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If custom color Fenders are your thing, then you know how certain colors simply don't come up for sale very often. Sometimes, it's the color itself-a pink guitar, for example, isn't for everybody. The greens don't come around too often whereas the reds do. Burgundy Mist is one of those colors that was never popular but it looks great on a Strat. I've only seen three or four vintage Strats in this color in the past 25 years so if you're trying to fill out the collection, maybe you consider this 9/10 example from early 1964. Neck date is February, pots are from mid to late 63. It has all of the desirable 63 features...spaghetti logo, green guard, clay dots and white case. It is all original and shows very little wear-just some checking in the finish and a few chips along the edges. I've had three experts inspect the finish and all agree that it is original. There are lots of little tell tale signs to look for to ascertain the originality of the finish. This one passes all the tests.

OK Guitars

OK Guitars

Burgundy Mist
Original Hard
14 Years
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