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Ernie Ball Music Man Axis BFR #32/50

Brand new Ernie Ball Music Man Axis with a gorgeous Quilt top and a Limited Edition Predator Green finish and an overall quality that is exclusive to Ernie Ball's Family Reserve guitars. The iconic and often imitated shape is a strong placeholder in rock history, and for good reason. With an immensely comfortably and ergonomically impressive body that creates a perfect balance with the fast and...
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Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III BFR #28

Brand new Ernie Ball Luke III BFR in a stunning limited edition Shadow Gold finish! This gorgeous instrument is the perfect amalgamation of some of the finest features spec'ed out to meet the demanding playing style of Steve Lukather. Comfort, form and function are top priority here, and the pickup set is incredibly versatile. They are delicate enough at lower volumes and gain settings to use in...
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Tom Anderson Pro Am 30th Anniversary

The company was started in 1984 by Tom Anderson, who is regarded as one of the most respected names in the custom guitar market. Manufacturing hundreds of instruments per year, TAG have a reputation for consistently high build quality, superb playability and constant innovation in the land of tone. This particular model, finished in the iconic black and white "Bowling" design, is a 30-year...
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Suhr Modern

Brand new, absolutely gorgeous Custom Suhr Modern with an out of this world Flame Maple Top with a dreamlike grain pattern that looks even better when paired with its Natural Black Burst finish. The Basswood body balances perfectly with the amazing Maple top and the Macassar board to give this guitar a vast tonal range that can truly take on anything you throw at it. The clarity of Suhr's...
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D'Angelico Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford

D'Angelico worked with Bob Weir himself to design his all new Signature Bedford solid body! The unique combination of electronics and woods open the doors for a vast range of tones, making this a truly versatile piece that can handle just about anything you throw at it! From D'Angelico: The first signature model in D'Angelico's solid-body collection and the next chapter in an American music...
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Knaggs Severn X

The Knaggs Severn X has a slew of modern features and upgrades that make it really shine and stand out in the custom Super Strat scene. Jumbo EVO frets, a 14" radius, and a 1.656" nut width make for an incredibly smooth, fast and smooth playing guitar that can tackle a myriad of tones via the versatile HSH (w/ Push/Pull) setup...not to mention the brilliant natural resonance of the select Alder...
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Lowden F-50

Brand new Lowden F-50 with a Master Grade African Blackwood body and a remarkable Sinker Redwood top. This guitar is a perfect representation of the incredible workmanship of these instruments, an absolute pinnacle of sound, playability, and visual appeal. The tone is articulate and deep, with a grand piano-like resonance and sustain. The tone woods feature gorgeous figuring and make for a very...
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Knaggs Doug Rappoport Kenai T2

Brand new Doug Rappoport Knaggs Kenai T2 with a beautiful Charcoal Burst bound maple top that perfectly compliments the modern contours of the body, while providing loads of resonance. Doug Rappoport's signature combination of Seymour Duncan pickups and a mahogany neck and body are capable of getting you all PAF tones you seek, and the versatility is taken a step further with the on board kill...
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Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty BFR #105

Brand new Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Majesty John Petrucci Signature model spec'ed out by the wizard himself, in a limited edition Charred Silver finish! This instrument has the looks of a futuristic war machine and is every bit as impressive as the player behind it. Offering a more traditional configuration of tonewoods on top of an impossibly sleek aesthetic, it is comfortable, highly versatile...
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Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T

This plank may look standard at first glance, but it’s factory hot-rodded and stage ready right out of the box. Country/roots-rock guitar legend and Grammy winning artist/producer Pete Anderson is well known for his vintage T guitar. We worked together to modernize it while keeping faithful to the original character. Modifications include chambered body, stainless steel saddles, compound radius...
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Reverend Mike Watt Wattplower Bass

