This was purchased from the original owner’s family in Southern Colorado… electronics are all original other than replaced three prong power cord and one replaced capacitor to the left of the filter caps. This one was played, and it sounds fantastic. No sales tax if outside of Idaho.

Harvard’s are very desirable Fender amps. They have a very unique sonic tone among Fender amps. As every listing notes, these were used by Steve Cropper as his studio amp during his Stax studio recording days, including the song “Green Onions”, an endorsement of their quality.

I’ve sold all my tweed Deluxes, but I’ve kept 3 Harvards: they are great amps!

They were manufactured in small quantities, and there are never very many for sale. Many of the ones for sale have changed transformers or aftermarket speakers, or poorly done upgrades. These Harvard’s occupy a unique sonic boundary, just below the Deluxe in power, but with a great tonal range.

This has a high-quality upgraded handle, and an old 1956 220601 teal blue Jensen P10Q with original correct blue bell cover, which I had re-coned by Speaker Repair Pros. Tube chart dates this one to 1957. This one was played and loved by the owner’s father for good reason, it is a nice loud sounding Harvard.I’ve had several of these that are loud sounding amps for their size, and this is one of them. This still has the original filter caps, which should be changed out, as they are showing age related fatigue.

The lettering on the chassis is in good shape. There is some light pitting to the chrome which you can see in the pics near the input jacks and power switch.

This will be well packed in Styrofoam sheets and bubble wrap. Due to the fragile nature of old amps, amps are sold as is, no returns, no refunds. All old amps should be looked at by a qualified amp tech for safety.

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