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1965 Fender Stratocaster

Here we have an all-original, Pre CBS Stratocaster! This is such a great piece. It is clean enough for the collector, and ready to play as well. Weight is just 7lbs 8 ounces. The rest of the specs will come soon.. All dates fall from May 1965 or earlier and the neck date is from March of 1965. The case is a no-logo transitional case. The original trem arm and bridge cover are included...
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2016 Gibson SG Standard

No sales tax for customers outside California! These SGs are such a great value. It is no wonder that the SG has been Gibson's best seller for decades. This guitar is in excellent, all-original condition. It has a new set of D'Addario EXL110, 10-46. I gave it a gentle fret polish when I changed the strings as they showed light tarnish from lack of use. As such, the frets are full and...
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2004 Gibson SG Standard

No sales tax for customers outside California! This SG Standard is all original with the exception of the upgraded Ratio tuners. The tuners do not make any change to the headstock. They apply different gear ratios to each string, making tuning a breeze. Original tuners are not included. This example had a great feeling neck, something I've noticed in this era. There is a nice roll from...
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2018 Gibson Historic Les Paul Standard R9

No sales tax for customers outside California! Here's another killer Les Paul R9 for ya! I've moved a bunch of R8s and R9s over the last year or so. Pretty much all of them were stand out guitars. This one is as well. The Dark Bourbon Fade on the authentic flame top is really sweet looking. The guitar is in nearly new condition and comes with all the paperwork/case candy you want...
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1979 Fender 25th Anniversary Fender Stratocaster

Here's a nice, oddball Stratobastard. It started out its life as a 1979 Strat, a limited Anniversary run. The body, pots, pickguard, switch, knobs, bridge, backplate and neck plate are original to the guitar. The pickups are old Seymour Duncan replacements with "Seymourized" stickers on the neck and middle pickup. Some Google searching reveals that Duncan labeled a bunch of different...
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1984 Ibanez RS1300

No sales tax for customers outside California! This guitar needs some help. Maybe someone out there can make it work for them with some spare parts or something, or maybe this one has the parts they need to make theirs rad. The neck is very slightly back-bowed with the truss rod completely loosened. The bridge is worn at the point where it hits the posts, the "knife edge" is worn out so...
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~2020 Moar Morty T-Style Custom

I'd never seen a Moar before trading this one in, and was pleasantly surprised by this vibey piece. Moar is a small builder based in Denmark. He's built a solid following for his unique, sparse designs. Here is a link to his website: This guitar would command a $2850 plus price tag from Moar. The control cavity plate is made of bloodwood, cut by the original...
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2018 Taylor 814ce VCL

This series of Taylor guitars has been selling very well, when I can get them. This particular 2018 model is in great condition, it was well cared for and has no issues whatsoever. The sound of these guitars with the particular bracing style sound better than other Taylors in my opinion. I always preferred Martin, Gibson and other traditional builders to Taylor in the past, but this...
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1969 Marshall Super Lead 100

I don't come across old Marshall amps all that often. When I do I send them off to my tech, who spent the early part of the 1970s at Wurlitzer Music in Boston, tech-ing these amps on a daily basis. The visit to my tech resulted only in a bias adjustment as everything about the amp checked out as fully functional and ready to rock. This Super Bass amp arrived in the US at a time when...
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2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom

No sales tax for customers outside California! Man, this Custom is just about perfect! It is very, very clean with very light wear on the frets. The guitar sets up perfectly and is a dream to play. The neck is more of a 60's profile and has a great feel. There are no issues, repairs, or even dings that are worth noting. The original Historic series case is included, as is the...
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2020 Kauer Korona

Here we have a recent trade in, a lively.resonant and very light 2021 Kauer Korona. The satin finished ash body and roasted maple neck lend themselves to the ring produced acoustically from this sweet axe. The pickup configuration is a very useable combo of Lollars, with the bridge pickup having been swapped from the original Lollar J Stret to a Special T. The original pickup is not...
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~1966 Vox Mark IX 9 String

What a cool concept - the sound of a 12 string, made more playable in a way with the E, A, and D strings being single. The guitar is all original, but there are ding touch ups around the body. See the blacklight pictures for detail. These guitars are quite rare, and this one plays well after receiving some professional setup work before we acquired it. Comes with an original case. ...
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2006 Alembic "Little Darling" Custom ILG6

What a beauty! The fit and finish of this Alembic matches the pure tone of this stunning piece. The guitar comes with the original cert and an email from Alembic to the previous owner, showing the total cost when new - $9700. Woods include: mahogany/maple body, Maple, Purple Heart, and Vermillion neck and the "custom feature" heart body as well as an ebony fretboard. Woods are all...
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1965 Vox Mark XII

No sales tax for customers outside California! Here's a really nice example of a Vox Mark XII Acoustic, made to play well with a professionally installed shim in the neck pocket. The guitar is all original, comes with the original case and has a vibe that is unmistakable. There is a crack in the top of the case. If you're n the market for a guitar like this, you might know that many...
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~1968 Vox Hardshell Case - Spyder Bass?

