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1959 Gibson ES-335

Every once in a great while, you get a 335 with a little number "2" on the back of the headstock. Conventional wisdom says "it's a factory 2nd" but actually, the little "2" means that the guitar went back to the spray booth a second time in order to address some flaw or other. I learned this from a gentleman who worked in the Gibson paint shop in the early 60's until the late 60's. It can be a...
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1954 Fender Deluxe

Well, the 5E3 gets all the glory but there's something about the 5D3 Deluxe. It's rather similar tone wise to the 5E3 but tends to break up earlier and when it does, it's more than a little nastier than its younger cousin. This one has the usual 5C3 chart with the preamp tubes crossed out and those newfangled 9 pin tubes added. Speaker is original P12R and is re-coned. Caps have been done...
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1960 Fender Deluxe

My all time favorite little amp is the narrow panel 5E3 Deluxe. The later ones (59-60) seem to have a little more headroom than the earlier ones although I'm not sure exactly why. This bad boy breaks up at around four and will sing like a bird if you push it hard. It's equally happy with single coils and hum buckers. It is mostly original-the caps are done but the all important yellow Astrons...
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2014 Gibson ES-335

Just out of an estate, this is a 2014 ES-335 dot neck with the satin finish. It is, essentially, a new guitar that's been sitting in its case since new and played only very occasionally. There are no dings or dents or wear, just some dust. Comes with all the original paperwork and the original hard case. This is, I believe, the least expensive of the modern 335's but it plays like one and sounds...
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2014 PRS Paul's Guitar

I really can't keep up with the modern stuff-too many models and too many colors. PRS has about a zillion colors and just as many models so bear with me as I try to describe this one. The model is called "Paul's Guitar" and it's apparently the model that Paul Reed Smith himself plays. Two pickups with what appear to be coil taps. It came out of an estate and is essentially unplayed. No wear, no...
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1959 Gibson ES-345

Real clean later 1959 ES-345 stop tail. Has some finish checking but is over all excellent. A couple of dings here and there but almost no player wear other than to the gold hardware. Never had Grovers or other tuners, never had a Bigsby. Has been converted to mono using original '59 harness. Varitone parts are in the case. PAFs, of course-neck is factory sealed, bridge had cover off to flip the...
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2004 Fender Stratocaster 50th Anniv. J. English

You know what this is. John English is widely considered the best master builder ever. His death more than 10 years ago has not diminished his reputation as a great builder. This 2004 50th Anniversary John English built and signed '54 Stratocaster is not only an excellent collector piece, it's a great player. It has the vintage vibe that's so hard to re-create in a new guitar. This guitar is...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

This is the "A" Rack at OK Guitars. These are the rarest ones and the greatest ones. Every guitar in the first photo is a 58, 59 or 60. You want rare? There is a black 59 345 (one of 5), there are 2 red 345's (2 of 9), there are two stop tail 59 ES-355's (2 of 5), there are three blondes-a 59 and a 60 ES-335 and a 59 345. Then there are two sunburst 59's and a late 58. If there's a 58 to 64...
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1962 Gibson ES-345

Here's a real nice, clean 62 ES-345. It has a few changed parts, so pay attention. What's original? Everything except the tuners and the stop tail studs. The tuners are from a 65 (double lines rather than single line Kluson). Studs are probably from late 60's. Sealed, unmolested early patent number pickups (same pickup as a PAF). This guitar once had a Bigsby, so it has 4 holes at the butt end...
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1967 Fender Jaguar

1967 Fender Jaguar 16 % off
Fender decided (under CBS) to go all Gibson-y by putting bindings on the neck and swap out the dot markers for blocks-you know class it up a little. Well, nobody really wanted that and they kind of gave up on it after a few years but from some time in 66 until the end of the line in 75, that's how they made them. Condition is excellent plus but the finish has faded to a two color sunburst-the red...
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2014 Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice "Gabby"

2014 Gibson Les Paul Collectors Choice 20 % off
I don't get a lot of Les Pauls so I rarely get to see how they change from year to year and how different these high end iterations are. I took this in trade on a vintage piece (which I also rarely do) and I'm kind of glad I did. I've always felt that the usual R9's got the 59 neck all wrong-too much shoulder and too much depth. To my surprise (and delight) this one is pretty close to a real 59...
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1947 Martin D-18

One owner Martin D-18 from 1947. Cleanest postwar D I've ever seen. Well cared for with a nearly crack free top (1994 note from luthier says he repaired a small crack above the guard but I can't find it). Neck was re-fretted and reset in 1994 to period vintage spec which is a little high for my taste but it is a spectacular player. Being unusually loud and well balanced, it will keep your banjo...
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1964 Fender Stratocaster

Here's a Fiesta Red 64 Stratocaster. Early enough (April) for a spaghetti logo and all the other pre-CBS features (and why not-CBS wasn't in the picture until early 65). The guard is from a 63-other than that, it's original. It's been played and has some battle scars but the color is vibrant and the playability and tone are excellent. The finish was removed from the back of the neck which is...
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2002 Gibson CS-356

Honey, I shrunk the ES-355. One of the common complaints about ES-335's is the size. Some players find the body to be too big to be comfortable. I think you're all nuts, but Gibson addressed the issue with the ES-336 in the late 90's and the upmarket CS-356 in 2001. This all original guitar is pretty much unplayed. It shows no wear and no marks of any kind other than a few pick scratches on the...
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1957 Gibson ES-175

The poor ES-175. More often than not, it's gets its PAF pickups scavenged and it valuable parts swapped out. This 57 is a victim but at least the replacement pickups are really excellent. The original early PAFs have been replaced with a set of Throbak SLE 101 pluses. Most of the rest of the guitar is original. Thanks to the tech who replaced the pickups for going the extra mile-- the original...
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1963 Gibson ES-335

