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~1962 Fender Jazzmaster Brown Tolex Case

Brown Tolex Jazzmaster Case from around 1962, I got it with a Les Paul in it..rough condition with edge wear, but no mildew or must smells. Extra handle added. Pictures show the details.
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2000 Rickenbacker Carl Wilson Limited Edition 360 CW 12

Beautifully colored and figured Limited Edition Carl Wilson 360 12 string that is a work of art as much as a beautiful guitar. This guitar came out of a private collection and looks as if it was never played. I can find no imperfections; this guitar looks new. Plays perfectly, just a great guitar. The back and front are both figured and gorgeous, with flame that moves - not that stagnant stuff...
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1996 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Cunetto

This is a very nice 1996 Fender Custom Shop 1956 R. I. “Vince Cunetto” Stratocaster. It is visually appealing and plays very well. These were the first Custom Shop reissues that were subcontracted out to Vince Cunetto, before the Fender Custom shop got rolling. In addition to being a Fender Relic model, these have the additional bonus credential of being done by Vince in the early days....
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2001 Fender Custom Shop " Vintage P-Bass Custom"

This is from a select run of basses made by the Fender Custom Shop and released in 2001. This lightweight swamp ash beauty already has 17 years of aging to the wood, and still looks almost as new as the day it was sold. The “Honey Blonde” finish offsets the ash grain and the maple neck well is and is a great looking finish. A combination of early 50’s Precision bass designs mixed in with a...
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2003 Fender Custom Shop '60 Custom Telecaster N.O.S

A beautiful, barely used fourteen-year-old N.O.S “ Custom Telecaster” in very clean condition. Purchased from the original owner who played it very little. Weighs in at 7.6 lbs. The finish is beautifully colored on this.. The strings are low, and it plays great all the way up and down the neck. Done by Fender in the NOS (New Old Stock) finish, with no nicks and dings, fake checking, or...
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1951 DeArmond 2000 with Harness & Knobs

This matched set were originally from a 1951 Gretsch Synchromatic, the precursor to the Country Club. I purchased them for a restoration project and no longer need them. In my opinion, nothing sounds better than the pickups from the 1950’s. I don’t know if it’s the materials, or the aging process, but to me, there is an audible difference in the tonal qualities, and it’s worth the premium price...
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1957 Single Cut Les Paul special, with 2 great sounding P-90 pickup, in all original TV yellow finish. Mahogany body and neck, with highly figured Brazilian rosewood fretboard. An uncirculated example purchased 20 years ago from its longtime owner, and kept in my personal collection for all these years. 100% original and straight. Nice sized larger neck measures .925 first fret, .986 7th fret, &...
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~1959 Kay Speed Demon

~1959 Kay Speed Demon 23 % off
Reduced Price!! Clean, Clean, Clean, Kay Speed Demon with the original rare "Jetsons" Bigsby. Three pickups with a four way selector knob that allows for neck, middle, bridge, and all three pickups at the same time configuration. Includes original looking case, pickguard has disappeared over the years. Original Single Line Kluson Deluxe tuners are in great shape. Frets and fretboard are almost...
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~1960 Framus Sorella

~1960 Framus Sorella 24 % off
1960’s Framus Sorella Single cutaway archtop with original pickup. Made in Bravaria, a low priced vintage collectible guitar that’s priced right and won’t break the bank. I have a really solid hardshell case for this, and it will be well packed for shipping…
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1962 Gibson Truss Rod Cover LP Jr etc

Gibson Truss Rod Cover with two hard to find original screws in great shape.
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~1959 Gibson Les Paul Case Tag

Gibson case tag placard for your 1950's Gibson case... These were placed on the outside of the case on Gibson brown Lifton style cases, and on the inside pocket of alligator cases.
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~1964 Unkown Mfg. Thin-line case 17" Bass Bout

Not sure what this one is for, but it has a cool Lizard skin type case covering and a maroon lining. Not sure of the year, '65 or earlier is a guess. 17 inch bass bout that is flat at the tail. Case is too wide for a ES-335, but the length is right. Latches are a little corroded, and the cloth top and bottom connects are worn out or close to worn out. A cool case for the right guitar! More pics...
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~1964 GUILD Various Models '64-'72

Nice set of New Old Stock Guild Knobs used from 1964-1972 on many different models.
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~1976 Gibson Pat # Stamp Humbucker N.O.S never used

New Old Stock never used Pat # Stamped Humbucker, never used, full length leads, never installed in a guitar. I purchased this years ago from an old guitar shop. Reads 7.54 & includes surround ring and height adjustment screws.
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~1969 Gibson Pat # Decal Humbucker N.O.S. Unused

Mint New Old Stock pickup that I purchased from a guitar store years ago. Original pat # decal and full length leads. Reads 7.68 ohms and has never been in a guitar. Solder joints never broken. Not sure of the year. Has "L" tool marks on the base.
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1965 Kluson Deluxe Double Line, Plastic Buttons w screws

Nice Set, from a Rickenbacker 425. Double Line "Kluson Deluxe" . Includes the original screws, which are different than the typical Gibson screws. These are appropriate for a same era Gibson ES-330 & ES-225
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~1965 Fender Bandmaster Amp Head Cover

Nice Victoria Luggage Company Amp head cover with felt lining, no rips or tears, and the label window is intact. Does not say “Bandmaster” on the outside, but fits a Bandmaster head perfectly. Has one small streak of white of white on the back, probably from being rubbed against something. Nice solid cover that has aged well.
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~1965 Fender Bandmaster Amp Head Cover

Circ 1965 Fender Bandmaster amp head cover. Has one seam separation that could be sewed by a cobbler, it is a clean separation. Has some wear to the cover and the lettering, it’s been used, it’s not mint. Other covers and guitar cases and parts available if you want to combine shipping.
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1966 Fender Jazzmaster

From a 1966 Jazzmaster & in nice shape!
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