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2009 Gibson Custom Shop TAK Matsumoto DC Custom 2nd Edition

Gibson Custom Shop 2009 TAK Matsumoto DC Custom 2nd Edition This is the signature model "TAK DC Custom 2nd Edition" of Takahiro Matsumoto of B'z. It has an ebony fingerboard, gold “玲” truss rod cover, Lollar white and zebra pickups, black switch knobs and a FAT aluminium buckle guard, which is now hard to find and has been upgraded to more closely match the guitar he used. It comes with...
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2019 Killer KG Prime Signature 2015 version

Killer 2019 KG Prime Signature 2015 version The "KG-Prime Signature" is the 2015 version of the signature model by Akira Takasaki of LOUDNESS, which is now no longer in production. The differences from the 2014 version are the body color, truss rod, knobs and side positions (luminescent to normal), and the body material is light ash, as in the 2014 version, but has been selected so as not...
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1986 Gibson SG ’62 Reissue Bigsby Modified

Gibson 1986 SG ’62 Reissue Bigsby Modified This is a 1986 "SG 62 Reissue" model, the first year of the Reissue range. The original stop tailpiece has been replaced with a Bigsby and the original stud holes have been remained. This model is a reproduction of the '62 SG, with the tenon cover between the fingerboard end and neck pickup and beveled contour edges restored. The nut width...
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1981 Tokai ES100R

This is an ES-335 replica model "ES100R" made in 1981. This is one of the most well regarded Japan Vintage model from the early days of the ES-335 with dot position marks and long guard, and the neck has a slightly thicker shape like the 50s style. The pickups have been changed from Dimarzio to a set of Gibson 57classic, and the knobs/switches/pots/tuners/jacks/nut have been replaced....
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2023 Fender Custom Shop 70th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster J. Relic

Fender Custom Shop 70th Anniversary model The "1954 Stratocaster Journeyman Relic" model was produced to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Stratocaster. Featuring an offset two-piece ash body, slightly thicker soft V-shape measured from the "July 1954" neck, wide faded two-tone sunburst color with thicker edges, serial-numbered back panel, rounded pickup covers and knobs specific to...
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2018 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Junior Slight Light Aged

Gibson Custom Shop 2018 Historic Collection 1959 Les Paul Junior Slight Light Aged This "1959 Les Paul Junior DC Slight Light Aged" model was produced as a exclusive model for Japan. It has a slightly rounded chamfered body shape, more vintage like plastic parts such as the pickguard and control knobs, and although there are no weather checks, the body edges have been aged to reproduce fine...
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2020 PRS Custom24 Normal Top

PRS 2020 Custom24 Normal Top This is a "Custom24" model with a well proportioned and beautifully grained maple top. This is one of the "V12" with urethane coating before "Nitro over Celluose (NOC)" spec. The neck grip is "Pattern Regular”, the pickups are a pair of "85/15" pickups, an improved version of the HFS pickups released on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of PRS. The...
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2021 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection 1958 Les Paul VOS

Gibson Custom Shop 2021 Historic Collection 1958 Les Paul VOS This "1958 Les Paul VOS" model has a hard maple top with flecks and is finished in Bourbon Burst. The neck grip is a thicker "Chunky C" shape typical of the '58 model, with slightly narrower narrow-tall frets and two un-potted Alnico 3 Custom Backer pickups. The hide gluing and parts have been carried over from True Historic,...
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2006 Fender Custom Shop MBS Eric Clapton “Blackie” ST by Greg Fessler

Fender Custom Shop 2006 MBS Tribute Series Eric Clapton “Blackie” Stratocaster by Greg Fessler The Tribute Series Eric Clapton Blackie Stratocaster was produced in a limited edition of 275 pieces worldwide. This model is a detailed and complete reproduction of Eric Clapton's famous Stratocaster, known as the "Blackie", which he used from 1973 to 1985, and was built by Greg Fessler. It...
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2000 ESP Purple Tiger George Lynch Signature

ESP 2000 Purple Tiger George Lynch Signature model This is a custom made George Lynch signature model "Purple Tiger". It has the unmistakable look of a signature model, with a banana head and a unique coloring of purple metallic bursts around the perimeter of the graphic tiger-patterned body. The neck pickup is an ESP SS-120 and the bridge is a George Lynch model Seymour Duncan Signature...
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2020 Fender Custom Shop Limited 60’s Telecaster Thinline Journeyman Relic

