Fender Custom Shop 2021 MBS 1961 Stratocaster Relic by Todd Krause

The "1961 Stratocaster Relic" model was built by Senior Master Builder Todd Krause.

It features the builder's signature specs, including a two-piece offset body, a thick mid-60s neck shape from the Stevie Ray Bourne tribute model, and 'Bone Tone' pickups.

The neck grip has been stripped off and the lacquer on the body back, the fine weather checks and dents on the body edges and the tarnished metal parts have been reproduced by the relic treatment, giving the guitar an outstanding look that has been played over many years.

The 9.5R fingerboard is made of dark shade rosewood with Narrow Tall type 6105 frets.

The pickups are equipped with hand-wound "John Cruz Master Designed Bone Tone STRAT PU”s signed by Josefina Campos.

Based on feedback from John Mayer, the Bone Tone PU uses Alnico 2 magnets and foam bar wire to create a vintage-style pickup with a low number of turns.

The "STRAT BLENDER w/GREASEBUCKET TONE" control is 1 volume/1 tone/blender and is wired to blend the bridge PU when the neck is selected (anti-clockwise) and the neck PU when the bridge is selected (anti-clockwise). This grease bucket tone circuit prevents volume drop when the tone is turned down.

There is some very light wear around the frets in the low position on the plain strings, but otherwise there is not much wear, and the neck and truss rod are both fine.

Body : Alder
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Fingerboard : 9.5R
Fretboard: 6105 Narrow Tall
Weight: 3.55 kg

Case: Original Hard Case
Accessories: Certificate

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