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2004 Fender Classic Series '50d Esquire

Weight- 8 lbs, 3 oz Neck thickness at 1st fret- 0.934" Neck thickness at 12th fret- 0.932" Folks, I had the story for this Esquire. I mean I had THE STORY, but in the middle of writing it, I got hammer smashed by a guy trying to buy another guitar. I mean, he hit me with every technique known to man, from the "What's your actual rock bottom, bottom, bottom, with me paying in Confederate...
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1985 Schecter Genesis Bass

As I was looking at a booth full of Alembic, Modulus, Fodera and other high-end basses, I asked the guy, "Do you have any '80s or '90s basses? You know, just simple Rock basses that aren't five figures?" The guy almost smirked at me, but said, "I got a couple under here you might want, " and reached under his table. He pulled out this Genesis bass and the '77 Ibanez Black Eagle bass you'll soon...
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Gibson SG Case, Mid-'70s

Scrubbed thrice and vacuumed twice, this mid-'70s SG case has been brought back from the netherworld of storage and darkness. All latches work and the lid retaining strap is still in place. There are no funky odors and the only thing no longer attached is one of the chrome feet on the bottom. It's a great case for a great price and buyers in the lower 48 States will enjoy free shipping. Please...
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Fender Victoria Mustang, Duo Sonic, Musicmaster Case

Here's a nice and tidy mid-'60s Fender Mustang/ Duo-Sonic/ Musicmaster case in gray speckle with a vintage orange interior. The neck strap is marked with the "Victoria" logo and secures the neck properly. All three latches work and the two end latches still have a nice spring action. The exterior features an original owner's tag plastic sleeve and if you will take a look at the photos, you'll...
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1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus

I called my tech, "El Jefe" up and said, "Hey pimp. I'll be there in 30 to drop off the next batch and pick up that Les Paul." He said, "Come on, I've got you ready to go," and so off I headed, out into the wastelands to get my gear. When I pulled up to his workshop, I was surprised to hear the main riff from Velvet Revolver's "Slither" being played over and over. Now, my man is pretty much a...
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1979 Kramer DMZ 6000B

In the rare instances when we get an aluminum-neck Kramer here, I take it as a personal challenge to address the instrument for what it is: an item on which to spend some quality time. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then it's my job to uncover that beauty from decades of use, playing and being stored. So, it was off to the races with this girl... These late-'70s Kramer basses...
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2013 Gibson Les Paul Signature T

Had I been a guitar player back in the '80s and played Les Pauls, I would have most certainly wanted to stand out. That said and with me being only a "good" player, I would have investigated some of the more unusual burst colors to get myself a little extra female attention, if you know what I mean. That meant it would have been time to visit Dark Daddy's Den of the Odd and Unusual... Down at...
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1979 Fender Lead II

My thoughts on Fender guitars over the years have always been, "Give me a great Jazz or P-Bass." Every once in a while, I'd see a Strat or Tele Custom that caught my eye (like the virgin '62 Fiesta Red Strat that Lee and I disassembled at Arlington one year,) but I have never really considered a lesser-known model, like the Lead II until this year's Arlington show. The pictures will tell you why...
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2016 Landon K-Tours Bass, Pre Pro Model

It is a complete mystery to me why these Landon instruments aren't some of the most popular and best-selling guitars in the world. Every aspect of this K-Tour bass, from the Babicz and Hipshot hardware to the custom Honey Badger Custom J-Bass pickups contributes to this being a quality, American-made bass. We hope the pictures do it justice because this is one very well-performing and gorgeous...
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2014 EVH Superstrat

I don't think there is a need to go over the details and specs of this guitar; Fact is, they are widely known. What I would like to do is relive the day Eddie Van Halen changed my life. I'm sure I'm not alone. In the summer of 1978, I was doing what millions of other kids were doing at that time: rearranging the KISS pictures on my bedroom walls. I was such a huge fan, that I would skip dinner...
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2016 Suhr Classic T Pro

I know, I know- A title like that can be a shot across the bow to the traditional Fender Tele players, but it's the truth. These Suhr Classic T's are superior instruments when compared to your run-of-the-mill Fenders. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever gotten a dud Suhr guitar here in the shop, so if you're producing high-quality guitars time and time again, I'll give props where they...
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2016 Gibson Les Paul R9, CC39A-009

Weight- 8 lbs, 6 oz As I opened the case for the first time, I asked myself, "What am I going to say about this guitar? What can I write to express how it makes me feel?" Those were the questions that hit me as I pulled it from its case and then it dawned on me: The first thing I will do is sit down and play it unplugged. That's the true measure of a guitar anyway in my humble opinion and so...
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Ovation 1997 Collector's Edition Parlor

Sometimes, large voices can come in small packages. Opera diva Maria Callas was not a particularly big woman, big she carried inside of her a huge and soaring voice. I imagine she was a sight to hear and see in person and therein lies the comparison of her to this '97 Ovation Parlor Bowlback. Odd, maybe, but that's what came out of me as of this writing... This guitar came from a large private...
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1989 Squire by Fender HM-V Bass

If I had known about these HM-5s back in the day, then my first five-string bass would not have been a $2500.00 Modulus Q-5. Nope, I would have cut my teeth on one of these incredible basses and maybe moved on to something bigger and better as I progressed with my playing. That said, there are two things to say about this bass from the first note played; First, it has an incredibly aggressive...
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2022 Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1

If you want to be transported back to the glory days of the rippin' '80s, then this is the guitar with which to do exactly that. This MIM Pro-Mod is the perfect throwback to a time when almost every rock band had a shredder and you could often tell who was playing just by hearing them. Those were indeed the best days of Heavy Metal and Hairbands, for sure! The Floyd Rose term works perfectly...
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2023 Steinberger Spirit XT-2 Bass, Lefty

