Even though it's had the crap played out of it, I think there's more life in the old girl. This was someone's meal ticket for sure for most of it nearly 60 years. And yet, like so many Strats, it just keeps going-the energizer bunny of the guitar world. This is an all original 61 slab board. I don't believe any parts have been changed and it has never been modded in any way. No routs, no five way, no move the tone control to the bridge pickup...none of the mods that so many Strats suffer. It's not collector grade, that's for certain but it's not somebody's science project either-it's bone stock. The only issue is the missing ash tray bridge cover. Body date is 3-61. There is no neck date-not unusual during this period. Frets have been done probably more than once. It plays beautifully and sounds like a Strat should. You can get the "in betweens" with the old three ways (because they tend to be stiff enough to stay put) and this has all the honk you could ask for. The back plate is missing most of its corners but the guard seems to have avoided the usual cracks that early 60's Strats are prone to. There's rust on the saddles but it's borne of sweat and hard work, not some guy with a bottle of ferric chloride. It's got shielding paint in the body cavities. Case is the original brown case in pretty good shape. All latches work (springs are sprung) and the interior is surprisingly clean.

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