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1965 Fender® Duo-Sonic II

1965 Fender Duo-Sonic II in excellent condition. A very cool and very red little guitar. Condition is overall very clean with little signs of wear. The neck pickup is replaced and the original one is included should you want to have it rewound. These short scale guitars seem to be making a bit of a comeback. Includes non original hard case.
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1958 Fender® Stratocaster®

1958 Fender Stratocaster in very good condition. This is an all original guitar except for the high e string tuner which is correct style and period. Excellent round full neck profile. All original pickups sound incredible, lots of output. The guitar is very resonant and lively and weighs 7.5 pounds. Includes original tweed case.
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1969 Fender® Telecaster® (Factory Bigsby)

1969 Fender Telecaster with factory Bigsby in excellent condition. 100% original with no repairs or modifications. These are some of the coolest guitar to come out of Fullerton in the late 1960s. The Fender branded Bigsby and Jazzmaster style bridge work great. The neck is a large C profile that fill the hand comfortably. The pickups are bright and clear the way you would expect. Like all of...
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1960 Gibson Les Paul Special in excellent condition. 100% original guitar with no modifications or repairs. Has the classic 1960 neck profile, flat oval shape. Nice light one at 7 pounds on the dot. Pickups sound great as they nearly always do. A true classic and one of our favorite electric guitars. Includes new hard case.
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1931 National Triolian

1931 National Triolian in good condition. This is how National guitars are supposed to look! Not some pseudo aged, faux relic approximation but the real deal. This one came from a Hugh Pool fan and has been given the DeArmond pickup treatment. We reset the neck, replaced the crushed original cone with a fresh one from National, and set it up. The neck profile is fat and round and feels very...
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1965 Guild® T-100

1965 Guild T-100 in near mint condition. These are very cool guitars that fly somewhat under the vintage gear radar. Oliver Wood has played one of these for years and makes exceptionally good use of it, Ted Green seemed to favor a single pickup version as well. We think they are cool and worth every penny. The pickups have a unique and useful sound for grunge rock or jazz, you decide. This...
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1963 Martin 00-21NY

1963 Martin 00-21NY in very good condition. The 00-21NY is a wonderful relic from the folk boom of the 1960s. They differ from the standard 00-21 with the omission of a pickguard and fingerboard inlays, some have satin finish as well. This is a fine example in condition and sound. The neck rest, refret, and replacement bridge were done by Tom several years back. A keen eye will notice the...
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1952 Martin 00-18

1952 Martin 00-18 in excellent plus condition. These are some of our favorite guitars ever made and continue to be an excellent value in the vintage world. More and more players are discovering that a great 00 will do just about anything you ask it to. This is an excellent example in nearly all original condition. We reset the neck, made a new saddle and reglued the bridge. All work cleanly...
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1930 Washburn 5238

1930 Washburn 5238 in excellent condition. This is a most lovely 12 fret 00 size guitar built in Chicago. This is a Tonk Bros era guitar with what seems to be a Regal made body of spruce and laminate rosewood and neck made by Stewart. The Chicago made guitars are mysterious with some many factories cross pollinating in the area. The label inside indicates it is a "Genuine Washburn Tonk Bros....
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2011 Smith & Young Model 1

2011 Smith and Young Model 1 in like new condition. These were made for a brief period in round neck and square neck. This is serial number 034 and is a round neck model. Has the classic Dobro style bridge and cone set-up. These feature the same high quality materials and workmanship as the new National models. The sound is reverb heavy and haunting. Includes original hard shell case.
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2016 Waterloo Jumbo King

New- Waterloo JK serial number 1271. Another absolute winner from the Collings shop! Beautifully made with the essence of a vintage guitar and many of the same construction features. Full-bodied in both tone and stature, the aptly nicknamed "Jumbo King” is the largest size offering in the Waterloo line and a modern day tribute to jumbo-sized guitars of the early 1940s. Originally...
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~1939 Regal Bacon and Day Senorita S-1

Circa 1939 Bacon and Day Senorita S-1 made by Regal in Chicago in excellent condition. As far as we can tell this is the sole surviving example of this model. It is X braced, non-scalloped and laid out like a Martin 00 size. Solid spruce top The body shape is like an L-00 with a slightly narrower lower bout at 14" across. The scale lenght is 25" and nut width is 1 13/16", string spacing is...
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1956 Martin 0-15

1956 Martin 0-15 in very good condition. This is a fine crack free example of the austere 15 series. The simplicity of this model yet attention to detail where it counts for sound and function is a thing of beauty. Neck reset, new saddle, new bridge pins and end pin as well as strap button added. Classic soft V neck shape with fairly heavy taper from in depth from 1st fret to 12th. The sound...
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2016 Pisgah Standard Walnut Dobson

NEW - Pisgah Banjo Co. Standard Walnut Dobson model features: walnut rim and neck, Dobson tone ring, standard scale, brass tone ring, Remo renaissance head, Gotoh tuners, dowel stick construction, two way adjustable truss rod, Access gig bag with PBCO logo. These are the best deal in open back banjos hands down. Made in North Carolina with local materials and an eye for quality.
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2016 Pisgah Custom Cherry Appalachian 12"

NEW - Pisgah Banjo Co. Custom Cherry Appalachian 12" model features: 12" rolled brass tone ring, cherry rim and neck, S scoop, vintage heel and head, persimmon fingerboard, star inlay, brass hardware, standard scale, Remo renaissance head, Gotoh tuners, dowel stick construction, two way adjustable truss rod, Access gig bag with PBCO logo. These are the best deal in open back banjos hands down....
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2016 Pisgah A Scale Dobson Rambler

