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~1970 Hondo II HDLP-2W Les Paul Custom

No Sales Tax if sold out of State...1970’s to early 1980s Hondo II HDLP-2W in a cool artic white type color…kind of a Randy Rhodes knockoff Les Paul Custom (except his had a natural top). Has the original Dimarzio Pickups that these came with. This includes a Gibson Les Paul red lined case some time in the 70’s era. The guitar seems to be all original with the exception of some of the pots, and...
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1959 Gretsch Single Anniversary

This guitar is a perfect project guitar for a restoration or a 6120 conversion since this has the same classic Gretsch "Trestle Bracing" inside the guitar that Gretsch only used for a short time on their guitars. No sales tax on Gbase if sold out of state. I purchased this from a luthier who was working on it. The year 1959 Gretsch Single Anniversary is 16” wide, 2 ½ deep single cutaway...
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~1950 DeArmond Dynasonic 2000

Beautiful DeArmond "Dynasonic" 9.4 ohm vintage pickup, perfect for your restoration, or for greatly improving the tone of your reissue Gretsch or other Reissue guitar. Reissue guitars can be well built, but they never equal the tone of the vintage pickups. Replacing the pickups is probably the single best thing a person can do to improve their reissue guitars sound! This is in fantastic shape....
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1964 Fender Reverb Tank Unit

This is a 1964 Fender Reverb Tank Unit in Brown Tolex that has been painted black. Back in the 1960’s, when the Black Tolex amps came out, musicians wanted to stay current, and some painted their amp tolex from brown to black. This has all Pre-CBS features. As hard as the coolest of all Reverb Tanks, the rough white tolex with Oxblood grill cloth, are to find….I thought this would be a perfect...
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1936 Gibson L-30

No sales tax to customers on Gbase. These 1930’s L-30’s are classic vintage Gibson’s..pretty much the same V neck as on the same era L-00, and vintage Gibson craftsman ship, on guitars that probably fret better than a lot of new guitars. Brazilian Rosewood fretboard and original frets in good shape. FON # 689-11. If you can slide a low-profile pickup near the bridge on these, the sound really...
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1943 Gibson L-50

Probably the cleanest War-Time L-50 and one of the cleanest L-5 Style Striped Tweed Gibson 16” cases on the planet. Near Mint condition 9.5 out of 10.0. This is an amazing find. Beautiful sunburst finish, with highly flamed back and sides, in amazingly clean condition. Bound top and back. This is one of the cleanest Gibson Tweed L-5 style cases you will find…sell the guitar and keep the...
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2010 Gibson ES-359

Beautiful 2010 Gibson Custom Shop ES-359 with real ebony fretboard. 2010 is supposed to be the last year Gibson used ebony on their fretboards before switching to Richlite. This has the nicest flame I have seen on one of these. Most of the flame on these ES-359’s is poorly defined and washed out – this flame has strong definition and nice fingering or forking, with great color. I bought...
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1957 Fender Harvard

This was purchased from the original owner’s family in Southern Colorado… electronics are all original other than replaced three prong power cord and one replaced capacitor to the left of the filter caps. This one was played, and it sounds fantastic. No sales tax if outside of Idaho. Harvard’s are very desirable Fender amps. They have a very unique sonic tone among Fender amps. As every...
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1958 Bigsby B-6

This is an ultra rare impressed serial # B-6 Bigsby that came of a 1958 Gretsch Country Gentleman. The impressed serial # with a single slot screw Bigsby's are a rare breed, perfect for getting that valuable guitar back to the exact specs. Note that this model has the handle stop on the handle, and not the base that the handle bolts to. This and the single slot screw, set it apart from the other...
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1927 Martin 018-K

1927 Martin 018-K $599 off
Beautiful nicely figured example of a vintage Martin 0-18K in great shape. Ebony fretboard, bar frets, 1 7/8” at the nut. This is not a conversion from a Hawaiian setup to standard Spanish like many of these on the market. This guitar came stock with a round neck contoured for acoustic playing, and is not a Hawaiian conversion. Beautiful original brass tuners. Original bridge with crack...
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1962 Fender Vibrolux

1962 Fender Vibrolux 13% off
Brown Tolex Amps are some of the best Fender made, this rare 6G11 Vibrolux is no exception. These are rare under the radar amps, because they are seldom seen for sale. The louder you play this, the better it sounds. Original foot-switch included. 3 prong cord and cap maintenance performed years ago by the famed "Brown Soun" in California, with a bias trim pot added, this one is ready to play....
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~1920 SS Stewart L-00 Sized

~1920 SS Stewart L-00 Sized 33% off
Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back and sides that rivals the best Martin 0-45 from the 1920’s, and a body that measures almost exactly the same as a 1930's L-00. This is a perfect example for an L-00 conversion, or a fine guitar on it's own worthy of restoration. Brazilian Rosewood has straight grain with the rich chocolate color, great for an x braced conversion, a new build, or restoration....
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1960 Guild Aristocrat M-75

1960 Guild Aristocrat M-75 26% off
Probably the cleanest Guild Aristocrat in existence. Virtually un-played condition. Original Guild Hang Tag, along with retail guitar store inventory “tag” still on the guitar from 1960. You will not find a cleaner M-75 anywhere. A true museum piece, one of, collector piece gem. Many sellers loosely use the term "mint", which should mean "as it left the factory" ...this is as close to that as...
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