Fender Custom Shop 2020 Limited 60’s Telecaster Thinline Journeyman Relic This is the "60's Telecaster Thinline Journeyman Relic" produced as a limited edition model in 2020. Based on the late 60s style Thinline with semi-hollow ash body and single coil pickups, the finely reticulated weather checks and dents have been reproduced by relic processing. The neck is made of beautiful AAA...
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2022 Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab 1961 ES-335 Ultra Light Aged

Gibson Custom Shop 2022 Murphy Lab 1961 ES-335 Ultra Light Aged The "1961 ES-335 Murphy Lab Ultra Light Aged" model has been aged by the new Murphy Lab team, led by Tom Murphy, who specialises in ageing. This is the lightest of the four stages of ageing, and is a replica of a vintage guitar that has been carefully stored in a case. The rounded Mickey Mouse ear cutaway is rebuilt to 1961...
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2017 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Les Paul HRM Heavy Aged Hand Selected M2M

Gibson Custom Shop 2017 Historic Collection 1958 Les Paul Heavy Aged Made 2 Measure This one was custom ordered (M2M) by a dealer and is made of carefully selected hard rock maple top with a heavy-aged finish that replicates the bold paint peeling and weather cheeks on the body back and elbow. It has the same hide glued top as the True Historic models and True Historic plastic parts, and...
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2020 Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab 1959 ES-355 Ultra Light Aged

Gibson Custom Shop 2022 Murphy Lab 1959 ES-355 Ultra Light Aged This "1959 ES-355 Ultra Light Aged" model has a look reminiscent of Keith Richards' gear. It is a reproduction of a 1959 ES-355 in Ebony Black, with Bigsby B7, mono and pickguardless specs, with the same multi-binding as the Les Paul Custom, split diamond inlays and gold hardware , and it is one of the highest range ES series...
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2015 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1958 Les Paul Murphy Aged

Gibson Custom Shop 2015 True Historic 1958 Les Paul Murphy Aged The "1958 Les Paul Murphy Aged" model has an impressive, clear grain pattern in the centre of the guitar. It is a slightly darker vintage Cherry Sunburst color, and has been aged by master craftsman Tom Murphy to reproduce the weather checks and dents, giving it the best vintage guitar look. It has the thicker neck shape...
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2006 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird Non-Reverse I P-90

Gibson Custom Shop 2006 Firebird Non-Reverse I P-90 This is a Custom Shop "Firebird I Non-Reverse". This is a limited production model of the Firebird that became non-reverse body in 1965, and there are relatively a few copies of this model in the market. It is equipped with a stoptail and two P-90 pickups. The body is made of one piece mahogany and features a set neck, a...
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2018 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Precision Bass Journeyman Relic

Fender Custom Shop 2018 1960 Precision Bass Journeyman Relic This is a "1960 Precision Bass Journeyman Relic" model in sonic blue finish with mint green pick guard. It reproduces 1960 specs such as the slab-laminated rosewood fingerboard and clay dots, and the weather checks and small dents on the entire body have been recreated by the relic process. The neck is a 60s P-BASS OVAL C,...
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2016 Gibson Custom Shop True Historic 1960 Les Paul Murphy Aged

Gibson Custom Shop 2016 True Historic 1960 Les Paul Murphy Aged This "1960 Les Paul Murphy Aged" model features an impressive flame maple top with beautiful three-dimensional grain. The body is a slightly muted Cherry Sunburst, with weather checks and dents reproduced by master craftsman Tom Murphy's aging process, giving it a vintage feel and finish that meets the highest standard. The...
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2001 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster NOS

Fender Custom Shop 2001 1960 Stratocaster NOS This is a "1960 Stratocaster NOS" model with Olympic White finish and slab laminated Rosewood fingerboard. This is a reproduction of a 1960 Stratocaster with a NOS finish that recreates the brand new condition. The neck is a narrow C-shape, which is typical of the era. The capacitors have been replaced with ceramic types, the controls have...
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2012 b3 Earth Proto NAMM

b3 2012 Earth Proto NAMM show This is the prototype "Earth" model, of which only two were made for the NAMM show. This is the first bolt-on model produced under the "b3" brand by Gene Baker, a former master builder for Fender. The German curved top body follows the company's "SL" model and is finished in Mercedes blue. It features TonePros AVT-2 bridge, Kluson tuners, and Jim Dunlop...
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1990 YAMAHA SG-1 Issei Noro

