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2029 Victoria Trem Deluxe

For Sale- 2020 Victoria Trem Deluxe 1x12,6V6 power tubes with footswitch.upgraded at Victoria with 1/2 power switch,has more headroom than a deluxe.I upgraded the amp by removing the Eminence ceramic speaker and replacing it with a Weber 12A125-A Alnico speaker,30watt which is a perfect match to the original Jensen P12Q Alnico speaker.this amp nails the tone of a vintage Fender 5E9 deluxe tremolo...
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2022 Victoria Chicagolux

For sale,Chicago Music Exchange exclusive,Victoria 2022 Chicagolux 1x10 using 6V6 power tubes.this is a clone of a 1959 fender Vibrolux 5F11 tweed can only be purchased through CME.I have upgraded the amp with a Jupiter Alnico speaker replacing the Eminence ceramic speaker..has 3 channels and onboard tremolo,foot switch included.all certification paperwork from CME.please NO trades.Ace...
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2023 Fender Pro

Fender USA 70th Anniversary Esquire,2023 in absolute MINT,unplayed condition with NO wear anywhere on the guitar.1 day old as of this posting.comes with the Tweed case,COA,all papers ,hang tags, strap.guitar weighs 6lbs 13oz on my digital postal scale.very lightweight pine body for rich,complex,punchy tones.Tim Shaw bridge pickup which was designed to sound like an vintage,original 1950’s Esquire...
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2021 Victoria Pro

Victoria tweed Pro guitar amplifier,2022 in MINT,NEW condition.amp uses 2-5881 power tubes,rated at 28 watts.i upgraded the amp from the stock Eminence ceramic speaker to a vintage sounding Weber Alnico 30watt speaker at a cost of $300.All Victoria amps are hand wired,point to point for utter reliability and TONE..please no trades.local pickup only.check out the dozens of YouTube videos.thanks...
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