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1969 Gibson ES-335

Factory black 335's are about as rare as rare gets. I know of a 59, a 60, a 66 and now this 69. I'd be surprised if there are more than a dozen pre Norlin black 335's. They were, of course available only by special order. This one has a minor issue or two but the important elements are all there. It is a factory Bigsby that has been converted to a stop tail. There is no doubt that the finish is...
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1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1953 Gibson Les Paul Standard 12 % off
This started its life as a 53 wrap tail and was converted by Jim Weyandt (Jam City Guitars) to a 59 burst. Neck angle was corrected, routed for hum buckers, retopped with old flame maple and loaded up with mostly vintage and some repro parts. The headstock overlay and logo are original. The neck bindings are original. Pickups are early 60's patent numbers. I will swap in double white PAFs for a...
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1968 Fender Pro Reverb

Pro Reverbs are vastly underrated. It's not just a "baby Twin" since it has a tube rectifier and a Twin has a solid state. It's a great amp with a tone palette all its own. This one is near mint. It is completely original with the exception of the filter caps which don't affect tone and make for a quieter amp. And it doesn't have those awful Oxford speakers either. This one has Fender badged...
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1959 Gibson ES-345

Mid year 1959 ES-345 in stunning condition. This is mid to late 59-early enough for the black Varitone ring but late enough to have a somewhat smaller neck profile. Bigger than the late 59 "transitional" profile but not as large as a "first rack" 59. Neck measures .85" at the first fret and .95" at the 12th. Everything except the nut and one tuner tip appears to be original including the frets....
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1964 Gibson ES-345

1964 Gibson ES-345 11 % off
By 1964, Gibson had come to its senses and put some meat back on the neck of the semi hollows which is what makes the 64's so popular (that and Eric Clapton). The finish is 9/10 but the gold parts show light (pickup covers) to moderate (Bigsby) wear. This mid 64 has that great 64 medium/fat neck. It has a set of patent number pickups which both appear to have been opened at some point. I looked...
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1960 Gibson ES-335

The finish has darkened to a rich amber and shows almost no wear and only very fine checking. It is all original except for the tuner tips (the original shrunken, but not broken, tips are in the case). The PAFs are factory sealed zebras measuring 7.95K and 7.55K. Neck is medium/slim at .83" at the first fret and .875" at the 12th. Weight is a whisker under 8 lbs. Condition is a solid 9.  A real...
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1956 Fender Stratocaster

The Strat guys tell me that mid to late 56's and early 57's are the cream of the maple board Strats and I think I believe them (not being a Strat guy). Wonderful full V neck profile is the main event in this era. This is a no issue near museum grade 56. Still has the bakelite parts which show almost no wear. Alder body (started in 56), original frets and original everything else including the...
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1964 Guild S-200 Thunderbird

You don't have one of these. These are pretty rare and they are pretty distinctive. From the "kickstand" to the asymmetrical headstock to the Fender Jaguar-like dual circuit, they are one of the more unusual guitars to come out of the 60's. Interestingly and for reasons unknown, the early ones were built with hum buckers and the later ones with single coils. Maybe it wasn't enough to emulate the...
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1961 Epiphone Wilshire

Perhaps the most underrated guitar on earth. Folks fall over themselves for 68 Les Paul Goldtops at three times the price and twice the weight. The Epiphone Wilshire, along with the 68/69 LP Standard, are the only guitars made by Gibson in the 60's with P90's and an ABR-1/stoptail configuration. SG Special? Nope. Wraptail. LP Special double cut? Nope. Wraptail again. Those who know me know that I...
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1957 Gibson ES-350

