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2018 Nash S-57 Mary Kaye

This guitar is sure to impress! Tons of value for the price in this take on the 50s classic. I'm not exactly sur why they call it the Mary Kaye - I thought that was reserved for Blonde Strats with gold hardware, but who am I to say.. Misnomer aside, this is a really sweet axe. It plays well with low action. The Lollar pickups sound just right. The guitar is light and the back of the neck...
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2020 LSL Instruments Bad Bone 290 Limited

I started as a dealer for LSL in June, placing orders after following them in social media and being impressed with their guitars. When they started coming in to the shop I was stoked. The guitars are extremely well built, impeccably set up with awesome tone and playability. This Bad Bone pays homage to Fender designs that began in the late 60's that are prized by collectors, but the guitar...
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1966 Gibson ES-330

This beautiful ES-330 traded in and brought me back to 2001, when I had a run of mid to late 60's 330's come through in all colors except this sunburst. I bought and sold cherry, burgundy mist, and other colors, with and without Bigsby's, but somehow none of the dozen or so were sunburst. Anyhow, the guitar is in great condition with just one finish blem on the back, which appears to be the...
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2018 Fender Telecaster Custom Relic

This guitar has the initials JS in the neck pocket - I'm wondering if it was made by Jason Smith, Fender Master Builder? Can't be certain, but it seems like that might be the case... Part of a collection we acquired from a player/collector who had found a combination that worked for him really well, changed frets and pickups on Custom Shop Fenders. The frets are pro replaced, Jescar...
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2019 Fender Stratocaster Masterbuilt Jason Smith

Here is another recent acquisition from a player/collector, an exceptional guitar! This Jason Smith Masterbuilt relic has two changes: A very professional refret with Jescar jumbos, equivalent to Dunlop 6100. The frets give you the ability to really dig in versus the original, vintage style frets. The work is impeccable - check out the pictures. Even the relic work around the frets is...
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2020 Waterslide Coodercaster S Style

This new Waterslide guitar is on the way, but the pictures and videos are in so I thought I'd give a preview. Roasted swamp ash body in blonde nitro aged finish and a satin finished Maple/Rosewood neck. Mojo pickups, Valco lapsteel reissue and "Boomerang" DeArmond Dynasonic reissue in a humbucker sized form...
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2019 Kauer Banshee Express

I bought this guitar a while back when I was just starting to get the vintage guitar business going again. My 9 year old son fell in love this this one, as did I. Apparently the Firebird loving gene passes from generation to generation! He doesn't want me to sell it but I told him I'd list it eventually, so here it is. The guitar is 100% original. Kauer attention to detail and innovation...
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2011 Grosh Electrajet Custom

I had never owned or played a Grosh guitar prior to the arrival of this ElectraJet, but when the opportunity arose to pick this one up it was easy to find plenty of glowing endorsements out there in the interwebz, so I grabbed it. What a great guitar! It feels and looks like a sleeper to me, The fit an finish of this guitar are impeccable. The neck fits the pocket like a glove, and the fat...
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1998 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22

This is a top-notch PRS. The weight is perfect, condition is basically mint, the top is phenomenal, and it plays and sounds amazing! The pictures - I'm probably not doing myself a favor here or doing the guitar justice. With the fires outside, my standard outdoor pics just aren't happening, so I will start like this and add some more when I come up with a better indoor photo situation, or...
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1969 Fender Telecaster Custom with Bigsby

Here we have a rare Tele Custom - one of my favorite guitar models! Such a looker with a beautiful three-tone sunburst over alder and the Bigsby cool factor! The guitar has two small issues to discuss, otherwise it is all original, in excellent (+) condition with a super clean original case. The original owner drilled two small holes through the pickguard to allow access to the pickup...
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2018 Gibson ES-335 Memphis Traditional

This 335 might be pristine, but it has the presence of a vintage guitar, thanks in part to the yellowed binding an luxurious finish. The guitar is all original and basically mint, save some signs of handling. Playability and tonal quality are exceptional! The guitar drives an amp wonderfully and of course offers the incredible versatility you can expect from a 335. A must for any...
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2019 Paul Reed Smith DGT

The DGT is justifiably a player's favorite with the classic, agile tone selections and innovative approach. At first glance it looks like any other PRS, but that simply isn't the case. This guitar is pristine - completely as-new. The original case is the same, and the original paperwork is in the case. Upgrades include: 10 top, hybrid gold/nickel hardware and bird inlays Specs: -...
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2019 Fender Stratocaster 61 RI Summer Event Journeyman Relic

Fender Stratocaster Journeyman Relic, "Limited Edition 2019 Summer Event Guitar, Custom Built". COA is dated 5/10/2019 This is the first listing of a handful of guitars recently purchased from a collector/player who had an eye for great guitars! Most of the guitars from this collection have the following changes, including this Strat: Professionally re-fretted with jumbo 6100 fret wire...
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2020 Paul Reed Smith McCarty 594

We just took in a collection of recent and vintage guitars and amps from a really nice guy who happens to be both a player and a discerning collector, including this beautiful and basically brand new McCarty. The guitar includes upgrades to a 10 top, hybrid hardware (gold bridge studs, saddles, pickup pole pieces, tuner shafts, etc), and the owner purchased PRS simulated bone tuner buttons to...
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2019 Fender Fender Stratocaster Limited 1955 Relic Custom Shop

