This is the vintage Blackface chassis from a 1966 Fender Super Reverb. The output transformer has been changed. This is for the chassis only. This is a great chassis for the right buyer. This came out of a fully functional original amp in the cabinet. The reverb and vibrato both work great. After restoring the output transformer, this is ready to be popped into your reissue or old cabinet and ready to go.

I have included a photo of the tube chart that came with this chassis. This add is just for the chassis and tubes. No cabinet, no speakers, no hardware. The tube chart photo is just for information and reference verifying it is from an AB763 model.

Includes the desirable and original blue Astron caps. Electrolytic caps redone with F&T Caps. Amp works and sounds great. Changed power cord to a 3 prong.

Transformers date to late 1965 and early 1966 with the EXCEPTION of the output transformer, which has been changed. The output transformer is a 4 ohm Bassman output transformer stamped 022871 6060832 from probably 1968. The amp works fine and sounds good, but this transformer should be changed to the correct 2 ohm output transformer to make this sound its best. The Bassman Output transformer can be sold to a new owner who will be glad to have it.

Transformer codes read: L022798 CSA 827 606 611 : 125C1A 606-5-47 : 022871 606832 : 125 A 20B 606 5 44

Reissue Super Reverbs are $2,000…they won’t sound half as good as one of the original 1960’s Blackface Super Reverbs. These blackface Super Reverbs are some of the best, sweetest sounding amps Fender made. This is a great opportunity for the right buyer! Amps are sold "AS IS" "No Returns" "No Refunds". Due to the fragile nature of their electronics. All vintage amps typically will need maintenance work. Please research this before you buy. Price is bank wire transfer price. No Sales Tax charged.

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