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1964 Gibson ES-335

Incoming. Late1964 ES-335 collector/museum grade 9++ condition. No excuses, no issues, all original. More photos this week.
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1962 Gibson ES-335

Incoming. Bigsby/Custom Made 1962 ES-335 with PAFs. Condition is 9/10 and it's a beauty. All original except for the switch tip but I have a correct vintage white one for it) and no excuses. More photos when it arrives.
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1968 Gibson ES-330

Let's see, what do we love about 330's. We love the P90's and the light weight and the fact that its full hollow making it the best "couch guitar" there is. And of course, the price. 330's are still a deal in these inflated times. What don't we like...well, most of us find the upper frets hard to get at with the body join at the16th fret. But wait...this is a "long neck" that has the same neck...
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1959 Gibson ES-355

59 is THE year for vintage ES guitars. '59 335's have surpassed $60K for collector grade examples. This stereo 1959 ES-355 still has its stereo circuit and Varitone intact and functioning perfectly. This guitar is in near mint condition. This is probably one of the very first guitars to get the sideways Vibrola. Neck PAF has been opened, bridge is sealed. Neck profile is medium to slim as late 59...
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1960 Gibson ES-355 Mono

1960 Gibson ES-355 Mono $2,000 off
Super clean mono 1960 ES-355. Think of it as a 335 in evening clothes. The circuit is identical to a 335. The bindings are fancier as is the headstock. The fingerboard is ebony, the hardware is gold. All original except for the frets. Sealed hot, hot, hot PAFs (8.76 and 8.36K). Condition is 9/10 with a small issue with the binding in the cutaway on the treble side. The binding just inside the...
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1955 Fender Telecaster

With black guard Teles out of reach for most players (and many collectors), the next obvious choice is an early white guard. Here's what's different about an early 55 compared to a black guard 54...the guard and the color. Early 55's still have that huge neck profile (.94" at the first and 1.03" at the 12th). The flat pole bridge pickup stays around until mid 55. The string tree is still the...
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1959 Gibson ES-345

Back in 1959 somebody at Gibson really knew how to shoot a sunburst. This is a really attractive later 59 ES-345. The guitar has been converted to 335 spec but the pickups were left out of phase-I will put them in phase but that requires opening a pickup so I wanted to show it with sealed PAFs before I messed up the solder (although I can do a very neat job). Out of phase only affects the...
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2007 Gibson Les Paul R9

2007 Gibson Les Paul R9 15% off
I've never been a fan of relics but sometimes they can look pretty authentic and this 2007 R9, while aged, looks like it was done thoughtfully. Many are not. Nice top too and a dark, dark fingerboard that looks like Brazilian (it probably isn't). Neck is huge. Pickups are boutique Smits (I've never seen these before but they sound excellent). It has some aftermarket parts. Grovers have been...
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1960 Fender Bassman

One of the great mysteries (to me anyway) is why a retweeded Fender amp is so much less expensive than an original, no matter how ratty and beat up it is. I get it if you're a collector and you want to pay top dollar for a super clean one but if you want a tweed Bassman because it is arguably the best guitar amp ever made, then worry about the important stuff that affects tone like transformers...
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1959 Fender Bassman

It's a shame I don't have the original cabinet for this 59 Bassman. The cabinet is a good repro (Mojotone?) in excellent condition. The chassis is a super clean 59 5F6-A with its original transformers, all of the yellow Astron caps and vintage Jensens. Two speakers are original cone '59 P10Rs and two are reconed P10S with P10R cones-date coded 52. The speaker wires are replaced. The caps with the...
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1957 Fender Bandmaster

Every guitar dealer with a retail shop has an amp referred to as a "closer". That's the amp you have prospective buyers use when trying out a guitar because it sounds great no matter what guitar is plugged into it. It's a matter of taste in large part but the idea is to appeal as many folks as possible. My closer is always a Fender tweed and usually a Bandmaster. They are rare and they are...
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1959 Fender Stratocaster

When is a Mary Kaye not a Mary Kaye? Well, I guess it depends on how you define a Mary Kaye. I always thought it was an ash bodied Strat with gold hardware with a maple neck. Well, this one is a little different. It's a blonde ash bodied '59 with gold hardware and a rosewood (slab board) neck. There are probably fewer of these than there are of the classic maple neck Mary Kaye. The guitar is in...
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1966 Fender Jazz Bass

1966 was a big transition year for Fender. Under CBS's ownership, they went from unbound dot necks to bound dot necks to bound block necks and few other changes as well (like "lollipop tuners"). The good news is that CBS didn't mess with the design except in these small cosmetic ways. The basic Jazz Bass that everybody loved is still essentially the same. This one has a bound dot neck and...
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1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman

If you're a die hard Beatles fan (like me), you want one of these in your collection. But, if you want a Harrison spec Gent, you will have to look long and hard for a good one. They are prone to all sorts of issues. First, you need to find a late 62, 63 or a late 64. They changed the neck pickup to a Supertron in 64 and that's a different guitar than the one George played (he had a 62 that was...
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1959 Gibson EB-2

Very clean late 1959 EB-2 (335 bass). Powerful (and very loud) original mud bucker pickup. Big fat neck and nothing changed except for three of the tuner tips. Don't dismiss these basses. They may not be as versatile as some but they are big and bold sounding. Non original case has been re-covered and is partially stripped (top). It still works great though.
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1961 Fender 6G9 Tremolux

Once every few years, I come across one of these. White Tremolux? Great amp but a dime a dozen. Wait, what are those power tubes? EL-84's? Like a Vox or a little Marshall? No way, Fender never used those. Well, yes they did in 1961 for about a minute and a half. Estimates are that about 200 were made. That makes this the rarest production Fender amp there is. I've had two of these in the past 5...
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