All original 1957 ES-350T. Before you go completely nuts when you see the back of the PAFs, remember that these are both narrow spaced PAFs and they are very early. The covers are brushed stainless steel-not nickel plated and there are no stickers. The thing that's going to make you doubt the authenticity is the base plate but look closely. You can see that the extra set of pole screw holes is...
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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Why would anyone buy a refinished Les Paul burst? Simple. Because you think spending $300,000 or more on a guitar is slightly loony and if you must have a burst, you can get all the tone goodness and all the good looks from one that has been competently refinished while retaining all the parts. Will it appreciate as much as an all original one? Probably not. Will it always be desirable? Well as...
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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard 23 % off
So. you spent $250K on your no issue burst and now you're afraid to take it out of the house. I got yer solution right here. Stunning early 1960 burst. Refinished by Historic Makeovers and re-necked by Jim Weyandt (Jam City) who has spent years doing conversions and knows his stuff. This was his personal guitar. Big fat 59 neck profile. A double white and a super rare reverse zebra PAF. 5 latch...
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1964 Gibson ES-335

It's getting really hard to find "Golden Era" Gibsons with original frets. I was happy to see this 64 show up in 9/10 condition and original frets. All parts are either original or vintage correct. Never had a Bigsby. The tuners are Kluson double line and they are likely original even though it shows that it once had Schallers. Late 64's had double lines. Early to mid 64's had single lines. You...
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1954 Fender Telecaster

Incoming. Telecasters get played a lot, so finding one that's 65 years old and not heavily worn is no mean feat. Most of the black guards out there are either refinished or pretty well trashed. Folks still want them but it's a long process to find a collector grade one. This is a collector grade 54. Folks seem to prefer the 53 and 54 Teles over the earlier ones due to the more user friendly (and...
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1958 Gibson ES-335 TDN

1958 Gibson ES-335 TDN 10 % off
I talk to 335 collectors all the time and this guitar (along with a blonde 345) is often the missing link. They only made 50 blonde 335's in 1958. I figure maybe half of them are bound and half are unbound. So, figure there were perhaps 25 built. I'm sure a few didn't survive intact (refinishes, headstock breaks, etc). So, what are the chances of finding a blonde 58 unbound? Not very good. I've...
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1960 Fender Esquire

I could go on and on about how great Esquires are (that's why I keep buying them). The slab board period is largely neglected- a lot of people don't even realize that Fender ever made a rosewood board Esquire, much less a slab. You think of an Esquire, you think of a maple board. They only made slab board Esquires for a very short time (mid 59 until early 62) and a fair number are top loaders....
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1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb

Vibroluxes have gotten really popular lately and with good reason. They are not terribly heavy, they have plenty of headroom but will break up at an attainable level without rattling the windows. It is only 3 lbs heavier than a Deluxe Reverb but has an extra 13 watts of output which can make a difference when you can't get your drummer to dial it back. This one is in excellent condition. It has...
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1964 Fender Pro (15")

Want a Vibroverb but you just can't see coughing up $5000? This collector grade 1964 (Pre-CBS) Fender Pro is the same amp without the reverb. And half the price (and its pretty close to mint). These are excellent amps for gigging. Reliable and loud enough to tame your drummer. Don't dismiss a 15" speaker. They are out of fashion these days but they are awesome (Stevie Ray got it). This one has...
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1955 Fender Twin

Everybody loses their s**t over the high power Twin but it's the low power Twin that is the more practical of the two. The tone is very similar but the sweet spot won't break your windows and send your neighbors running to exits. And with original HP Twins pushing $30K, it's not for everyone. If you love your tweed Bassman but you want more clean bottom, then the Twin will fill that need. If you...
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1958 Gibson ES-335

This is one of the first 50 ES-335s made. It dates to mid 58 and shows all the features of the very first, mostly hand built 335's. For the geeks, that means pre Mickey Mouse ears (pointier), big heel, two piece tenon (although you can't see it), shallow neck angle, low profile ABR-1 and no neck binding. There are few minor issues. Tuner tips are replaced. Bigsby is from early to mid 60's. The...
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1964 Fender Stratocaster

