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1960 Fender Stratocaster

Refinished – long ago – in black. Old refins are the best and black is a great color. This guitar is otherwise mostly original although we replaced the original frets recently (you're welcome). The electronics are original with pot codes dating to the 48th week of 1959 and CRL-1452 switch with factory solder, all laying under the original green guard with original shield plate - still even has...
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2012 Fender Fender Telebration Vintage ’52 Hot Rod Telecaster

Butterscotch Blonde on ash body, nitro lacquer body, limited run with full-sized Humbucker in the neck position, also U profile maple neck with 9.5” radius, 6105 frets. Extra clean with original paperwork, case keys, strap in the original tweed hard case.
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1934 Kalamazoo KG-11

14-fret acoustic flat top in dark sunburst. The previous owner had us do a neck set (saves you $450) and now has fantastic crisp, clear tone. Tall saddle, easy action. Adirondack spruce top (aged the old-fashioned way - 85+years). Honduran mahogany neck, back and sides, Brazilian rosewood board, triple-bound sound hole, bound top, tapered headstock, original bridge. Some previous repairs all done...
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1974 Fender Champ

Fender's perennial and justly-beloved student amp, the Champ, this time in silverface guise. 5 watts from a single 6V6, 1 12AX7 preamp, 1 channel, 2 inputs, volume, bass, and treble controls, front-panel sliding power switch, tube rectifier, black tolex, silver control panel, blue sparkle grille cloth, and an Oxford 8" loudspeaker. This one is reasonably clean, runs well and sounds great, and is...
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2017 Martin CS Outlaw

Near mint guitar built like the Authentic series, with hide glue and VTS Adirondack. But wait...it's made of mahogany but it's detailed like an HD-28. Limited to only 100 (in truth only 70-some were made). Brazilian rosewood head cap, ebony fingerboard and bridge. Hide glue, forward-shifted 5/16" scalloped braces, 25.4" scale length, 1 & 3/4" nut width, with a more modern low-oval neck profile...
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2020 Nash T-63 gold Sparkle

Gold Sparkle, incredible finish with realistic aging, going to look incredible under stage lights, double bound body too, rosewood fretboard with dot inlays on a boat neck with a large v profile, killer Lollar pickups, three-ply mint guard, nice and light at 7.5 pounds, incredible new Nash with lots of upgrades, comes with a new hard case.
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2019 Fender American Professional Precision Bass

Floor model but very clean and fully-warrantied, saving you some money. Alder body in Candy Apple Red, '63 profile maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 3-ply white guard, Michael Bump-designed V-Mod split-coil pickup, HiMass Vintage bridge. Nice and light at 8.5 pounds, plays and sounds great, made jn Corona, California, USA, comes in factory hard case.
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2010 Deering Banjolele

Blonde, maple neck and rim, incredibly loud vibrant tone courtesy of the 11” sized rim, in good shape, comes with an added strap and original gig bag.
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2010 Fender Custom Shop Custom Classic Stratocaster

Figured ash body in Cobalt Blue (looks purple), flamey maple neck, wide and chunky, changed guard, added humbucker in bridge position, good weight at just under 8 pounds, very clean, comes in later tweed case.
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2016 Gibson Explorer Traditional

Solid mahogany neck and body in Heritage Cherry nitrocellulose lacquer, unbound rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, MOP Gibson headstock logo, Grover tuners, 3-ply white guard, and a Tune-o-matic bridge with stoptail. Electronics are a pair of hot ceramic humbuckers, a 496R in the neck and a 500T in the bridge, independent volumes with master tone, and a 3-way selector switch. We don't need to...
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1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Here's a fine specimen of a slightly polarizing guitar, the rode-hard-and-put-away-wet Norlin-era Gibson Les Paul Custom. Some clutch their pearls and pine for the late '50s or, alternatively, the early '90s, but to others nothing screams "rock and roll" louder. 10.5 pounds, no breaks, Wine Red finish, "patent stamp" humbuckers, Gibson-branded Schaller keystone tuners, yellowed speed knobs,...
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2019 Fender '62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition

