3rd Power American Dream MKII Amp Head - Black & Blue Tux


Dual Channel, American Voiced Amplifier! Blackface, Brownface, and Tube Bias Tremolo packed into one killer amp! Killer custom tolex!

What we think:

3rd Power does it again! The new American Dream MKII is a sonic vision; the powerful combination of blackface and brownface American amp styles in one head. The natural voice of the Suhr Classic T we used shined and shimmered through the Blackface channel, and when we engaged the tube bias tremolo, it was all over with. Some of the best, authentic tremolo I've heard.

Also, Jamie's HybridMaster volume management technology allows you to get killer grit out of the Brownface channel at a surprisingly reasonable volume. You can totally rock out in the bedroom with the "studio" setting engaged on the Venue switch, and not make the wife, kids, or neighbors angry. 

This is becoming one of our favorite American voiced amps in the shop. From crystal clear to sunny breakup tones on the Blackface channel, to greasy Brownface tones, this amp covers all ground from 60's era American voiced amplifiers. Give us a call, as we'd love to talk more about this killer amplifier from Jamie and the good folks at 3rd Power!

Manufacturer Description:

3rd Power's AMERICAN DREAM amplifier represents Jamie's take on these classic vintage amplifiers all rolled into one. It possesses the spirit of these legendary vintage amplifiers but now with modern features, more headroom and a rejuvinated design. You'll be amazed by AMERICAN DREAMS's crisp performance with superior precision, consistency and beauty, and floored by the dual-speed tube-bias tremolo.

Inspired by our favorite amplifiers from Fullerton, CA, the American Dream MKII features a Brownface experience on channel one and a classic Blackface experience on channel two.


HybridMASTER™ and the Venue Switch are located on the front panel giving you the confidence to play what you feel when you feel it at exactly the volume you need for the occasion. Think of the Venue Switch as a "macro" volume adjustment - choose between full volume (Stage Mode) or an 70% volume reduction (Studio Mode) - and the HybridMASTER knob as a "micro" volume adjustment allowing you to fine tune your output levels. Patent-pending, HybridMASTER is volume management executed to perfection.

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