It all started for Mike Watt in San Pedro, California. That's where he met D. Boon and George Hurley – who would later form The Minutemen – a band that would inspire legions. Watt went on to form Firehose, and play bass for punk royalty with The Stooges, as well as hundreds of projects with musicians around the world. The Reverend Mike Watt Signature Wattplower is the result of a four-year...
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Reverend Triad Bass

The Brand New Reverend Triad is all about versatility. The three brand-new Jazz Bomb pickups are hum-free with increased output. The steel rails create a rich, focused tone that cuts through the mix. Combine them with the 5-way switch, and experiment with all kinds of sounds for any tone alchemist. Funky block inlays and the chrome control plate make this bass a stylish addition to your...
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Reverend Kingbolt RA

Brand New Kingbolt RA from Reverend, now with a Dark Roasted Maple neck that not only looks fantastic, it also offers superior stability. The sleek body design includes a simple yet effective control layout, and a Wilkinson tremolo system that stays in tune without the hassle of a locking nut! The revolutionary Railhammer Hyper Vintage bridge and Hyper Vintage neck pickups take it to another...
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Relish Olive Jane

Brand new from Relish guitars, the 2019 Jane! With an on board Piezo, swappable pickups, and the all new pickup blending touch sensor, the tonal possibilities are endless! From Relish: REVOLUTIONARY SPECS Jane with its innovative sandwich construction contains an aluminum sustain frame for a unique warm sound as well as an extensive sustain. The fingerboard is made by environmentally...
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Relish Bordeaux Mary

Brand new from Relish guitars, the 2019 Flamed Bordeaux Mary! With an on board Piezo, swappable pickups, and the all new pickup blending touch sensor, the tonal possibilities are endless! From Relish: REVOLUTIONARY SPECS Mary is the second Relish creation. With two magnetic high pressure veneer lids on either side of her aluminium core, Mary resonates beautifully and is just as much of a...
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Suhr Classic Antique Custom

If you love the look of a vintage player's instrument but crave the dependability of modern craftsmanship, this Suhr Classic T Antique is the holy grail. The combination of a Roasted Swamp Ash body and the Roasted Maple neck give the guitar wonderful resonance and that classic tele snap while the Thornbuckers give it that little extra oomph! Like always, the build quality is second to none, and...
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Suhr Modern Custom

Brand new, jaw-dropping Custom Suhr Modern. The figuring of the Burl Maple Top looks spectacular with the Faded Trans Wine Red Burst finish. The Mahogany body and neck are the perfect counterpoint to the amazing Maple top and Pau Ferro board to give this guitar a vast tonal range. Start playing it and you'll find a powerful midrange along with a great tight low end and sweet sparkling highs. The...
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Ernie Ball Music Man Hunter Hayes Signature Cutlass

Brand new Ernie Ball Music Man Hunter Hayes Signature Series. All the quality and playability you expect from the Cutlass with some welcomed upgrades such as a versatile Piezo bridge system, an onboard boost, and an incredible figured Roasted Maple Neck! Features: The Hunter Hayes Artist Series Cutlass model is a very diverse instrument with wide-ranging sonic capabilities. This guitar is...
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Ernie Ball Cutlass RS HSS

Brand new Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass RS HSS in a all new Stealth Black finish. A classic design gives way to a plethora of tones, ranging from your vintage rock crunch to a bell-like single coil chime. As with all EBMM instruments, the neck feels extremely fast and comfortable, and conforms effortlessly to your hands. The accessibility and speed is superb all the way up to the last...
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Zvex 59 Sound Vertical

Brand New Vertical version of the '59 sound, saving precious room on your rig! Complete with a unique one-off custom hand painted case! ZVEX Effects proudly introduces the newest member to our line, the ’59 Sound. It’s based on the legendary 1959 Tweed Fender Bassman. The ’59 Sound captures the essence of that magical amplifier. "I've never really liked the sound of distorted Fender amps...
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Zvex Box of Rock Vertical

