1950? Maybe. Deluxe 6 model? Apparently so, though I’ll defer to all you super-experts on these out there. I will say this: It’s got a serial number of 0002 stamped into the string plate, right where it’s sposeta be, never see that again I guar-on-tee. I can also say, from experience of having dismantled and restored lots of these old Fender steels my own self that it is 100% original, with no alterations, nowhere, nothing ever disturbed internally or externally, and not an identifying number or anything else to be found in it, nohow. Still got its original green felt on the back, got its ultra-cool tweed hard shell case, and it’s GOT THE TONE!!!! AND THE VOLUME!!!!! TONS OF IT!!!!! Don Helms, Move it on Over, this steel just about shouts Git along! All you Western Swing cats would be so proud to own this fabulous, super-cool Fender steel. It’s been here in my personal collection for twenty or thirty years, might could even be possible that I originally found it Somewhere in Texas (I think I actually did), but dang, I haven’t played it much recently and it’s time that someone really did. So here it is, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have one of the coolest Fender lap steel guitars extant. $2495 w/ohsc

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