YAMAHA 1990s SG-1 Isse Noro Signature This is the signature model "SG-1" of Issei Noro, the leader/guitarist of the Japanese fusion band "Cassiopeia". The original smaller body shape is said to have been designed by Noro himself, with a semi-hollow maple top and mahogany back. The signature "Special Star" position markers and white plastic parts give it a distinctive look. The bridge...
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2012 Fender Custom Shop MBS All Rosewood Stratocaster NOS by Paul Waller

Fender Custom Shop 2012 MBS All Rosewood Stratocaster NOS by Paul Waller This is a rare model "Rosewood Stratocaster" that the Custom Shop no longer takes orders. It is based on the specs of the 1968 Stratocaster with a large head and F-key tuners, etc. The body and neck are all made of rosewood, giving it a high-class look and texture. The body has a pancake structure with maple...
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1966 Fender Mustang

Fender 1966 Mustang This 1966 "Mustang" model is highly original and in good condition. It has been re-fretted and re-nutted, but there are no other replacements and no repair history. The body and neck have fine weather checks, and the body is in relatively good condition for its age with no major paint peeling. It has a round laminated rosewood fingerboard and B-neck, 16AUG66 neck...
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1979 Fender Mustang

Fender 1979 Mustang This is a "Mustang" model made in 1979. It has a one-piece maple neck, a large head, F-key tuners, and two gray bobbin pickups. The neck date and pickup date are '78, and the switch, jack, pots, strap pins, and tremolo arm have been replaced. There is extensive paint damage and tiny dents to the body end from guitar stands, etc., a very shallow crack to the body...
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2004 Gibson Custom Shop Custom Collection 1968 Les Paul Custom Reissue

Gibson Custom Shop 2004 Custom Collection 1968 Les Paul Custom Reissue This is a "1968 Les Paul Custom" model with Ebony Black finish and Ebony fingerboard. The maple top and mahogany back are reproduced from the 1968 specs, and the diamond head inlays and block position marks give it a look of a higher-end model. The neck is a slightly thicker shape, pickups are equipped with two...
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2014 Gibson Custom Shop HC 1958 Les Paul Heavily Aged Hand Selected

Custom Shop 2014 Historic Collection 1958 Les Paul Heavily Aged Hand Selected This "1958 Les Paul Heavily Aged" model has a carefully selected flamed maple top. The maple top with flecks is finished in primary burst finish with moderate, slightly green hue, and the bold aging finish gives it a look of the guitar that has been used for many years. The neck has a thick, rounded shape...
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2023 PRS Custom24 10Top

PRS 2023 Custom24 10Top This is the grey-black 'Custom24 10Top' model, now in custom colous. It has a gorgeous look with optional 10Top grade maple top and hybrid parts. It is finished in PRS's exclusive Nitro over Celluose (NOC) lacquer finish, which will be available from 2020 onwards. (The NOC coating uses "Nitro" lacquer as the topcoat & "Cellulose Acetate Butyrate" lacquer as the...
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2010 Gibson Custom Shop CC#1 Melvyn Franks 1959 Les Paul VOS

Gibson Custom Shop 2010 Collectors Choice #1 Melvyn Franks 1959 Les Paul VOS This is a "Collectors Choice Melvyn Franks VOS" model, a reproduction of the famous 1959 Les Paul, also known as "Greeny", which Gary Moore acquired from Peter Green in 1970. Butterscotch burst finish with a faded reddish hue, fine flamed maple top, spurzel tuners, bridge volume/tone control replaced with a metal...
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2014 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Collection 1957 Les Paul Custom 3PU VOS

Gibson Custom Shop 2014 Historic Collection 1957 Les Paul Custom 3PU VOS This is the "1957 Les Paul Custom 3PU VOS" model with all-mahogany body, three pickups, and stop tailpiece. It is nicknamed the ”Black Beauty" for its black coloring, including the ebony fingerboard, diamond head inlays, multi-layer binding and gold hardware, giving it a premium feel that suits a higher-end...
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2011 Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster

Fender USA 2011 American Standard Stratocaster American Standard Stratocaster" model in blizzard pearl color and rosewood fingerboard. It has 22 brimmed frets, 2-point synchronised tremolo, head adjustment rod, 9.5R fingerboard with medium jumbo type frets for high playability. Each pickup is equipped with an "American Strat Single-Coil" and the bridge saddle is a bent steel saddle,...
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