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Several guitars have just arrived...
Prices can change without notice. Please contact us for the current pricing.

Most all of these guitars and amps have video representation on our You Tube Channel under AJ's Music.. Prices can change without notice. Please contact us for the current pricing.

AJ's Music and Vintage guitars is a very reputable and long standing specialty Guitar shop; originally from Chicago and currently being the oldest music store in the Las Vegas area. We have been playing, collecting, buying, and selling vintage guitars and amps for almost 50 years and are part of the original group of pioneer vintage dealers in the world. We even helped design and create the Fender "Relic" guitars and most of those great options and features they incorporate. We have guest stared on the hit TV series, "Pawn Stars", bringing several items of famous music memorabilia to the viewing public.

There are many reasons to do business with honest and knowledgeable dealers like AJ's Music and Vintage Guitars. Lately we have seen many problematic, issue, and fake guitars being sold to the trusting public through popular sites. Many purchasers don't even realize it until it is too late. Places like Reverb and eBay will not guarantee a safe transaction anymore mainly due to their ignorance of knowing guitars well enough. There is no worse feeling than finding out the guitar you bought is worth a fraction of what you invested due to fraud and dishonesty. We are extremely careful when buying guitars so that your buying protection is always guaranteed. Please look into eBay and check our feedback, as these are actual transactions over many years, and not one way distorted Yelps or Googles, none of which are substantiated. Our eBay account is "pete3rwr" and there are many 100s of customer statements listed for your review, where we have maintained 100% customer satisfaction ratings over the many years, ratings you can count on to be factual.

Payment and Return Policy:
The market has seen many changes of late brought on by new policies with Paypal, Reverb, eBay, credit card providers, and sales taxes. If you purchase from us through "gbase.com", "vintageandrare.com" or directly from our store and web site there is no sales tax and we will often discount the other fees associated with buying through eBay and Reverb. Our shipping prices are very reasonable because we are insured through Heritage Ins Co and have a discounted commercial account with UPS. WE are very careful and professional in our packaging. Please ask about our return policies, as they may differ depending on your specific purchase. That said, please rest assured, we want your repeat business and understand how important your customer experience and satisfaction is. Again, please read our reviews on eBay and see below our satisfied list of professional guitarists, many of which still transact business with us for over 45 years!

Satisfied and Returning Customers:
Our professional list of very satisfied clients from over the past 45 years; many of whom continue to do business with AJ's: Randy Bachman, Steve Marriot, Peter Frampton, Rod Price, Mick Ralphs, Muddy Waters, Roy Buchanan, Bruce Springsteen, Jim Peterik, Joe Brown, James Burton, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Billy Gibbons, Brian May, Albert Lee, Eric Clapton, BB King, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Scotty Moore, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks, Mason Ruffner, Devin Almond, John Cruz, Rick Neilson, Tom Peterson, Pete Theones, Mark Chatfield, Charles Dennis, Jerry Donahue, Tom Bukovac, Ry Cooder, Carlos Santana, Kirk Fletcher, Joe Osborne, Dave Amato, etc...

AJ's Has Moved:
We have recently relocated outside the city to a wonderful custom built facility. Our new address is 1203 Santa Ynez Ave, Henderson NV 89002. AJ's has a modern 1,250 sq ft guest house on the property that we accommodate our customers with if they travel here for a hands on inspection and need a convenient place to stay. The weather is almost always sunny and we are close to the airport, Lake Mead, and Mt Charleston. We are mainly an internet dealer although we have a brick and mortar store and are open to the public by appointment.

AJ's Music and Vintage Guitars
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