Hardtail, with matching tweed Deluxe amp. Remarkably clean and tidy. These two were born and raised together. Featured in a 1992 Vintage Guitar calendar and in the same condition now 28 years later. Purchased as a set the Strat is a feather at 6.5 pounds and 100% original, as well as cleaner than most 10 year-old reissues. Frets like new, no broken plastic, and not a screw out of place. Pickups are rated as follows: 6.2k bridge, 5.85k middle, 5.79k neck. The neck is a beefy "v" that is effortless to play with the thin lacquer that corporate Fender never quite got right. Single-line Klusons, has not been opened countless times, dated 3/57 in neck pickup cavity, original CRL1452 switch has never been unsoldered. All wiring original, pots are all original, aluminum shielding plate under pots is present, orange paper capacitor, never-unsoldered output jack, all bridge ports original, neck date 4/57, the nut is original, even the tweed case is very clean and this original '57 Strat looks almost new. The Fender 5E3 Deluxe amp is also dated April of 1957 and has its original 12" Jensen P-12R speaker dated the 35th week of 1956 (consider that Fender bought speakers in bulk so late August/early September is when it was made at Jensen, then shipped afterwards). The power cord is the original gray one. The grille has no rips or stains, the tweed covering is extra-clean with no cigarette burns or yellowing. The original handle was broken and comes with the amp. This anp might well be your favorite amp of all time. Brilliant! Finally, the vintage guitar market has been strong of late. Good solid factory-original guitars and amps are getting harder to find, and quite rare these days. The tone is sublime. No doubt investment-grade in 1992 and continues to rise and value and scarcity. This is on consignment, and no, they cannot be separated.

Willies American Guitars

Willies American Guitars

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