Solid '66 Fender Deluxe Reverb, (PG), EX+ (9.0), I have good news and good news. When the owner blew the original speaker, he put in a Celestion Vintage 30. If you like to play your Les Paul loud, like I do, crank it up. You will not blow this speaker. Boost it with effects, you will not blow this speaker. They are known for their clear tones at low volume as well. Now just like I did when I blew the speaker in my '66 Deluxe reverb (playing my Les Paul loud), he held on to the original speaker. I sent it to Speaker Repair Pros and it has been expertly reconed to original specs. I considered putting it back in the amp, but it sounds so good as is, I'll send the original speaker along with the amp and you can decide. The amp has been serviced and is ready for stage and studio. New filter caps only, a grounded power cord and EVERYTHING else is original. Comes with a new cover and foot switch. "GREAT AMP"

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The web is 24/7. Ain't it wonderful. Call for an appointment and you can come to my studio and check out gear.

Personal checks are fine. Out of state checks clear in a day or two now. Money orders, no problem. Wire transfers work well. We recommend for international wire transfer. Sorry, no credit cards. (I don't have to charge you the extra 3%) I have a liberal layaway plan to help people buy expensive guitars. Email for details.

USPS & UPS mainly. In 45 years I've had one UPS claim and they paid it. I don't like Fed Ex but I'll use them if you want. Don't expect them to pay a claim on a vintage guitar. Proper packing prevents problems. I take care to pack so gear will arrive safely.

I don't buy anything I wouldn't want for myself. It's very rare I'll buy something that's not 100% original, but if it has changed tuner buttons or been refretted, I'll tell you. Detailed, accurate descriptions only. Please call for an in hand description. I go to a lot of trouble to pack this stuff right for shipping so it will arrive undamaged. I sell only really nice amps, fully serviced. No returns.