NEW - Pisgah Banjo Co. A Scale Dobson Rambler 11" features: brass spun rim, 23.5" scale, Richlite fingerboard, Dobson tone ring (removable), brass hardware, Remo renaissance head, Gotoh tuners, dowel stick construction, two way adjustable truss rod, Access gig bag with PBCO logo. These are the best deal in open back banjos hands down. Made in North Carolina with local materials and an eye for...
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2016 Pisgah Woodchuck

NEW- Pisgah Banjo Co. Woodchuck model features: 12" rolled brass tone ring , 25.24" scale, Richlite fingerboard , black ash rim , walnut stained ash neck, PBCO inlay, Dobson style heel, Remo renaissance head, Gotoh tuners, dowel stick construction, two way adjustable truss rod, Access gig bag with PBCO logo. These are the best deal in open back banjos hands down. Made in North Carolina with...
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1956 Fender® Esquire

1956 Fender Esquire in excellent plus condition. This is as clean as they get. 100% original and unaltered in any way. Clean, clean, clean! Has original case and ashtry cover, strap, cable all the good stuff. The pickup is strong and sounds great. The neck is that perfect boat V shape that fits the hand effortlessly. Frets are unworn and un ground. If it weren't for the slight bit of...
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1940 Gibson J-35 Nat

1940 Gibson J-35 in excellent plus condition. This is easily one of the cleanest and most original J-35s to come up for sale in years. 100% original and repair free! Two tone bars with unscalloped bracing. Small French heel. Round neck profile with 1 23/32" nut width. Original frets are full height and with only the most minor wear. Has a big powerful sound with a great honk in the...
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1939 Gibson J-35 Nat

1939 Gibson J-35 Natural in excellent condition. Three tone bar version with non-scalloped bracing and round heel. V shaped neck with 1 3/4" nut width. Has one repaired top crack and two small back cracks. We recently refretted it and reglued the bridge. Never had or needed neck reset. Finish is all original and has a gorgeous patina and color to it. A very solid and powerful sounding...
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1943 Gibson J-45

1943 Gibson J-45 in excellent condition. Other than a neat neck reset and fret job with vintage size wire this one is all original. No cracks no overspray or touch-up. Two piece Adirondack top, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with V maple support, three on a plate Kluson tuners, poplar head and tail blocks. This one has a very dry and airy sound to it. An excellent example in...
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1952 Gibson J-45

1952 Gibson J-45 in excellent condition. This is one of those rare guitars that has never had any major repairs done, factory saddle at original height and save for some new tuner buttons 100% original. No cracks or breaks or reglued braces or bridges just a very fine great sounding guitar. Perfect neck shape with original frets in great shape. An exceptional guitar and has the original hard...
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~1970 Harptone E-6NC

1970s Harptone E-6NC in excellent condition. Made in Newark, NJ circa 1970. 24.5" scale length with 1 11/16" nut width. Solid spruce top with laminate maple back and sides, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. There are no repairs ever done or needed and it functions perfectly. George Harrison was know to use Harptone guitars in the 1970s otherwise they are relatively obscure. Their NJ...
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2008 Collings MF Gloss Top

2008 Collings MF Gloss Top in very good condition SN-938. Collings mandolins are hands down the best mandolin you can buy for under $10K. The quality of workmanship is exceptional and the sound and playability are a testament to that. This one has been played for the last eight years and is opening up nicely. It has a solid "chop" to the attack while maintaining warmth. The frets are in very...
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2011 Collings OM1A Custom

2011 Collings OM1A Custom in excellent condition SN-18220. Other than an added strap button at the heel and K&K pickup install it is like new. This is the deep body version of Collings mahogany OM design with an Adirondack spruce top. 1.75" nut width and 25.4" scale. Includes original case also in excellent condition
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~1891 Martin 1-26

circa 1891 Martin 1-26 in very good condition. This came to us from the family of the original owner. It was purchased and traded in exchange for the original owner promising not to smoke or drink during his college career, handwritten note indicating this included. There are three neatly repaired top cracks and three hairline back cracks also neatly repaired. An astute guitar hunter will...
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1965 Fender® Stratocaster®

1965 Fender Stratocaster in excellent condition. Oct 2 1965 neck date. It is original except for a rewound neck pickup, a replaced volume pot and 5-way switch and pro refret. Nice big round neck profile that gets fat by the 12th fret. The finish is all original. Back of neck has finish worn from playing. Excellent sounding guitar, nails the classic 60s rhythm and blues thing ala Curtis and...
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2016 Waterloo WL14XTR

NEW- Waterloo WL14XTR SN-1229. This is the flagship Waterloo model based on the Gibson and Kalamazoo guitars of the 1930s. These are some of the best value in new acoustic guitars. The vintage style mixed with Collings attention to detail makes for a wonderful instrument.
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1966 Epiphone FT79N Texan

1966 Epiphone FT79N Texan in very good condition. These are essentially a long scale version of the J-50 with dressier cosmetics. This one is an all original one owner guitar purchased on 48th street when new. The scale is 25.25" and the neck is 1.56" wide at the nut. The guitar is crack free all around. We gave the frets a light dressing and it plays perfectly all over the neck. A fine...
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1959 Fender® Champ® with Box

1959 Fender Champ in original shipping box! Condition is excellent to near mint. 100% original including the tubes. Works and sounds great. An incredible time capsule piece and rare chance to get one new in the box!
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