Eric Pritchard Sword of Satori 1x10 Combo Amp - Used


Eric Pritchard's Solid State Wonder Amp!

What we think:

The Sword of Satori is a very unique amp among the slews of tube driven options available on the market today. I have to say I was initially skeptical of the promise that a solid state amp could compete against high quality tube amplification, but the Satori is a beautiful creation all its own. It has a plethora of settings that all have incredible tone and offer great control to the player. I was a big fan of the "B" or "Bass Boost" setting said to have been inspired by the artful tones of Wes Montgomery. It was responsive and full with great clarity for both complex chords and single note lines. Overall this amp sounds great, and doesn't fall to the issues you expect from a solid sate rig. It is responsive, powerful and practical. Pritchard has created something that feels neither classic tube or solid state. It is a design all its own, and the strength of its tone stands testament to its worth.      

Manufacturer Description:

About a decade ago, I started working with a musician (Phil Zuckerman) who was similarly determined to find great tone somewhere as he could not find it in any technology. Once I realized that most of my engineering training was not words from upon high, but substantially opinion, then I rebuilt my engineering knowledge from where rigorously provable fact stopped. Phil and I also began to find a common language. As I theorized effects and created circuits to do them, I would exaggerate them so that they would stand out and then cut them back 'till the amp sounded good. This happened again and again 'til there was nothing left - at least according to his ear and my theory. So these amps are not exactly like some particular amp - they are an exaggeration and consequently they are different.

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