Eastman E8D Sitka/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar 5643


Loud, loud dread with killer focused tone!

What we think:

I think Sitka/Rosewood is the most underrated tonewood combination in the guitar world. The focused and clarity-oriented nature of the Sitka compliments the excited brillance of rosewood so well. On a dreadnought, where you're going to be flatpicking and strumming a lot, this is a crucial combination! It works so well on this dread from Eastman, it's loud but focused and clear, while still being exciting. It's what you want in a traditional-inspired dreadnought build. Looks the part too, with sharp classic herringbone and star and square inlays.

Manufacturer Description:

  • Classic recreation of the great Dreadnoughts of the 30′s & 40′s
  • Solid Sitka Spruce top with black binding
  • Solid Rosewood back & sides for brilliantly clear tones

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