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Egnater's Tweaker has the be the best deal out there in tube amplification. 

If the amp doesn't make it as your main go-to, it certainly deserves to be your backup or practice studio amp.  For a beginner to intermediate player who wants to bypass the may unimpressive amps offered in this price range, the Tweaker would carry them right to the stage.

This example is in excellent condition.  We tested the amp and all the tubes to make sure everything is 100% good to go when it arrives at your home. 

Included is a convenient carrying bag for the head and a cover for the cabinet. You also get the manual and an Egnater catalog.

Review text from Premier Guitar:

Bruce Egnater is famous for his role in pioneering multi-channel amps with cascading preamps—an idea that’s rather ubiquitous now but was the stuff of dreams just a couple of decades ago. Today, he’s building on that notoriety by becoming one of the leading purveyors of affordable, feature-packed tube amps. His latest entrant in the field is the diminutive 15-watt Tweaker head and 112X 1x12 cabinet.

Utilitarian Lunchbox, Hearty Meal
At this point, it’s pretty tough for an amp manufacturer to distinguish itself in the so-called “lunchbox amp” category. Almost every company out there, from boutique to budget outfits, has a pint-sized tube amp—everything from simple-and-sweet designs to heads that cram more knobs and mini-toggles than you thought possible onto a miniscule chassis.

Egnater Amplification has already made its mark in the crowded niche with its popular Rebel 20 and Rebel 30 models—which allow you to morph between 6V6- and EL84-powered tones—but the company has found another way to wow us with the new Tweaker (which is also available as a 1x12 combo).

The Tweaker’s wow factor doesn’t necessarily come from such decidedly boutique features as those in the Rebel (although it does have several tricks up its sleeve). Instead, it comes from sheer bang for buck. The Tweaker is powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes—which is a welcome change for those who feel pip-squeak-sized amps too often skew toward EL84s. And it packs a ton of practical features into its face-slappingly affordable box while still managing to exude a vibe of relative simplicity.

The front panel features, from left to right, Power and Standby switches, a Vintage/Modern mini toggle, a Master knob, a US/AC/Brit voicing mini toggle, a three-band EQ section, a Hot/Clean mini toggle, a Gain knob, Bright/Normal and Tight/Deep mini toggles, and a single 1/4" input. Around back, it’s even simpler: Send and Return jacks for the buffered effects loop, an Impedance switch (4, 8, or 16 ohms), two speaker jacks, a three-position voltage selector (100, 115, 230), and a standard IEC power jack. The matching Egnater 112X cabinet features a semi-open design, a 12-inch Celestion G12H-30 speaker, and input and output jacks (for daisy-chaining to another cab). The 112X features a soft, utilitarian rubber handle, while the Tweaker head has a leather handle that gets the job done but feels somewhat flimsy. Both enclosures lack metal corner protectors, but they do have tall, soft rubber feet for excellent shock absorption.

The Verdict
When you factor in the Egnater Tweaker’s flexibility, impeccable variety of tones, and rock-bottom price, it’s almost laughable to fault it for anything. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its limits (for instance, its treble response can’t match the sweet smoothness of, say, a stellar boutique amp), but we’re talking about an amp that opens the door to a ton of authentic tube tones you can use in the studio or live—and at about the same price as amps we used to laugh at in the ’80s. And that makes this amp a steal. Case closed.

Case/Cover?: Yes
Color: Black
Dimensions: Head- L14" x H6.75" x D8"  Cab- L20" x H14.5" x D10.5"
Weight: Head- 18lbs  Cab- 27lbs
Watts: 15 Watts
Date: 2010 
Where is Date Noted?: Circuit board
Speaker 1 Brand/Model: Celestion G12H
Speaker 1 Code: N/A
Speaker 1 Size: 12"
Speaker 1 Cone: Original
Power Transformer Brand/Codes: Tweaker PT-15
Output Transformer Brand/Codes : Tweaker OT-15
Extension Speaker Out? Yes
FX Loop?: Yes
Reverb or other effects?: No
Power Tubes: 2 x 6V6
Power Tube Brand: Egnater / Ruby
Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
Preamp Tube Brand: Egnater
Filter Caps: Original
Pedal: No
Pots, Codes: Original 05ATM 
Grille: Original
Knobs: Original
Handle: Original
Power Cord: Included

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