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1999 Guild Bluesbird

No sales tax for customers outside California. I love these 1990s Guild Bluesbirds - they are high quality electric guitars, and they're very toneful as well as light and comfortable to play.  This one weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces. The guitar was purchased from the original owner.  He took incredibly good care of it!  It is in near mint condition.  Included is his original purchase receipt and...
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Option5 Destination Phase Pedal with Box and Manual

No sales tax for customers outside California.   This Option5 Destination Phase Pedal includes the original box and manual.  Tested in our shop - it works perfectly! From Option5: The Destination phase was created to be a sonic replica of a 'Small Stone meets Phase 90'. The circuitry inside is nowhere near the same. To start, the Destination Phase is quiet... forget hissing and popping on...
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Van Amps Reverbamate Sole-Mate

No sales tax for customers outside California.   The Van Amps Reverbamate scratches the itch many of us have for an analog, spring reverb unit, but without the largess of a Fender 6G15.  This one works perfectly and I ordered a brand new power adaptor for it as it arrived without one. Since its introduction in 2006, the VanAmps Sole-Mate reverb pedal has become the asked for analog spring...
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1994 Fender US Made '63 Reissue Reverb Unit PR263 6G15

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. This 1994 Fender '63 Reissue Reverb Unit was made in the US in 1994.  The unit is in excellent shape, thanks to the included cover.  It really looks like it hasn't been used at all, so we tested it out to make sure everything works as it should - and it does! The original manual is included.  Hard to believe that this thing is already 30...
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1978 Electro-Harmonix Graphic Equalizer

No sales tax for direct sale customers outside California. No sales tax for customers outside California.   This Electro-Harmonix 10 Band Graphic Equalizer is from 1978, an early version of the pedal.  It is in very good condition with some signs of use but not abuse.  Tested in our shop to make sure it works as it should. Missing 3 plastic fader tips, see pics. Shipping...
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1982 Morley Model PVL Pan-Volume Pro Panner

No sales tax for customers outside California.   This 1982 Morley Model PVL Pan-Volume Pro Panner pedal is in excellent shape, and it is a unique tool that offers way more than you think.   I use a panning pedal in my rig to let me move from my tweed amp to my Boogie Mark IIb.  The tweed amp breaks up early and the Boogie has the best clean sound I've come across.  The manning pedal lets me...
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1952 Martin 0-18

No sales tax for customers outside California. The small but impactful 0-18 has moved way up the list of players and collectors in recent years for several reasons.  For one, the rising tide of pricing for all vintage Martin guitars has lifted all boats.  Additionally, smaller body guitars in general have become more sought after for their tone and balance.  Another driver is the fact that...
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2016 Ampeg SuperRocket SR-212RT

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. This Ampeg SuperRocket SR-212RT appears to be from 2016, based on the serial number.   The amp is in better-than-excellent condition with only superficial signs of use here and there. We tested the tubes and ran the amp tough all its features, including the deep reverb and cool tremolo.  Everything works perfectly! The original...
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1965 Fender Reverb Unit 6G15

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. This 1965 Fender 6G15 Reverb Unit is in excellent shape and crossed my bench, receiving new filter caps, a new power cable, and one new electrolytic cap in the circuit.  I used the original capacitor sheaths over the new caps to keep that vintage look.  The original caps are included.   The unit works perfectly and is in really nice shape. ...
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~1990 Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CS 257 Mint Korea

No sales tax for customers outside California. There is a crowd out there that will love this near-mint, 1990s Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CS 257, yet another clean and affordable guitar we've found lately to scratch your itch without breaking the bank. The frets show little to no use, and the guitar plays great with low action.  There are no issues, repairs or changes - what you see is what...
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1979 Fender F-55-12 12 String Acoustic Solid Spruce Top

No sales tax for customers outside California. This 1979 Fender F-55-12 12 string acoustic is a decent player with a solid spruce top and it is in excellent cosmetic condition as well. The odd thing about this guitar is the fretboard.  For some reason, someone has lowered the fretboard level by sanding and/or filing it, leaving the frets at their full height.  It is an interesting way to...
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1994 Goodall KGCC650 Grand Concert Koa

No sales tax for customers outside California. Goodall guitars are particularly great, and the Koa guitars from this era are just plain outstanding. This is the third Goodall to cross our threshold over the last handful of months, each constructed with the highest quality woods available.  This guitar is no exception.  While the back and sides grab your eye, the impeccable grain of the...
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2001 Danelectro Hodad 12 String Mint

No sales tax for customers outside California. This 2001 Danelectro Hodad 12 String is in near mint condition.  The only thing keeping it from being mint is a slight lift of the adhesive side strip and some light corrosion on the tuners. The frets show little to no wear.  The neck plays perfectly.  The guitar could use a new set of strings, other than that it is good to go with no issues,...
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2000 Schecter C-1 Plus

No sales tax for customers outside California. This 2000 Schecter C-1+ is in excellent condition and has been upgraded with Seymour Duncan pickups - SH-6N Distortion in the neck position and the SH-6B in the bridge. The guitar appears to be virtually new with the lightest fretwear.  It is a very comfortable guitar to play, weighing in well under 8 pounds with a nice neck, low action, and...
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1961 Noble Tube Amp "High Fidelity Amplifier"

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. This Noble amp hits the spot for those looking for an off-the-radar, small, vintage amp with warm tone that'll perform perfectly  in your home music room or in the studio. Single ended amps like this really shine with great output section saturation.  There is one Sylvania 6W6 power tube and a Zenith 5U4 rectifier - both are vintage and are...
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1993 Jackson Stealth EX mint

