We have a running joke here at 'Elk World Headquarters and it goes like this: Whenever we get a guitar in that sounds really, really good, one of us will quip, "It's probably got a Duncan in it." That came from the time we got a regular 'ol Les Paul Standard in and when Lee plugged it up, we just could not get over how hot it sounded. He was playing it and we just kept looking at each other and he said, "There's no way these are the stock pickups. Let's pull 'em and see what's up." Sure as shootin', the pickups were Seymour Duncan Humbuckers, so now you all know where that saying came from.

Flash forward to the arrival of this Tele. I cleaned and restrung it, getting the guitar ready for its photo shoot. Of course, that's the exact time when the Tall One comes in and wants to give it a test run (I get it all shined up and that's when he decides he wants to fingerprint the bejeezus out of the thing.) So he plugs this Tele into the '62 Super we have and off he goes on his best "chicken pickin'" expedition. 'Lo and behold, he switches to the bridge pickup and we find ourselves looking at each other in surprise. He's playing, I'm grinning and just when we couldn't stand it anymore, we both said at the same time, "It's probably got a Duncan in it." That really mad us bust out laughing so I told him to give me that guitar and let me take a look. I get the strings off and the bridge out. Sure as shootin', the previous owner upgraded the bridge pickup to a Seymour Duncan (without telling us, of course.) Now we're really laughing because it was just like getting the giggles in church when you were a little kid. Once you got started, you couldn't make yourself stop. I put it back together and shot the pictures, still laughing at the silliness of the whole situation.

So there it is- a super '52 Reissue Tele package with the COA, case candy and a barn burning' Tele with... you guessed it- a Duncan in it.

Year Condition Color Case
1996 Excellent Butterscotch Blonde Original Hard


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