Two Tone Sunburst (of course) over a one-piece ash body. The neck date is 2-55. Has the original bakelite parts except a reissue bakelite bridge cover we got from Europe. We knew the previous owner Andy. He bought it new. There is some interesting ephemera in the case including a letter to his wife to “never throw away any parts” and “only trust Willie’s Guitars in St. Paul.” We sold this for his widow in 2020 and it ended up on our vintage guitar calendar in 2021.

There is a photo of the original owner on a “Minnesota Rockabilly Rock” record with a cut of Andy playing this guitar. Also included is Fender’s original instructions for operating the fancy new tremolo bridge (really cool). Plus there is the original strap, bridge cover, trem arm and bridge saddles. It has newer reissue saddles installed, we will leave it that way.

The ’54 Stratosphere guitar, oh sorry the Stratocaster…was revolutionary with a synchronized tremolo, ergonomically designed contoured back and arm bevel. But the real basic thing we take for granted is the double cutaway. Find any double cutaway made before 1954. Rev-o-lutionary.

This guitar has been professionally refretted (you are most welcome) and has a nice medium V neck (slightly off-center like your ’59 Burst). The gorgeous Ash body is light at 6.75 pounds and is quite resonant. Yes, Andy played it. It rings. Has the original no-line tuners, round string tree and knobs. An extra set is in the case. Has the original pickguard and round hole back plate cover but the trem arm is a repro. All the pickups are original and the windings are equal in output.

Note we first saw this with a repro pickup. We sent the original to Lindy Fralin and he repaired it. He did not rewind it. The original bakelite cover was missing so we ordered a repro. Also it has an added five-way switch the original three-way is missing.

It’s a joy to play with the fresh frets. Being one of the first 500 Strats made (the neck dates to February of ’55), it’s an honor to play it. This is a rare blue-chip collectible, mid-century design, American guitar history and music history.

Comes in the original center pocket red poodle-lined tweed case with a bakelite handle. BTW we say Bakelite but its not really bakelite. Bakelite is almost always black or brown. But bakelite is a common misnomer for most brittle plastics.

On Consignment. This is offered only for the second time in its life. A tone monster.

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Two Tone Sunburst
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