Stunning, clean stop tail 1963 ES-335. One PAF, one patent number. They don't come much cleaner than this one. All original except for an excellent fret job and vintage metal saddles (I can change to vintage nylon which would have been the factory setup) Neck is medium/slim (.82" at first) but not 61 slim. It has some notable heft (.96"-12th) at the upper frets like a 64. There is some light...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

All original early 59 (Feb/March) with the big fat neck that 59's are famous for. Sealed PAFs, original frets, factory stop tail. Early 59's are not the same as later 59's. The neck became much slimmer by the second half of the year, so a lot of 59's have a medium rather than chunky neck-not this one. There is some light checking on this guitar but virtually no wear. Somebody etched their SS#...
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1960 Gibson ES-335

Blondes have gone through the roof price-wise, approaching six figures with no end in sight. So, when a player grade blonde comes up, it's a real opportunity for someone who wants the real thing but wants to play it not just hang it on a wall or put it in the vault. This is a very early 60-most likely a 59 build but theres no visible factory order number. It is in the high A32xxx range which...
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2018 McKay Dot 58 335

2018 McKay Dot 58 335 10 % off
I asked Ken McKay-the best 335 builder out there-to make a 58 for me and here it is. It is the only one in existence. Like a 58 ES-335, it has a thin top (3 ply instead of four) but has internal reinforcement at the jack to keep it from being damaged by any tension on the plug when in use. Something Gibson should have done. Like an early 58, it has no neck binding. It looks like a 58 and it plays...
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1959 Fender Bassman 5F6-A

I seem to be accumulating a lot of these which is fine by me-it's only the best guitar amp ever made, IMO. It's loud, so it's not for everybody but it's clean and sensitive at low volume and literally wails at high volume. At 45 watts, it's kind of a monster but it will behave at lower volume. This one has original tweed that's a bit ratty and looks like somebody might have glued something to the...
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1960 Fender Concert

1960 Fender Concert 14 % off
Clean 1960 Brownface Fender Concert with a few changes. Most brown Concerts came with Oxford speakers which I really don't like. This one has been loaded with two new Celestion G10 Greenbacks and two new Celestion golds. It's a great combination for a gigging amp. Most of the guts are original. Only 3 caps and two resistors have been changed. The electrolytic caps should be done eventually but...
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1961 Fender Bassman 6G6

These are pretty tough to come by. Plenty of "A" and "B" circuits out there but the original tube rectified version wasn't made for very long. These early ones had a single 12" speaker in a tone ring cabinet (like a Showman) which is an excellent design. Speaker is the original (re-coned) Oxford 12M6. Yeah, the A and B circuit is a great circuit but that solid state rectifier makes them a little...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

Nice clean fairly early (May) 1959 ES-335. Big but not huge 59 neck. Has repro tuners on it and the originals are in the case with shrunken tips. This guitar is all original except for the frets which were done recently. No issues. Some fine checking and minor player wear on the neck. Factory sealed PAF pickups. Condition is 8.5/10 so it's not so perfect that you'll be afraid to take it out and...
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1958 Gibson ES-335

Stunningly clean very late 58 (last week of December) ES-335. It is the bound neck found on later 58's and has the best 58 features-thin top, huge neck (.91" first fret, .96" 12th). The neck angle is shallow but not nearly as shallow as the early 58's. The full size ABR-1 is only slightly milled on the treble side only. The guitar has the "2" designation on the headstock indicating that it went...
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1959 Fender Pro

Most under appreciated of the big tweeds, the Fender Pro is 26 watts of pure tweed tone. Oddly, the well loved 3-10" Bandmaster is the exact same amp section (different OT impedance). Sadly, 15" speakers have gone out of fashion and they shouldn't have. They are just great for hum bucker equipped guitars. This one has all its original iron and tone caps. The filter caps and coupling caps are...
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1957 Fender Pro

1957 Fender Pro 17 % off
Player grade 1957 Fender tweed Pro. The tweed is replaced (nice work). All of the transformers are Mercury Magnetics. It sounds just great with fairly early breakup with hum buckers-later with single coils. It is the same amp as the much more expensive (and rarer) 3-10" Bandmaster and 2-10" Super. At 26 watts, it's more practical than a tweed Bassman and sounds every bit as good when cranked....
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1959 Fender Bassman

Mostly original 1959 5F6-A Bassman. Filter and coupling caps were done but that's about it. The speakers are the original P10R's. The cones all have matching codes but may have been re-coned decades ago. Certainly not recently. The tweed is dirty and a bit ratty as is the grill cloth but they are original. Vintage TungSol power tubes. Panel is super clean (OK, I cleaned the dirt off). This amp is...
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1959 Gibson EB-2

Very clean late 1959 EB-2 (335 bass). Powerful (and very loud) original mud bucker pickup. Big fat neck and nothing changed except for three of the tuner tips. Don't dismiss these basses. They may not be as versatile as some but they are big and bold sounding. Non original case has been re-covered and is partially stripped (top). It still works great though.
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1957 Fender Esquire

Here's a recently refinished 1957 Fender Esquire. Not for the purist or collector. This is a player for sure with an absolutely to die for big fat vee neck. It is not relic'd and shows no wear at all in the body. The neck was refinished long ago but the front of the headstock and decal were left alone. The electronics are original as is most of the hardware and plastic. One of the knobs looks...
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1952 Fender Telecaster

This one is a little tricky. The neck appears to be oversprayed but not the fingerboard. The body finish appears original but three experts disagree-one says original, the other suspects overspray a very long time ago and the other says old refinish. It black lights perfectly and shows quite a lot of checking. There is a small area under the guard where the finish was sanded off-no idea why. My...
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