Bourgeois Fully Aged Addy/Mahogany Dreadnought #7245


Holy smokes! This one's cooked PERFECT! 

What we think:

Dry, defined, and rich 

Every note is as clear as an ocean sunrise  

This does not sound like a new guitar

It truly combines the wisdom of age with the spryness of youth 

It's articulate and bold 

It knows how to make a point 

It leaves its competition humming in stunned admiration 

It's got the swagger and timelessness of a suntanned old sailor 

With a whole ocean of music at its command 



Manufacturer Description:

When we introduced our Aged Tone™ guitar series a few years ago, the acoustic world was quick to take note of it's virtues. The vintage sound and appearance torrefied top wood gave our guitars when coupled with our proprietary Aged Tone™ finish and hide glue construction was unprecedented in the industry. Now we are taking torrefaction a step further, and we are excited to introduce our Aged Tone™ Fully Torrefied Dreadnought. Torrefaction at its simplest definition is ”a process by which wood is heated in a controlled environment, cooking off the volatiles—the oils, sugars, and resins that naturally vacate the wood but only after many decades of drying.” We’ve found that it makes new wood sound and act like old wood, allowing us to add a major element of that old, vintage tone to our new guitars. While our Aged Tone™ guitars have proven the difference torrefaction makes on the top, a fine guitar is more than just its top wood. With our Aged Tone™ Fully Torrefied Guitars, we’ve brought the process to the rest of the guitar – back, sides, neck, braces and bridge plate. The result is a guitar that is one step closer to the sound and look of vintage instruments, with increased sustain and responsiveness. Our Fully Torrefied model will be available in stores late this summer, available with Mahogany back & sides and Maple back & sides in limited body types. Contact your closest Bourgeois Dealer for more information.

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