Now In Stock!! Very Early 1963 Fender Stratocaster. An amazing player and sounds so woody and throaty it could be from Marylin Chambers family! The Candy Apple red is a refin is an old one and has seen it's share of clubs as well That buckle wear is not relic'd but truly worn. I know this guitar for going on 3 decades . All 3 black bottom pick ups are there and strong as hell pots are orig as well as the bridge, tuners, a MINTOID green guard, 3 way switch and trem system orig (arm is a replacement). All the b+w linen wiring in tact. This is a very alive strat and has a neck date of 2 Jan 63 B so it is very early 1963 and pre L series ... just post slab. Serial # 94XXX. The neck's profile is great but not as meaty as some later 1963s. VERY fast!! What is not orig beside the refin is a well filled 2nd string tree hole. At one time it had mini Schallers but the orig's are back on and look flawless with no visible signs nor sonic compromise w/ the old ones back on. Though the frets look factory they pretty much have to be redone because i can tell that the board was slightly re radius'd so that the notes don't pinch off when you are bending. There is a good deal of meat left in them!! This guitar would be a keeper except my current is a 1964 Candy Apple refin and almost identical in so many ways. It comes with the orig brown case with 1 extra latch. ** Cites law prohibits sale overseas. North American continent, Alaska and Hawaii only.

Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")

Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")

Candy Apple Red
Original Hard
Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")
Dan Yablonka ("Axes Of E-Ville")
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