All new vertical version of Zvex's orginal distortion pedal! The vertical design allows for a nice fit to maximize space on your board! This time it's complete with a custom one-off hand painted enclosure! Pedal Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.3125" x 2.625" x 2" The Box of Rock™ is Z.Vex Effect's first "distortion" pedal, highly specialized to simulate the "everything on 10" sound of a classic...
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Zvex Fuzz Factory

Brand New Hand Painted Fuzz Factory from the geniuses at ZVex. This is the heart of the Zvex effects line - an absolutely killer Fuzz pedal with huge potential to craft and shape your own unique sound. This particular pedal is a fully custom, hand-made and featured as a NAMM showpiece! Packed with knobs that let you control everything from tight, radically fuzzy sounds that gate off...
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Zvex Fuzz Factory 7

Brand New Fuzz Factory 7. This pedal is an absolute tone monster and features a 9 way rotary switch, and is a revamped (and improved) take on the flagship fuzz factory. Featuring two NOS 1956 Amperex Black Glass Transistors, these coveted gems sound absolutely incredible. This is a custom commissioned one-off pedal. A limited edition version of our Fuzz Factory. When Zack found a supply...
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ZVex Vertical Instant Lo Fi Junky

Brand New Instant Lo-Fi Junky from the geniuses at ZVex, this time in a new vertical enclosure. This is one of the best sounding, and most versatile lo-fi pedals we have ever used, with an added touch of modulation and compression. This pedal was designed to emulate the sounds and textures of the Lo-Fi Loop Junky™ in real time, but it goes far beyond that. Click it on and mix your sparkly...
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Relish Snow Mary Aluminum

We were absolutely stoked when one of these made it's way into our shop! A traditional feel, with some excellent modern touches that really set these apart. The "Sandwich Construction" really gives these a unique resonance and a lifetime supply of sustain, the Piezo upgrade also gives it endless options! From Relish: REVOLUTIONARY SPECS The secret of Relish Guitars' unique sound and the...
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James Tyler Mongoose Retro

Brand new James Tyler Mongoose Retro - talk about a truly unique and versatile instrument, of course like all James Tyler pieces, this one has a beautiful natural resonance and an unbelievable custom paint job. The feel and playability of his masterpieces are unrivaled, anyone who has played one will all attest to this. Not to mention the tonal variety you get with the Single Coil / Mini...
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Suhr Standdard Custom

The Suhr Standard is the perfect combination of looks, feel, and tone. The Basswood body offers huge resonance while the Pau Ferro neck and beautiful Waterfall Burl Maple top give it even wider tonal range. With Suhr's Even-C RB neck carve and compound radius you'll experience a familiar yet refined feel you won't find anywhere else. Additionally, the tonal variety you get with Suhr's custom...
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Fender Custom Shop 57 Strat Relic

One of the most popular instruments in history, the Fender Stratocaster guitar is also certainly among the most imitated electric guitars. 1957 "the peak of the maple neck Strat era”was a benchmark year for the instrument, which had evolved from early incarnations into an archetype. Original details on this 1957 Fender Stratocaster Heavy Relic include three vintage-style pickups, five-way...
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Tom Anderson Raven Superbird

Heads will turn with this Tom Anderson Raven Superbird, a very attractive alternate take on the Raven Classic. This rare bird hatched with a resonant solid Mahogany body, and when perfectly paired with PQ1/PQ3 soap bar style pickups, it soars with warm, glowing vintage tones without any of the annoying hum P90s are known for. The 24 3/4 scale really allows your hands to take flight around the...
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Plair Titan Classic

A fully custom Palir Titan Tele in an incredible Lake Placid Blue finish with the perfect amount of ageing! With an impressively light and resonant Alder body and one of the smoothest and most comfortable necks we've ever had the opportunity to play, it's no wonder these guitars sought after and raved about by players. Outfitted with a Lollar '52 Tele pickup set for all your classic, twangy Tele...
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