Audix DP4 Microphone Set Demo/Open Box


Featuring three i5 snare/tom mics, one D6 kick drum mic, 2 styles of clips/mounts, and a heavy duty metal case - this durable, great sounding drum mic kit is road ready!

Manufacturer Description:

The DP4 is a perfect complement of dynamic microphones for close miking of a variety of sources on-stage or in the studio.

Included in the DP4 mic package is the D6, Audix's flagship kick drum mic, and three i5s, Audix's best-selling instrument mic. Also included are three DFLEX mic mounts for easy attachment to a wide variety of instruments. All mics and clips are conveniently packaged in a foam-lined aluminum carrying case for travel and safe keeping when the mics are not in use. The case also features three additional expansion slots for vocal mics.


  • All-in-one solution for miking instruments, cabinets, percussion 
  • Rugged Audix quality
  • Great for stage and studio
  • Mic clips and mounts for easy positioning
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Road case

I5 (three) - Snare
The i5 microphone is Audix's best-selling instrument microphone. It is a great choice for a wide variety of applications including snare drum, guitar cabinets, horns, percussion, and vocals. The i5's smooth and uniform frequency response of 50 Hz-16 kHz and proprietary VLMTM capsule technology provides an uncolored natural sound allowing every nuance of your music to shine through. Extremely durable, the i5's all metal construction means no plastic parts to break from a stray stick. Its cardioid polar pattern allows it to focus on the specific instrument that is being miked while rejecting other instruments or ambient noise on stage. Able to handle sound pressure levels in excess of 140 dB, the i5 can be used for a wide variety of applications and for all genres of music.
D6 - Kick Drum
The iconic D6 has become an industry standard for kick, bass cabs, and other low-frequency instruments. Widely acclaimed by performers and live sound engineers, it is considered one of the most influential kick drum microphones ever made. The D6 has a tailored frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz providing a ground shaking low end, a defined mid-range, and exceptional clarity and attack. The D6 capsule features Audix's proprietary VLMTM technology for quick transient response that accurately captures your natural sound and ensures the attack isn't lost.
What's In The Box:
3 x i5 snare mic
1 x D6 kick mic
3 x MC1 Mic Clips
3 x DFELX Mounts

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