No sales tax for customers outside California! This Vox case came in with a recent collection purchase. I did some digging around and it appears that it might be the correct case for a Vox Spyder bass from the mid to late 60s, though there could be other Vox instruments that also use this case. I added a couple pics of a recently sold Vox bass listing that had a case like this one. The...
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~1966 Vox Mark VI Acoustic

This particular Vox model is relatively rare. This example stands out as the best playing guitar out of the 5 Vox instruments we recently acquired. The guitar is all original, right down to the Vox bridge cover, which is missing from most examples you'll see. Included is Vox case candy that sells for some pretty crazy money when offered separately on Reverb and other sites. The original...
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2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard RO 1960 Reissue

From about 2016 on, the Custom Shop has been doing their best work ever. This 2018 is awesome, like all others I've moved through. Tim just set this one up when it cam in. He was able to get the action about as low as anything I've played - it plays effortlessly! The guitar is all original. There are signs of playwear, a nick or surface wear here and there, but nothing major whatsoever. ...
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~1991 Rickenbacker 355 John Lennon

he Ricky 355 is such a pleasure to play in this 24.75" scale version, especially at this feather weight of just 5 pounds, 13 ounces. The Lennon reissue was limited to 2000 pieces. This one is in extremely clean condition. The previous owner added the tremolo, a non-destructive change, and the original bridge is included. Nothing else on the guitar is changed and there are no issues or...
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1991 Guild Brian May Signature BM01 Red Special

No sales tax for customers outside California! This is the first Guild Brian May I've ever laid my hands on in my 27 years in the business, and I can see why people seem to keep a grip on them. That, and there were apparently only 1000 made. The switching gives you incredible flexibility. There are three on/off switches, one for each pickup. The other three are phase switches that...
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~1966 Vox Mark VI

This Vox Mark VI is all original, right down to the hard-to-find bridge cover and the often missing mute. It is marked as a Second, on the body and the neck. I assume this is due to the neck. The truss rod is not effective in fighting off the back bow. The guitar is playable in the lower half of the neck, but up around the 12th fret it gets really tough. The thing to do with this one is to...
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1963 Fender 6G15 Tube Reverb Unit

The perfect addition to one of the cool brown tolex Fender amps we have in stock! This Fender reverb unit must be one of the last of the brown tolex production units. The control panel is black, and the logo is or the mid-60's style that graces transition amps of this year and those from 1964 and on. The tube chart stamp is MI, dating it to September of 1963. I checked it out...
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1980 Branzell Custom Double Cut

Was $3495 No sales tax for customers outside California! This fine guitar was a prized possession of a very good friend of mine who opened my eyes to the vintage guitar market back in the mid/late 90's. I remember when he purchased the guitar at a guitar show in California, I believe in 1999 or 2000. At the time I was focused on buying what I could sell readily in my store, but when we...
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1964 Fender Vibroverb

Was $6650 No sales tax for customers outside California! This Vibroverb came in recently and needed some attention. Off it went to our tech, who really is one of the best out there. He's been at it since the early 70's where he started out professionally at Wurlitzer in Boston. The amp came to me as "all original", which it unfortunately wasn't. The output transformer was for a...
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1963 Fender Princeton

Another killer Brown Fender amp! There is a reason why the prices for these keep going up! There is simply no replacement for these amazing sounding, light and portable amps. This Princeton has seen some maintenance, all in the interest of keeping it running safely and sounding original. A three prong power cable has been added, another positive change. The amp has the original...
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1961 Fender Super Amp Pre CBS

These Supers make me weak! This example has seen some work, but it sounds amazing just the same. Caps throughout have been changed. The original power transformer and choke are there, but the output transformer is from 1968, one that is correct for the output tubes and ohm load of two 10" speakers. The output transformer would be correct for a 1968 Vibrolux Reverb. Pots are original,...
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2021 Karge Custom T Style Thinline

No sales tax for customers outside California! This custom guitar is the product of collaboration between myself and Randy Springis of Karge (pronounced KAHR-ghee) Guitars. Randy is an extremely talented woodworker who specializes in fine furniture restoration and killer guitar building. This guitar's design originated in the depth of the COVID pandemic. I replied to a Danocaster post on...
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2004 De Jonge Chelsea OM 1004

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale! Was $3999.99 No sales tax for customers outside California! This guitar was a favorite of my great friend and vintage guitar mentor. He played it regularly, thus the honest wear. I wasn't surprised to see what Sergei De Jonge's instruments go for when I spent some time with this beauty. It is balanced but sounds big and has great feel. I reached out to...
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~1959 Guyatone Feather

No sales tax for customers outside California! Was $1595 Here's a cool one for ya! I love bringing stuff you've likely never seen before! While it isn't the biggest deal, this guitar has just about the coolest case ever. Check it out. The guitar appears to be all original. It is a very early Japanese make, and as such it isn't likely a guitar you'll pickup and rock every day, but...
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1995 Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop American Classic

Was $3195 No sales tax for customers outside California! Now here's a head turner! I believe this is what Fender called an American Classic Strat, judging from the handwritten "AM Classic" in pencil on the neck heel. Speaking of the neck - did you see that figuring? It is stunning in person, and it feels great too.. The guitar shows little to no wear and it sets up perfectly. ...
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1979 Fender Deluxe Reverb

This amp is crazy clean! The only change is a fresh speaker re-cone, performed by Speaker Repair Pros. The power tubes are a brand new set of JJs, the rest are original to the amp. With the incredible rise in prices of mid 60's Fender amps, people are wisely turning to the silver panel eras and finding that they actually sound awesome. This particular amp is from the end of the hand-wired...
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