No sales tax for customers outside California. This 1993 Jackson Stealth EX is another near mint, affordable guitar we've received of late. There are few signs of use: near zero fret wear and no issues whatsoever.  There are no changes or repairs.  The action is as low as you can go, and the truss rod has room for future neck relief adjustments. Included is a Line6gig bag. Color:...
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1966 Mosrite The Ventures Model

No sales tax for customers outside California. This 1966 Mosrite Ventures model, at first glance, is the cleanest one you'll ever find.  It is in fabulously clean cosmetic condition, and a previous owner took the guitar to a Ventures show years ago to have it signed by the band.  The flier for the show, at a venue in Utah, is in the original case. I was surprised to see the neck pickup...
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~2000 Carvin AE185 Semi Hollow Electric Acoustic Guitar

No sales tax for customers outside California. This circa 2000 Carvin AE185 is a light, easy playing, semi hollow guitar that combines two humbucking pickups with an under-saddle acoustic pickup to offer a wide variety of tones. This is a comfortable guitar to play that feels like a Telecaster when you sling it on with your strap.  The neck plays nicely and the frets are in great shape. ...
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1998 Danelectro Convertible First Reissue

No sales tax for customers outside California. This late 90s Danelectro Convertible is in mint condition. I am not sure anyone played this one before we tested it out.  It looks just like the new ones did back in 1999 on my old music store shelf, when these reissues took the business by storm.  They are nice playing guitars that are more consistent in the fretwork, etc, than old Danos, which...
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~1966 Vox Tempest XII 12 String Electric

No sales tax for customers outside California. These Italian made, 1960s Vox guitars are just about as whacky-cool as they come, and this Tempest XII is no exception. The guitar plays like others we've had, and if you're a fan of them you know what I mean.  They're a little clunky, but that's the way it is.   The frets on the guitar are in solid shape.  They may have been replaced,...
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2003 Schecter C-1 Classic Quilt DiMarzio Pickup Upgrade

No sales tax for customers outside California. The Schecter C-1 Classic Quit hit the shelves in our store back in the early 2000s and sold like hotcakes.  They are affordable guitars that really do play well, and they easily catch your eye.  The quality is as good or better than the other popular Korean made guitars of the time.  What's stunning to me, though not related to the guitar, is that...
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~2002 Bad Cat Vintage Standard Les Paul Copy Shengze Instruments

No sales tax for customers outside California. This Bad Cat Vintage Standard reminds me of the Chibson guitars that have been surfacing of late, only it is much nicer in some ways and is really more like a nice Epiphone than a Chibby. For one, the finish is pretty rad - it has a really authentic looking top with a fade as if it has been out in the world for decades.  The fretwork is better...
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1992 Epiphone Sheraton II Korean made near mint

No sales tax for customers outside California. This 1992 Epiphone Sheraton II is exceptionally clean - a really nice playing guitar that will nicely fill the need for an ES-335 style guitar in your collection without breaking the bank.  For years these 1990s, Korean made guitars have been highly regarded as a true bargain.  I agree. This particular example hasn't been played all that much. ...
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~2000 Hohner G3T Steinberger Headless

No sales tax for customers outside California. The Hohner GT3 is Steinberger-style, headless guitar that definitely has a following and is also a convenient, portable guitar that would make a great travel instrument for those who don't find themselves all that enamored with the build. The guitar was made in Korea in the 1990s or early 2000s.  I'm honestly not sure if the serial number means...
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2004 Oscar Schmidt OE40-N

No sales tax for customers outside California. We came into some clean, affordable inventory recently, like this mint Oscar Schmidt OE40-N that was part of a large collection. The guitar came to us in the original triangle shipping box it sat for years, perhaps because the nut had cracked on the low E string. We made a new one out of bone so now it is good to go. It is a good playing...
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1988 Marshall Artist 30 Model 3203 30 Watt Head

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. The Marshall Artist 30 Model 3203 head is a "hybrid" amp, meaning that it has a solid state preamp section and a tube output section.  There is one 12AX7, but that is the phase inverter tube and is not used as a 12AX7 normally is in an amp. The head is widely discussed online in forums as a "good amp for the money", while others bemoan the...
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~1950 Gibson McCarty Archtop Pickguard Pickup Assembly

No sales tax for customers outside California.  Shipped to buyers in the continental US via priority mail for quick delivery. This 1950s Gibson made pickup assembly is like those found on archtops of the period.  A great addition to your L7, L50, etc.  Works perfectly.  Tough to find! Pickup Output: 6.85k Shipping policy: Shipments will require signature on delivery, no exceptions.  If...
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Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind 5 watt amp

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. A cool little amp that works perfectly Introducing Hotone's Nano Legacy Series Amplifier Heads, the ultimate companions for guitar players that want serious tone wherever they go. The 5-watt Nano Legacy Series amp heads produce premium guitar tones in two ultra-compact models: British Invasion (inspired by the legendary Vox AC30) and Purple...
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1978 Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

No sales tax for customers outside California.   Electro-Harmonix released the Small Stone phaser in 1974. Controls are simple, with only one "Rate" knob and a "COLOR" switch. The famous one, used by so many legends. Tested in our shop prior to listing, functions properly. Shipping policy: Shipments will require signature on delivery, no exceptions.  If there is damage, the buyer...
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2013 Bad Cat Cougar 5

No Sales Tax For Customers Outside Of California. This 2013 Bad Cat Cougar 5 is an import amp, making it an affordable way to access Bad Cat tone.   A 5 watt, single-ended, class-A tube amp with a 12" speaker is more than you might think it could be.  The amp is well-regarded according to independent reviews out there in forum posts.  What you'll read if you do the Googling yourself is that...
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