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Looking for a stunning pre-CBS Fender Jaguar in the most iconic custom colour of them all?  Read on!

Here we have a stunning, fully original (minus the nut), 1965 Fender Jaguar in beautiful Olympic White, complete with its originalblack Tolex case and tremolo arm.  When the Jaguar was launched in 1962 it was heavily advertised in Olympic White for good reason; for us it is the number one custom colour for a Fender Jaguar.

As always, we will let the photos do most of the talking.  Take a look at the beautifully aged Olympic White finish against the stunning detail of the tortoise pickguard.  The early to mid-1965 production period of the Fender Jaguar is something we seek out here at JTKM STUDIO.  If you’re lucky, and its not always the case, you find that Jag’s from this period have a very fat, full and rounded feeling neck, which for us is a massive positive.  The pickups from this period are very powerful and strong.  Equip those features with a stunning custom colour and what you have is an amazing playing Fender Jaguar and a vintage guitar you’ll most likely never part with.  We only seek out the best of the best offset Fender and this is one of them!

The neck is dated to July 1965 with a B neck profile.  It is one of the last L series models and still has full pre-CBS features; no binding and no larger headstock/logo (which was a marketing strategy).  The pots are Stackpole branded (304) and both date to the 30th week of 1965.  None of the soldering have been overflowed or repaired, the pickup windings are original and there is no touch-up to the finish.  The Jaguar is 100% original and correct apart from the nut has been expertly replaced.  Please note that the bridge cover does not belong to the Jaguar and is not included in the sale.  The case has a Fender logo attached, common with cases from late 1965 onwards.   The white case showed in the photos was for photosgraphs purposes only and not included in the sale.  If you want the white Tolex case instead of the black Tolex case, I can exchange the cases for an additional £500. 

The Jaguar will come fully set up and ready to go.

There you have it, another stunning offset Fender at JTKM STUDIO at a steal of a price into todays Fender offset  market. 

Contact us on info@jtkmstudio.com to purchase.  

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Olympic White
Original Hard
$14,000 down from $15,000
Joni Thompson
6:11 AM
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