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If you would have ordered this guitar in 1964 from Fender, it would have been the most expensive catalog product you could have bought. A Bulwin case would have added 40% to the retail price alone. This guitar was ordered with every Pre-CBS bell and whistle available. If you are a pre-CBS collector, well this one is for you.

This L Plate, B width neck, green guard, Gold hardware, Bulwin case sporting example is dressed to impress.

Electronics that date to the summer of 1964, pots week 21, pickups June, and the May "B" neck set this one firmly in production during the last summer before the CBS take over. Not to mention the original single line Kluson tuners, and clay dots round the bases to make this one a real head turning piece.

This is a single owner guitar, who mainly played it in churches.

Both pickups are fresh back from Lindy Fralin and pop at a strong 7-7.15 OHMs each. The guitar is otherwise original, darn near perfect. There is a small area of touchup on the forearm contour, this area is roughly one inch and is pictured.

The neck screws are gold, the undercoat is silver and the hardware is gold. Back of the neck is basically perfect, not a divot on it. The first 5 frets could use a level and crown as they have pretty decent wear in the "cowboy chord" region.

On the headstock the paint and decal are untouched, there is no sign of overspray anywhere on the guitar.

Included is the impossibly rare Bulwin Made case, which functions fully and has a replacement handle. Also tagging along is the original warranty card, black Fender leather strap, bridge cover and tremolo bar.

While not original I am including the 1963-64 official Fender product line catalog, its in amazing shape and has all sorts of treasures inside to behold. I wont show that off, the new owner can relish that bit.

The guitar has a fresh set up with .10 Ernie ball electric strings, and new foam under the pickups. The original foam is included.

Ive said more than I intended about this one.....it kind of speaks for itself.

Feel free to ask any questions, and international shipping is available.

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