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Once every few years, I come across one of these. White Tremolux? Great amp but a dime a dozen. Wait, what are those power tubes? EL-84's? Like a Vox or a little Marshall? No way, Fender never used those. Well, yes they did in 1961 for about a minute and a half. Estimates are that about 200 were made. That makes this the rarest production Fender amp there is. I've had two of these in the past 5 years. They still sound like a Fender but with a little more chime and brightness. These ran at high voltages, so the conventional wisdom is they got about 20 watts out of two EL-84's. Sounds like 20 watts to me. These early Tremoluxes also were shipped with a single ten inch speaker in a tone ring cabinet like a Showman. They blew tubes, they blew speakers, so Fender dumped it and built the 6G9-A using 6L6's for 30 watts and, eventually, 2-10" speakers. If your Fender collection is missing this one, you might want to jump. I've seen these as high as $15000. This is less than half that. Issues: Head cabinet grill cloth is replaced. Head cabinet screws are not original. AC cord has been upgraded but is still two prong. One handle (speaker cab) is repro. This is the 20th one made (Chassis number 000120) out of just over 200. The last one I had was 000314 which was just about the last one.

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