Head and cabinet with original covers, rough white tolex with oxblood grilles, “Fender Electric”, 6G6A circuit. First off, Dave Hunter wrote a great article for Vintage Guitar Magazine called “1961 Fender Bassman: Blond Ambition” Easy to look up online. It’s a good read. The 6G6 and 6G6A have a normal channel that is a feast for your ears. The bass channel many people modify - but don’t. This channel excels for bass guitar. This amp is exciting because it’s factory-original and clean with its stock Oxford 12” speakers (we had one reconed - the proper way, paper to edge). These have the GZ34 rectifier and two 5881 power tubes (the military-grade 6L6)). This amp has nothing to be sorry for. Back panel (check), original “dog bone” handles (check), run through the shop so it’s healthy (check and oh yes), and original oxblood grille (yup). It’s hard to explain how crazy good the tone is. These will go down in history as masters of tone. Clean, original, with covers, no excuses.

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