Essentially a top-quality handwired 6G2 brown Princeton reissue but with a few twists replicating country force Chris Stapleton's favorite mods. 12 watts, 2x6V6, tube rectifier, Blue tone caps, Schumacher transformers, output tube-biased tremolo circuit, 12" Eminence Special Design speaker, single-button footswitch and Filson cloth cover. Great early '60s looks with rough brown tolex, brown...
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2020 Collings I-30LC

In stunning Candy Apple Red nitrocellulose lacquer with optional ThroBak Dogear '55/56 P-90s and a Bigsby! So right off the bat, incredibly cool. And then there's all the standard Collings goodness - trestle-braced fully hollow maple laminate body, 24 & 7/8" scale-length Honduran mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard, MOP dot inlays, ebony peghead veneer with MOP Collings logo, Kluson...
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2015 Gibson Collector's Choice #5 '59 Les Paul Donna

2015 Gibson Historic Collector’s Choice #5 “Donna” Sunburst, exacting replica of legendary Burst collector Tom Wittrock’s ’59 Burst “Donna”. Features hide glue construction, thinner wet sanded finish, rolled fingerboard binding, a double carved neck and top for accurate vintage feel. Super comfy ’59 neck profile, at .900” at the first and 1.0” at the 12th fret. The pickups are Burstbucker 3’s...
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2019 Gibson Les Paul Studio Tribute

Satin Ice Tea, chambered body so nice and light, 490R and T humbuckers, unbound rosewood fretboard with trapezoid inlays, comfy slim taper 60’s neck profile, near mint condition, comes with a gig bag. $899
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1961 Epiphone Zephyr

Sunburst, all stock, Gibson purchased Epiphone in 1956 to buy it’s stand up bass business but they got all the bodies and parts too. This guitar is made by Gibson in Kalamazoo but from an Epiphone body unseen by Gibson fans. However not many of these bodies exist with the “thumb” cutaway, 17” thin body. The Bigsby and bridge are factory original as are the PAF mini humbuckers, “burst” tuners...
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1973 Fender Music Master Bass

Dakota Red, original finish (they came red, white or blue). Replaced pickguard with the original inside the case. A great bass with some dings and scratches but gold logo and rare deluxe hard case.
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1977 Fender Deluxe Reverb

Nice and clean, a great example of a silverface Deluxe Reverb. 22 watts from a pair of 6V6s, tube rectifier, 12" Oxford loudspeaker, 2 channels, tube-driven spring reverb and optical tremolo, handwired with premium components, headroom but not too much headroom, tons of sparkle and richness. Fender didn't "upgrade" the smaller amps like the Princeton and Deluxe like they did with the Super and...
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2020 Fender Vintera 60's Mustang Bass

Fiesta Red on alder body, 30” scale length, gloss poly finish, Pau Ferro fretboard with dot inlays, 60’s C neck profile, 7.25” fretboard radius, Vintage style 60’s split single-coil pickups, great starter bass, comfortable to play, great color, good value too, made in Mexico, comes with a new gig bag.
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2020 Fender Vintera 60's Stratocaster Modified

Burgundy Mist Metallic on alder body, best of vintage and modern features, gloss poly finish, Pau Ferro fretboard with dot inlays, 60’s C neck profile, 9.5” fretboard radius, Tim Shaw designed Hot ’65 pickups, S-1 switching, vintage-style frets, five-way selector switch, cool color, solid value, made in Mexico, comes with a new gig bag.
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2020 Fender Vintera 60's Mustang

Sea Foam Green on alder body, gloss poly finish, Pau Ferro fretboard with dot inlays, 60’s C neck profile, 7.25” fretboard radius, Vintage style 60’s pickups, single volume and tone control and slider switch for pickup selector/phase switching, great color, good value, made in Mexico, comes with a new gig bag.
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2020 Bergantino NXT112

