1950 Fender Broadcaster. This remarkable Broadcaster was rescued from a church basement over 30 years ago where it was found disassembled in a cardboard box. At that time, it was refinished, re-fretted, new pickguard added and the electronics were replaced. The original pickguard is present, but with a large portion of it broken off. At the time of re-fretting long ago, the neck was planed and lightly oversprayed with the exception of the headstock, which retains its original finish and decal. The neck has worn in beautifully over time and the overspray is nearly indistinguishable from the original finish.

The last owner of the guitar recently had Eric Daw refinish the body in a more authentic looking aged Butterscotch Blonde finish and also make a more accurate custom aged black pickguard. At this time, an original vintage 1950 switch and pots were sourced and installed to bring this guitar back to vintage spec, including the special “blend” circuit only seen on these early guitars. Non-original top hat switch. All other parts are original including the single-line Kluson tuners, bridge, saddles, pickups, control plate, neck plate and knobs.

This Broadcaster is very lightweight at only 6 lbs 10 oz and has a very bouncy feel where the notes just seem to pop right off the fretboard. Great playing, slightly chunky neck with a perfect worn-in feel. The pickups are bright and snappy with lots of twang. The slight microphonic nature of the old pickups capture the tonal qualities of the wood and also make the guitar super lively and dynamic. The perfect player’s grade Broadcaster with an amazing feel and sound! Includes non-original hardshell case.

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