Brand New (Authorized Dealer) Diamond Counterpoint Tap Tempo Delay Pedal. Unique, innovative delay pedal built on an already exceptional platform - the Memory Lane Jr.

"What began as a new ambient mode for the Memory Lane Jr (aka the MLJr v2 as shown at NAMM 2014) evolved throughout the year to become a brand new delay for us - the Counter Point. Not just a firmware / patch change to the MLJr, we’ve also updated the analog HW for the internal mixing nodes with an amazingly articulate op-amp that we recently used with the Comp SE. We did create an entire new set of multi-tap delay voices that showcase complex modulation interactions and an organic playability atypical of digital delays. Of particular note is our new ‘Extra Faux Tape’ mode - a 1.2 second, warm yet clear delay voicing that incorporates a ‘glitchy’ modulation that changes speed along with delay time. Not an emulation, it’s a brand new and unique delay voice that immediately catches the attention of those who’ve tried it…"

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Brand New
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