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Refinished – long ago – in black. Old refins are the best and black is a great color. This guitar is otherwise mostly original although we replaced the original frets recently (you're welcome). The electronics are original with pot codes dating to the 48th week of 1959 and CRL-1452 switch with factory solder, all laying under the original green guard with original shield plate - still even has the rubber pickup "springs". The bridge and saddles are all original as is the tremolo block. This guitar, now blessed with fresh frets, plays great, sounds great, and you can fire the chiropractor because it's only 7.5 pounds. The logo has fallen off, and we'd suggest leaving it as is. It comes with a photo set on disc from 2008 so you won't need to keep opening the poor thing. There is no date on the end of the neck, quite common for 1960 models. Consigned.

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