NXT for Neo X-Treme, Bergantino's latest lightweight 1x12" bass cabinet. 8 ohms, capable of handling 400w RMS, Bergantino's excellent "High Intelligibility Reference Series tweeter", phase-coherent crossover with tweeter level control on back panel, ported Italian poplar cabinet with Baltic birch baffle, and weighs in at just 29 pounds. Incredibly portable, sounds tremendous, 2 of these make a...
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2020 Bergantino forté HP

1,200 watts of Class D power in a 6.4-pound head! Even if it had no other virtues, that right off the bat puts this amp in contention. But it's a Bergantino, so of course it has almost too many virtues to list. Fantastic Bergantino Smart Drive distortion circuit, parallel compression, variable low-pass and high-pass filters, 4-band EQ, FX loop, pre or post-EQ direct out, optional Bluetooth...
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1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Are you ready to get your Norlin on? Here's 10.75 pounds of clean and 100%-original Nashville-made Gibson Les Paul Custom, in that most iconic of Custom colors, black. By '79, as audiences flocked to theaters to see "Alien" and "Apocalypse Now", Les Pauls still had the volute and maple neck, but the "sandwich" or "pancake" body was gone, being all-mahogany. Bound ebony fingerboard with pearl...
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1965 Rickenbacker E12 Electro

1x6V6, Jensen C-12Q 12" loudspeaker, three-prong power cable added, 5 watts or so, brown tolex, 2 channels, 4 inputs, volume control, tone control with integrated power switch, tremolo with speed and depth controls. A very nice-sounding little student amp from the '60s that now serves well as a home or studio amplifier. All-tube, hand-wired, very light, great looks. Made in USA.
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Rickenbacker 360/12

Semihollow electric in vibrant Fireglo nitrocellulose lacquer, carved maple top, bound maple back, 3-piece maple/walnut/maple neck with bound and lacquered fingerboard, full-width triangular crushed-pearl inlays, split-level white pickguard, 2 "Hi-Gain" single-coil pickups, independent volume and tone controls for each pickup with blend control, "Rick-O-Sound" stereo wiring with 2 output jacks...
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1957 Fender 1957 Stratocaster and tweed Deluxe amp set

Hardtail, with matching tweed Deluxe amp. Remarkably clean and tidy. These two were born and raised together. Featured in a 1992 Vintage Guitar calendar and in the same condition now 28 years later. Purchased as a set the Strat is a feather at 6.5 pounds and 100% original, as well as cleaner than most 10 year-old reissues. Frets like new, no broken plastic, and not a screw out of place. Pickups...
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2020 Collings I-30LC

In Jet Black nitrocellulose lacquer. Another thoroughly remarkable guitar from our friends at Collings. The I-30 has some similarities with Gibson's iconic fully-hollow ES-330 model of the '50s and '60s but Collings takes it the next level, both in terms of its parallel trestle-braced construction and Spanish heel, ergonomic and perfectly-proportioned 7/8-size body yet with a full 24 & 7/8" scale...
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1962 Gibson Skylark GA-5

Cute! 5 watts from a single 6AQ5, 6EU7 preamp, volume control, rotary on/off switch, and an '80s Celestion 10" that we're just gonna go ahead and say is probably not original to this American amp from the early '60s. Recently serviced, in great working order, light as a feather, a very practical yet groovy little all-tube practice/studio amp. Check out the crest on the control panel, too - classy!
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1956 Gibson GA-20

Two-tone cabinet, 15 watts or so from a pair of 6V6s, 12" Jensen P-12R loudspeaker with "Alnico 5" label, 4 inputs (3 instrument, 1 microphone), instrument and microphone volume controls, 1 tone control, output transformer mounted on speaker. All-original save for added 3-prong mains cable. Some substantial wear but functional and sounds great, a fine practice or studio amp with great '50s looks.
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