Fender USA 70th Anniversary Esquire,2023 in absolute MINT,unplayed condition with NO wear anywhere on the guitar.1 day old as of this posting.comes with the Tweed case,COA,all papers ,hang tags, strap.guitar weighs 6lbs 13oz on my digital postal scale.very lightweight pine body for rich,complex,punchy tones.Tim Shaw bridge pickup which was designed to sound like an vintage,original 1950’s Esquire pickup,9.25 neck radius,chunky early 1950’s Esquire neck profile.profile gives you plenty to hang on too.I guarantee everything I sell,IF guitar is not in the condition I have stated I will refund $ your money minus shipping.there is a factory route underneath the pick guard to install a neck pickup,just like the originals. I am sellin* this guitar and donating the money to a canine shelter that is going to be closed down and the dogs euthanized.i have seen this once before and I never want to see it again.a pile of “man’s best friend euthanized because city councils have no morals or compassion for animals,especially dogs,cats.thanks for your interest

joseph femoyer gear store

2023 (1950 reissue)
Laked placid blue
joseph femoyer gear store
Joseph femoyer