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1958 Fender Stratocaster

1958 was a year of big changes for the Stratocaster and the end of an era as well. It was the last year for the maple board (until the maple cap in the mid 60's). It was the last full year of the single ply guard. It was the first year for the three color sunburst (note they hadn't yet figured out that they could save a nickel's worth of red paint by not painting the red under the guard). This...
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1960 Gibson ES-335

Refinished blondes are tricky because you can't use the tried and true 40% rule. Why not? Because it is possible (but not easy) to strip a red or sunburst 335 and refinish it in blonde. So, with a refinished (or oversprayed) blonde, you need to be able to prove it left the factory as a blonde and that it has always been a blonde. Then, the 40% rule makes sense. So, this blonde is documented in...
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1960 Gibson ES-335

1960 Gibson ES-335 $1,000 off
Recently I wrote a blog post about missing stickers on expensive pickups. And wouldn't you know it, this week I get a guitar with a missing PAF sticker. The good news is the pickup has never been out of the guitar and that's the only way to know for sure that it's actually a PAF. With 58's and 59's getting incredibly scarce and expensive, it's time to consider 60 or a 61. I prefer the 60 because...
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1958 Gibson ES-335

**HOLD**The best of the best in 335's are late 58's and early 59's. I look for 335's with the thin top and a shallow but not too shallow neck angle. Of the top 20 ES-335/345's/355's I've had in my shop. 8 of the top 20 are late 58's and early 59's. This one has it's original PAFs, of course, big, fat, round neck profile, full height ABR-1, stop tail and all original except as follows: All of the...
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1970 Fender Stratocaster

Conventional wisdom says CBS messed up the Stratocaster and everything made after 65 is crap but if you trust your ears, you will find otherwise. Yes, the big headstock and bold logo is ugly and the sunburst isn't as nice as it used to be and the plastic insulation on the wires simply must be inferior to the cloth insulation of the old days but your ears will tell you something else. I like pre...
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1962 Gibson ES-335

1962 Gibson ES-335 $2,000 off
It's pretty unusual to find a 335 with a factory installed Varitone and stereo circuit. Gibson offered the stereo VT circuit as an option on nearly all of their guitars but it makes you wonder why someone wouldn't just buy a 345. Maybe they didn't like big inlays or gold hardware. This 62 is all original except for the saddles. Sealed PAFs. Never had a Bigsby or other tuners. The original no wire...
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1962 Fender Stratocaster

1962 Fender Stratocaster $4,000 off
There's good news and bad news. First, the good news. This 62 slab board Strat might be the cleanest blonde in existence. It is 100% original including the frets and shows no wear of any kind. It's even got its original strap, hang tag, case key, ash tray and cord. But turn it over and the bad news hits you like a brick. There's about 8" of coil cord rash. Unfortunate but it happens. Worse, the...
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1961 Fender Stratocaster

Collector grade slab board Stratocaster from mid 1961. The three tone sunburst is as vibrant as the day it left the factory. The guitar was no case queen-it was played but was well cared for. There is light wear to the bass side of the neck and some light worming on the back (nothing through the finish). There is a small area of coil cord rash on the back as well. The front is super clean with...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

OK, so you know you want a 59 ES-335 but you keep hearing about all these variations..."transitional neck"..."thin top"..."shallow neck angle" and so on. Most of the 59's you're going to see have the "transitional neck" because that's what most of them have. It's not terribly large and it's not the neck that 59's are famous for. You want the early big round neck that measures .90" at the first...
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1960 Fender Bassman

This Bassman is a very late 60 and thus has the P10Q speakers which are able to handle the 45 watts a little better than the R's. All four are date coded late 1960 and all four still have their original cones. That's pretty unusual because Jensen cones are not very heavy and really don't hold up very well over decades. If you want to gig this amp, have them re-coned. The amp has been completely...
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1960 Gibson ES-335

1960 Gibson ES-335 10 % off
This guitar came to me as a consignment and I liked it so much, I bought it myself. This no issue, no excuse, collector grade 1960 factory blonde ES-335 is about as good as it gets. The top finish has darkened to a rich amber and shows almost no wear and only very fine checking. It is all original including the frets. The tuner tips look to be original but they could be older Uncle Lou re-tips....
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1961 Epiphone Wilshire

Perhaps the most underrated guitar on earth. Folks fall over themselves for 68 Les Paul Goldtops at three times the price and twice the weight. The Epiphone Wilshire, along with the 68/69 LP Standard, are the only guitars made by Gibson in the 60's with P90's and an ABR-1/stoptail configuration. SG Special? Nope. Wraptail. LP Special double cut? Nope. Wraptail again. The Wilshire weighs 5 lbs 13...
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1969 Gibson Les Paul

1969 Gibson Les Paul $500 off
The first reissue Les Paul gold tops were released in 1968 and are probably the best guitar to come out of the Gibson factory since 1965. The fat, wide neck was back. The original Les Paul body style was back and folks were buying them. But Gibson, being Gibson, couldn't leave well enough alone and started making changes in order to squeeze an extra dollar or two down to the bottom line. By early...
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1967 Park 50

This is an unusual amp. Most Park 50's I've seen have a solid state rectifier like a Marshall JMP. This must be an early one as it has a tube rectifier but was originally set up with EL34's like a black flag JTM 50. The previous owner modded it to run 6L6's or KT 66's but its easy to put it back to stock-one resistor has to be changed and the amp re-biased. The amp sounds more like a JTM 45 than...
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1960 Gibson ES-345

1960 Gibson ES-345 17 % off
If you've been waiting for a blonde 345, you've been waiting for awhile. This is the first one I've seen in over a year. They simply don't come up for sale very often and with good reason. They only made 50 of them. Four times rarer than a blonde 335. This is a mid year 60 with a factory Bigsby with pearl dots over the stud bushings. All parts are original except for one tuner tip. Neck profile...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

This is the "A" Rack at OK Guitars. These are the rarest ones and the greatest ones. Every guitar in the first photo is a 58, 59 or 60. You want rare? There is a black 59 345 (one of 5), there are 2 red 345's (2 of 9), there are two stop tail 59 ES-355's (2 of 5), there are three blondes-a 59 and a 60 ES-335 and a 59 345. Then there are two sunburst 59's and a late 58. If there's a 58 to 64...
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1959 Gibson EB-2

Very clean late 1959 EB-2 (335 bass). Powerful (and very loud) original mud bucker pickup. Big fat neck and nothing changed except for three of the tuner tips. Don't dismiss these basses. They may not be as versatile as some but they are big and bold sounding. Non original case has been re-covered and is partially stripped (top). It still works great though.
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1961 Fender 6G9 Tremolux

1961 Fender 6G9 Tremolux $500 off
Once every few years, I come across one of these. White Tremolux? Great amp but a dime a dozen. Wait, what are those power tubes? EL-84's? Like a Vox or a little Marshall? No way, Fender never used those. Well, yes they did in 1961 for about a minute and a half. Estimates are that about 200 were made. That makes this the rarest production Fender amp there is. I've had two of these in the past 5...
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