We purchased three new Spirits at the Fall Philadelphia Guitar Show and they are all beautiful and quality guitars. This lefty XT-2 bass was the third piece. They are "as neu" and have never been sold to the public- we are merely the temporary caretakers. Talk about getting the full Steinberger experience at about 1/10th the price of an American-made guitar- these will all do that for...
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2005 Rickenbacker 650C Colorado

I'd like to think that the man who designed these small-bodied Rickenbackers was thinking of a guy like me when he did so. I often joke that my business partner is 6' 3" and I'm 3' 6" and it's usually good for a chuckle, but if you strap a 360 around my neck, it looks like a midget playing a double bass. Those larger guitars don't seem to sit right or fit right for me, so this 650C is a welcomed...
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1984 Peavey Mantis

So, when Peavey decided to step out of the T-60 box and get a little crazy with their designs, they did it right. I can imagine 'ol Hartley and the crew sitting back after work one day, smokin' a big bowl of Mississippi's finest, when one of them starts rattling off nutty names. I'm sure the office was raucous and smoke-filled and the boys were having a ball, giggling like school girls at the...
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1985 Aria Pro II ZZ Standard

Weight: 7 lbs, 13 oz If you played guitar back in the glorious '80s, there was one sure way to tell if your parents had money: It was by the guitar that you played. The "rich kids" had super cool Jacksons (always with the shark fins) or nice Les Pauls. Believe me, if you had a black Les Paul Custom or a graphics Soloist, your dad had a damn good day job. As to the regular Joes like me, it was,...
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2023 Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro

We purchased three new Spirits at the Fall Philadelphia Guitar Show and they are all beautiful and quality guitars. They are "as neu" and have never been sold to the public- we are merely the temporary caretakers. Talk about getting the full Steinberger experience at about 1/10th the price of an American-made guitar- these will all do that for you. This GT-Pro will arrive set up and ready to...
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2023 Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro

We purchased three new Spirits at the Fall Philadelphia Guitar Show and they are all beautiful and quality guitars. They are "as neu" and have never been sold to the public- we are merely the temporary caretakers. Talk about getting the full Steinberger experience at about 1/10th the price of an American-made guitar- these will all do that for you. This GT-Pro will arrive set up and ready to...
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2022 Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster

This write-up was so good, that I had to borrow it from a friend. I don't think I've ever read a better description of a modern Strat... I'm listening to Beck's Bolero, squinting like Lee Van Cleef in "Death Rides a Horse," when it dawns on me: Wouldn't this be the perfect backing music for that scene in "A Fist Full of Dollars?" You know the scene- how'd it go? "You see, I understand you...
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1995 Fender CS Cunetto Relic '57 RI Mary Kaye Stratocaster

Weight- 7 lbs, 12 oz Neck depth at 1st fret- 0.908" Neck depth at 12th fret- 0.994" I will venture to say that in the world of reissue Fenders, the Cunetto relics rank at the top of the list. The realistic treatments applied by Vince Cunetto set them heads and above the rank-and-file Custom Shop guitars made during that period. A perfect example of the above would be this incredibly...
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1987 Charvel IMC Model 3

Weight- 8 lbs, 6 oz Neck width at nut: 1 5/8" I believe this Model 3 started life as a white guitar, but as you can clearly see, that is no longer the case. We purchased this guitar from a client and when it arrived, the surprises just kept on coming, but in a good way. To begin, this guitar has been professionally refinished in a stunning Tangerine Metallic and as an added bonus, it has...
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2008 Taylor GC6

Nut Width- 1 3/4" Number of Frets- 20 Neck joins body- 14th fret The volume and full throatiness of this guitar is belied by its size, but this GC6 can hold its own with any acoustic in the shop. It's a fingerpickers delight or even if you're a novice strummer like myself, then you will still enjoy a warm and pleasing tone. The full neck is so easy and comfortable on the left hand...
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1996 Fender CS Cunetto Relic DD Stratocaster

Throughout Fender's storied history, there have been several periods that one could argue were their best. If you are a 1950's fan, you might say that those '50s guitars were the best that Fender ever produced while a '60s guy might argue that his '63 Strat is the complete bombaroonie. I, instead will make the argue ment that the Cunetto Relics produced between 1995 and 1999 were some of the...
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2007 Ibanez Bass Catalog

This catalog has 39 color pages that feature the basses and their features and options from that year. It is incredibly detailed and also includes the Paul Gray PGB model. It is a very interesting source of information and will make an excellent addition to your Ibanez bass package or collection. Thanks for stopping by and please call or email with any questions!
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1971 Gibson ES-335 Owners Manual

Here's a great piece of case candy for your 1971 ES-335- an original vintage Gibson owner's manual that will go great with your guitar. Now, I know it's been filled out with the original guitar's serial number, but if you're looking for an inexpensive addition to your guitar that will only add value, then this could be it. There will come a day when these will all be gone or so hard to find- I...
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2007 Ibanez Catalog

Here's an extremely cool Ibanez catalog from 2007 that features the models, colors, and options available from that year. It's got 55 color pages with a wealth of information- it will make a great addition to your Ibanez guitar or collection. Please call or email with any questions and thanks for stopping by!
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1978 MXR Phase 90, Early Block Logo

Here we have an early block logo Phase 90 from 1978. The pot dates to the 5th week of 1978 and the pedal has been cleaned and checked. Smooth, creamy phasing is what you'll get from this one and the sweet spot is right at 10:00-11:00. One of the backplate screws is missing, but the other three adequately secure the plate. They say the worn ones sound the best and that is certainly the case...
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