“Bitsa” with a bit of a story. Refinished, light, rewound pickup, yet super cool old Tele.

This is not a clean original guitar. #1 quality Black Guards are now past $50K… this one has a story if you care to hear.

This bitsa is really a players-level guitar. Original neck that feels great. The body clearly has been sanded a few times.
The pickup is rewound. But the old wood is there. The tone is there. These Black Gaur era Tele’s have a deeper twang with a bit more bass. It’s kinda magic.

So… sit down. Here is the story: Neck is original but had been on a Strat body (as in hey I love this neck lets see how it sounds on a Strat. Don’t laugh Eric Clapton black 50’s Strat was a “bitsa Stratocaster”.) The extra holes filled and now sits back on its body.
The logo is not original. The tuners have one non-original tuner. The neck is the same size as Willie’s personal ’53.
The body of course refinished pretty well. The pickguard is not original. The bridge is original. The saddles are not original.
The neck pickup is rewound. The pots are 1955 so clearly added later. You can see the routes yourself.

This comes with a new tweed Fender case. The guitar is about the same as some new “Master Built” Fenders.
It’s very light and easy to wear. The acoustics tone is great. Thru an amp is also fantastic.

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