail guitar is a 59 blonde 335. They only made 77 of them so the chances of finding one are pretty slim but they do come up once in a while. About half of them have the "transitional" slimmer 59 neck which isn't what you want. So, now you're down to maybe 40 guitars. Now, you really care about tone and wouldn't it be great if you could find a big neck early 59 with a thin top...
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1961 Fender Stratocaster

1961 Fender Stratocaster $5,000 off
Clean 1961 slab board Strat in rare blonde finish in 8.5/10 condition. You can see the outline of a couple of stick on initials-no damage just uneven fade to the finish. Ash body, of course. All original except for the following: The bridge cover is a repro. The trem arm is vintage but not original. That's all...everything else is original. Untouched electronics. Original frets are getting low...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

I always have a few ES-335's put aside for regular customers who are looking for one. There is usually a 59 that isn't listed anywhere. I also often keep a red 64 available off market as well. Feel free to call to find out what I'm keeping in the vault.
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