Far as I'm concerned, the Martin D12-20 is the best production 12-string guitar ever made by anyone. Pity that they don't make it anymore, almost surely because so many people who never get past the 5th fret whined about not having fourteen frets clear of the body. No matter, this first production 12-string model is based on the original Martin 12-fret Dreadnaught design as it was made in 1917. The folk boom of the 1960s cried out for a 12-string model from Martin and here it is, though abandoned by sometime in the 1970s. Mahogany back and sides is what you want in a 12-string guitar for clarity of tone; the longer 12-fret body makes the trebles broader (it's already got plenty of bass), and there you are. The vast majority of examples of this model that I come across have been abused or worse; this is one of the rare ones that is solid as the day is long. Nice level top and no cracks anywhere; action is blissfully easy. A bit of fret wear but doesn't seem to affect anything, plays clear as a bell. Not too easy to find another anywhere near this solid and reliable. $2695 w/hsc

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