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All customers get a 48-hour, no-hassle return period. Our singular purpose is for you, the buying client to be more than satisfied with your purchase. If there is ever a problem with one of our items after receiving it, please email us at or call Ray Mauldin at 404-895-3459.

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EVH 5150 III 6L6

In thinking I had found that elusive unicorn, I waited on the front porch for the UPS guy to show up with this head. "Ain't never seen a zebra one. Just ain't never seen one," I repeated in my head as the driver brought the box to me. I got inside and started unpacking this thing and it looked like a fat kid ripping the wrappings off a 25-pound chocolate bar. I started looking this amp over and...
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1997 Klein BF-96

I wish I could have been in Steve Klein's head when he was coming up with his design for this guitar. It is a purely precision machine that is cutting edge- we have immensely enjoyed the experience of detailing, attending to adjustments and playing this Klein. As of this listing, there are four active and six closed guitars with this being the only example with the Steinberger Transtrem. Maybe a...
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2022 Fender James Burton Telecaster

Before writing this description, I wanted to get a vibe about Mr. Burton so as to relate to this exceptional Telecaster. I looked up a bunch of videos and it quickly became obvious how he has mastered this instrument while affecting the music industry for decades. The video that got me, though was when he played "Johnny B. Goode" over his shoulder during an Elvis concert in Omaha, Nebraska in...
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1974 Fender Vibro-Champ

Here we have a tidy little 6-watt Vibro Champ from 1974 that's as pure a performer as any of its larger cousins. These small Fender combo amps are becoming the "go-to" choice for both performing and recording and as the days of lugging a 4 x 10 Super around pass us by, the practicality of these smaller amps becomes more and more obvious. The sound is clear and warm, but it breaks up quite nicely...
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2000 Spector NS-5PXL

I have live the Spector life since 1987 and owned many, but this bass is a different breed of killing machine. Very few times in my years of playing have I picked up an instrument that commanded such respect from the first note and this was before I knew how to properly operate it. I just plugged it in, hit that low "B" and grinned... To begin, the visual appointments on this NS-5 are...
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1983 Kramer Pacer Imperial

"Where some see only scars, others see perseverance and the journey of kings." Stephen C. Hogan Many years ago, Lee and I visited the office of a CEO of a major American corporation. From the moment we stepped into the reception area, the top of every wall had a shelf that was adorned with the finest...
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2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus

Sometimes a guitar or bass can display the true majesty of Mother Nature. Take this Les Paul for example. It has one of the most striking Maple tops we have seen in a good minute and it's not because it has thick, finger-width flames all over it. Instead, it displays what we like to refer to as a "peek-a-boo" top that varies wildly depending on the angle you view it. Now that's the true beauty of...
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1998 Taylor AB-3

1998 Taylor AB-3 11% off
If I could use one word to describe Robert Taylor's AB bass series, it would be exquisite. These basses represent, in my opinion, the pinnacle of his guitar-making abilities and I'm personally glad he used a bass guitar to exhibit his vision and skills. These are incredible instruments that are among the most innovative and expressive in his arsenal of inventory. This AB-3 is an extraordinary...
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1997 Fender CS 50th Ann. Diamond Dealer Relic Stratocaster

Throughout Fender's storied history, there have been several periods that one could argue were their best. If you are a 1950's fan, you might say that those '50s guitars were the best that Fender ever produced while a '60s guy might argue that his '63 Strat is the complete bombaroonie. I, instead will make the argument that the Cunetto Relics produced between 1995 and 1999 were some of the finest...
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1997 Rickenbacker 660/12TP Tom Petty Signature

1997 Rickenbacker 660/12TP Tom Petty Signature 12% off
If you're around my age and you think back to who was on the radio during your high school years, chances are Mr. Petty would be near the top of that list. He, along with the likes of The Eagles, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd rang in those hazy days of '70s Rock and we listened to many of their songs over and over and over for years. Sadly, Tom is also on the list of artists I...
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1985 Schecter Genesis Bass

As I was looking at a booth full of Alembic, Modulus, Fodera and other high-end basses, I asked the guy, "Do you have any '80s or '90s basses? You know, just simple Rock basses that aren't five figures?" The guy almost smirked at me, but said, "I got a couple under here you might want, " and reached under his table. He pulled out this Genesis bass and the '77 Ibanez Black Eagle bass you'll soon...
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2023 Steinberger Spirit XT-2 Bass, Lefty

2023 Steinberger Spirit XT-2 Bass, Lefty 10% off
We purchased three new Spirits at the Fall Philadelphia Guitar Show and they are all beautiful and quality guitars. This lefty XT-2 bass was the third piece. They are "as neu" and have never been sold to the public- we are merely the temporary caretakers. Talk about getting the full Steinberger experience at about 1/10th the price of an American-made guitar- these will all do that for...
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1995 Fender CS Cunetto Relic '57 RI Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Weight- 7 lbs, 12 oz Neck depth at 1st fret- 0.908" Neck depth at 12th fret- 0.994" I will venture to say that in the world of reissue Fenders, the Cunetto relics rank at the top of the list. The realistic treatments applied by Vince Cunetto set them heads and above the rank-and-file Custom Shop guitars made during that period. A perfect example of the above would be this incredibly...
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1994 Fender Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Stratocaster

1994 Fender Custom Shop 40th Anniversary Stratocaster 23% off
In terms of the many Stratocasters we've seen come out of the Custom Shop over the years, this 40th Anniversary example ranks right at the top of the list. It is obvious from first glance that every inch of this instrument was thought out and constructed at the highest level of dedication to craft and it's fairly rare to own a guitar that's so beautiful, you are afraid to play it. It is special...
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