It looks pink, but that's just the aged tint to the Blonde finish - check the full sunlight pictures to see how the guitar changes in different light... Wow, the neck on this thing is amazing! Its a mid-50's big, round D shape - not for everyone, but if you can hang it's the stuff! Labeled a Limited 1955 Stratocaster Relic on the certificate of authenticity and showing all the appointments...
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2008 Glendale Blackguard Telecaster

Glendale hardware really stands out - the bridge and knobs are really sweet and well made. Electronics are top notch as well - check out the specs below. The tuners are vintage styled with staggered posts, so there is no need for a string tree on the headstock. The package rounds out with a nice thermometer style tweed case, and you'll appreciate it as well, because the guitar and the case are...
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2011 Fender Relic Stratocaster Matching Headstock

I’ve had this guitar for about 5 or 6 years. It jumped right out at me when I was shopping around for a Strat. The Sherwood Green finish with the matching headstock grabbed me right away. I have decided to offer it up to help raise cash for something I’ve got my eye on. The guitar is all original and plays great. Frets are in excellent condition, and the relic worn back of the neck feels...
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2014 Bonneville Telecaster

Bonneville Guitars, AKA Bonneville Restorations, is well known for the repair, restoration and refinishing of vintage guitars. Their work, utilizing era correct techniques combined with specialized aging processes, brings new life to the most ruined vintage guitars. At some point, presumably in 2011 or 12, they started making their own guitar builds. This example is serial number 000022 - an...
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2018 Gibson Les Paul Historic R9 Factory Aged

Wow, this is probably the best Gibson Historic we have in stock, and we currently have a good handful. Light in weight and looking sweet with tasteful factory aging, the guitar is simply stunning and a pleasure to play. The pickups have been changed to Throbak SLE-101s, all else is original - electronics and all parts. Original pickups are not included. Even the case is aged, and it looks...
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2016 Gibson Les Paul Historic R8 Factory Aged LPR8S

Another recent trade in: a stunning 2016 Les Paul Historic Reissue 1958 Les Paul Good lord, this one is a monster! Drives the front end of my reissue Vox AC-15 like a beast, and riding the volume controls a bit opens up infinite options. The guitar is all original with the exception of the missing 2016 Gibson metal switch cavity plate, AKA "poker chip" All the hang tags, certificate of...
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2020 LsL Instruments Silverlake

LSL Silverlake - "Anya" Brand new, made to our custom order. If you'd like to order one with your own specs, contact us! This is our first LSL in stock, and it really caused a stir on arrival! Great looks, quality craftsmanship, and excellent fit and finish make this unique build a stand out! Upgrades include a flamed, roasted maple neck and the Olympic white over sunburst finish,...
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~2010 Sioux Guitars Dakota County delay first edition #33

Excellent or better condition, fully functional and very versatile analog delay. This unit is from the first run/edition, hand numbered #33 inside. No box, manual or adaptor.
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~2012 Pigtronix PolySaturator

Pigtronix PolySaturator is a compact yet powerful distortion featuring an extra-wide gain range coupled with precision tuned graphic EQs and a Class A, J-FET front end. The PolySaturator produces everything from vintage tweed style break up to outrageous over the top screaming high gain shred tone. It is extremely low noise and can be used as a lead channel or in front of your amp's lead...
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1961 Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Jazzmaster 1961 This guitar is both a dream and a nightmare for me! I have a '71 Jazzmaster that is the only really good guitar I've laid my hands on from the year I was born - it is my keeper. Then this guitar comes along and shakes the foundation of my collection. The only thing that holds me back from trying to keep it is some whacky logic that maybe a '59 Jazzmaster with a gold...
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1964 Fender Jaguar

About This Listing Fender 1964 Jaguar, Candy Apple Red with Gold Hardware This guitar is all 1963 with the exception of the neck date: 1JAN64B, January 1, 1964. Pots and all features point to 1963. A beautiful, all-original example that would be pretty rare with the CAR custom color and matching headstock. Add the gold hardware and you've got a true custom-order unicorn! Flowery...
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1965 Fender Jaguar

Fender Jaguar, 1965, transitional model with pearl dot inlays, no neck binding, L serial number plate and black case with no logo. Here is a Google Photos album with more detailed pics: This guitar is in excellent condition with consideration to its age and comparison to other examples from the same year.  All electronics, frets, finish and...
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1956 Fender Telecaster

Here's your basic kick-ass white-guard Tele! I will post a Google Photos link soon, including pics of the electronics, body cavities, dates etc.Natural, honest play wear abounds on this amazing monster of a guitar. The guitar has seen some play, but it is all original with the small exceptions: A slight shim under the nut. The nut does appear to be original. The high B/E string saddle...
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2019 Rivolta Mondata VIII

Sales tax is included in my price if the buyer uses a fee-free payment method. I found this guitar to be an incredible value with great play-ability with a bunch of varied tones. The chambered body gives it a very comfortable weight, and access to the 24th fret is fantastic, with low action and a great feel. The guitar is extremely clean, though I did play it a fair amount. No dings or...
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1959 Fender Esquire

Here we have a fantastic example of a '59 Esquire. Pure in it's simplicity, the Esquire does not skimp on tone and flexibility.  The three position selector brings a gamut of sounds, especially with some tone knob adjustment. The guitar is 100% original and in what I would call Excellent condition, as it is all-original and in exceptional condition compared to others available on the...
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2008 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Custom Shop

This 2008 Custom Shop model is in beautiful shape, showing some yellow-mellowing to take the edge off. On the treble side of the fretboard there is finish checking that runs the length of the fretboard. In two spots, some of the clear coat has lifted. There is no structural issue with the guitar, this appears to be the result of slight binding shrinkage. Otherwise, signs of light playwear...
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