Nothing cooler than a sonic blue Stratocaster. Cool enough for John and George (theirs were 61's). This is a spaghetti logo original finish 64. A lot of custom colors change drastically as the clear coat yellows but this one is still blue without too much greening. These sometimes end up looking like surf green but not this one. It is all original and has no issues of any kind. It has some...
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2018 McKay 335

2018 McKay 335 14 % off
Ken McKay is the best 335 builder out there. He makes a small number of these every year and he makes a few especially for my shop (to my specs). His 335 is an exact copy of a 1959 ES-335. The wood is sourced from the same mill in Michigan that Gibson used back when they were in Kalamazoo. The neck profile is typical of an early 59-big and fat at the first fret. Big and fat at the 12th. All...
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1960 Gretsch 6120

1960 Gretsch 6120 13 % off
I'm not a big Gretsch fan unless it's a 6120 single cut. I think the 60 and 61 model years are the best of all of them. This may be the cleanest 60 you'll ever find and it's quite a fine player to boot. So much for the idea that the good ones get played-this one spent most of its life in its very cool and near perfect cowboy case. Vintage Gretsches usually do two things-the binding disintegrate...
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1954 Gibson ES-175

This is a very nice piece example of an early 175. Blonde Gibsons are usually beautiful and this 54 ES-175 is no exception. I'd be calling it near mint but it has a lot of fine checking everywhere, so we'll go with excellent. No wear or dings or scratches of any note. It's as clean as they come. Big fat neck, two wonderful P90's and a great player. There is the usual tarnish to the nickel parts....
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1961 Epiphone Sheraton

Didja know that all Epiphone Sheratons made from 59 to 68 or so were made by Gibson in the same factory by the same workers that made all those 335's that cost so much money these days. This is a very transitional 61 in near mint condition. Pat # mini hum buckers. Medium neck (.85" and .95") and wide nut (1 11/16") and all original including the frets. This is the approximate equivalent of a mono...
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1969 Gibson Les Paul

The first reissue Les Paul gold tops were released in 1968 and are probably the best guitar to come out of the Gibson factory since 1965. The fat, wide neck was back. The original Les Paul body style was back and folks were buying them. But Gibson, being Gibson, couldn't leave well enough alone and started making changes in order to squeeze an extra dollar or two down to the bottom line. By early...
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1961 Gibson EB-6

1961 Gibson EB-6 10 % off
These are really rare. Gibson made something like 67 of them from 1960-1961. This is a 1960 build, 1961 serial. It shares the body type and design with the ES-335. Rather than the "mud bucker" pickups found in the EB-2 bass, the six string version has a PAF in the neck position-the same pickup as a 335 (or a Les Paul). It is a short scale bass (30.5") and is very easy to play. For guitar players...
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1967 Park 50

This is an unusual amp. Most Park 50's I've seen have a solid state rectifier like a Marshall JMP. This must be an early one as it has a tube rectifier but was originally set up with EL34's like a black flag JTM 50. The previous owner modded it to run 6L6's or KT 66's but its easy to put it back to stock-one resistor has to be changed and the amp re-biased. The amp sounds more like a JTM 45 than...
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1960 Gibson ES-345

If you've been waiting for a blonde 345, you've been waiting for awhile. This is the first one I've seen in over a year. They simply don't come up for sale very often and with good reason. They only made 50 of them. Four times rarer than a blonde 335. This is a factory Bigsby with pearl dots over the stud bushings. All parts are original except for one tuner (included). There are some minor...
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1959 Gibson ES-335

This is the "A" Rack at OK Guitars. These are the rarest ones and the greatest ones. Every guitar in the first photo is a 58, 59 or 60. You want rare? There is a black 59 345 (one of 5), there are 2 red 345's (2 of 9), there are two stop tail 59 ES-355's (2 of 5), there are three blondes-a 59 and a 60 ES-335 and a 59 345. Then there are two sunburst 59's and a late 58. If there's a 58 to 64...
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