About the coolest pre-CBS Fender Jaguar we’ve seen in years, anywhere. Neck dated 1 OCT 63B. 100% original and un-fooled with, it has the look of having been played by one person for years and years (which it was), and good care taken of it (which it has), and all the tones of 50+ years of mellowing, which it surely has. All just thoroughly gone over right here in our own workshop, all beautifully set up and ready to gig with. Electronics work perfectly; all the switches and controls, even that famous settable trem bar slider on the tailpiece. Bridge pickup just rewound by Lindy Fralin, the very very best anywhere, undetectable of course. Frets original too with surprisingly little wear. The only thing we didn’t address was the foam strip on the string damper, which nobody has used since Richard Nixon anyway. Original Fender hardshell case, kinda blond-looking with orange lining; one of the latches only half-there but very serviceable. You’re not going to find another Richard Fender Jaguar that begs you to play it more than this one does. $4495 w/ohsc

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