This fuzz pedal is the talk of the town, and for a good reason! The Pharaoh has been revered by the guitarists for its capacity to produce anything from a gritty, buzz-saw like fuzz, to that thick, classic Big Muff tone... but no matter how you dial it in, what's most important is that the inherent tone in your rig is not chopped up, destroyed or demolished! We were amazed at how this pedal accentuated the natural tone of any guitar we used, and tightened up all of those rich, harmonic overtones to create an incredibly versatile arsenal of distorted sounds.

From Black Arts:
For musicians who love their guitar and amp’s tone. The Pharaoh pedal, while its roots and DNA are classic fuzz, has a few twists. The Pharaoh has a wide range of clipping and tonal options. From a cleanish boost, to a light OD, all the way to saturated fuzz. It sounds clear and natural, strong and bold. Your guitar sound isn’t high jacked, and your amp’s tone is not destroyed. The Pharaoh utilizes a dual tone control. The tone circuit is designed to suffer little volume loss, and give a natural sound. Your guitar and amp still sound like your guitar and amp. No drastic cuts or boosts. The tone section allows your amp to do the heavy lifting.

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