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This Bassman just went to our tech for a full checkup. New filter caps were installed, along with a new power cable. I put new tubes in it before bringing it to my tech, a mix of JJs and reissue Tung Sol.

The amp came to me with a changed grille cloth on the original faceplate. My amp tech had a swatch of original, mid 60's Fender grillecloth and added it to the amp.

There is a hole from a former mod in the back of the chassis.

Transformers are all original, as are the pots and most of the internal circuit.

The amp sounds great after the service and new tubes. It is ready to rock for years!

Color: Black
Dimensions: H8.5" x W22" x D9.5"
Weight: 31lb
Watts: 50w
Date: 1965
Where date is noted: Chassis
Extension speaker out?: Yes
FX Loop?: No
Reverb or other effects?: No
Power tubes: 2 x 6L6
Preamp tubes: 12AT7
Pots: Original
Tolex: Original
Grille: Original
Knobs: Original
Handle: Original
Power cord: Replaced 11/22

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