I don't think there is a need to go over the details and specs of this guitar; Fact is, they are widely known. What I would like to do is relive the day Eddie Van Halen changed my life. I'm sure I'm not alone.

In the summer of 1978, I was doing what millions of other kids were doing at that time: rearranging the KISS pictures on my bedroom walls. I was such a huge fan, that I would skip dinner taking down and putting back up the photos of the band that covered all four walls of my room and it drove my parents nuts that their son would be so crazy over four knuckleheads in makeup. One of the ladies at church even told my mom that KISS stood for "Knights In Satan's Service" and that sparked a battle that lasted months. Now, enough of that- let's get back to the meat of the story.

My Uncle Bill and his family would often visit from North Carolina, seeing as he was one of my mother's closest brothers. He would drag my Aunt Darlene and their three kids down for the weekend and it would then be a romp fest for them and the three crumb snatchers in my family. So, on that nice and hot summer day, I'm down in the pit with my KISS pictures when my cousin Roger walks into my room. Because it's 2023, I can't quote him exactly because I might ruffle a few "woke" feathers, but he basically asked me why I was still fawning over that frig*#in' band. I stood my ground in their defense and it was right then that he smashed me over the head with a life-changing choice.

He held up two albums: Van Halen 1 and the debut record from a band named Nantucket (it had a big lobster on the cover.) He said, "Pick one," and as he turned them both around, I got my first glimpse of the G.O.A.T. himself, bent over almost in half, in leather pants. I pointed towards the VH album and he walked over and put it on one of those record players you would see in school- the one with the speaker built into it. From the first sound of those quarter notes coming from Michael Anthony's P-bass, I stopped moving around and when those first two chords from Eddie's hands came out of the speakers in my little record player, I was hooked for what would be the rest of my life. We spent the rest of their visit listening to that record over and over again and I did what would become a rite of passage for kids in the '70s- I sat on the floor and stared at every inch of that album. For hours. I remember that day like it was yesterday and so does my cousin Roger, some 43 years later. Those were some good times, friends...

As to this guitar particularly, it's in what we would consider near-mint condition. If you turn it into the reflection of an overhead light, you might find a small imperfection here or there, but you'll have to look hard for them. Also included is a very sturdy hardshell Road Runner case, trem bar and Allen wrenches.

I don't know where you were the first time you heard Van Halen, but I hope the experience was as sweet as mine. Now, with the super crazy advancement in technology, I can punch a couple of virtual buttons on a black box, have it connect wirelessly to a plastic tube sitting across the room and relive that fateful day back in the summer of '78. As a matter of fact, I think I'll do that very thing right now...

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